Crona and ragnarok relationship in manga

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crona and ragnarok relationship in manga

As such, she dislikes Medusa and Ragnarok for their enjoyment of the suffering of other people (particularly Crona), and her father for his. I can't deal with this! There's a reason I got the nick name Crona.. Crona and Ragnarok, the Demon Sword -Soul Eater - Anime. Crona is by far my second. Its strange because if you think about it, the anime Crona and Maka showed . The author said he would never have any officail relationships in his Manga. Also, that blob Ragnarok might be a problem, but you can get that.

Ragnarok sat next to Crona. Her face showed that she was feeling annoyed and happy at the same time. Ragnarok leaned closer to Crona's face, still holding her head. Crona felt like she turned into a stone. Maka smiled at them. Kid watched them and sighed. I'm done checking your assignments," said Stein. Everybody faced to him. You should have just let us cheat your assignment, Kid," said Liz. You have completely ignored my offer. H-he helped me," Crona replied.

crona and ragnarok relationship in manga

That's really nice of him. Later, Maka's team arrived. Ragnarok changed back into a human.

crona and ragnarok relationship in manga

He stared at Kid with serious eyes. Crona walked away with Maka. Aren't you two coming? Kid smiled at Ragnarok and said, "It was my pleasure.

crona and ragnarok relationship in manga

He exhaled a little and closed his eyes for a few minutes. I'll still help her whenever I can," he said.

You made her realize how much she needed you. I was afraid to see her face when she would see me as a human," reasoned Ragnarok as he faced down. You shouldn't have been a coward. She needed you," Kid calmly said. Ragnarok faced Kid and grunted.

You don't know what Crona has been through while you were gone. You should have stayed to protect her. What happened to her? Ragnarok started to think deep and looked away.

He slowly put down Kid. Kid tightened his loose necktie and smoothened up his coat. You are supposed to be the one who saved her instead of me. Even though Crona just got pushed, fell to the ground and got her hair pulled by one bully, she could have died because note that she was still feeling weak after a risky operation that almost took out all her energy in her body.

She needed a lot of rest and NOT two bullies that time. I forgive and forget. And how come you seem to care so much for her now when you were also like those girls who bullied her?

It's such a surprise. He quickly ran to Kid's side and tried to slice his arm. Kid has good reflexes and so he was able to quickly escape from the attack and pushed Ragnarok away.

crona and ragnarok relationship in manga

He transformed his arm back to normal. Their level of resonance reach abnormally high levels, often leaving people around them in awe of how much their souls show to expand and match.

The two often bicker, usually as a result of different views on things or contrasting personality characteristics. Interestingly, when these fights happen, it is usually a result of one caring for the other but in a different sight. Maka had once become convinced that she had to become stronger in order to prevent Soul from getting as injured as he did when the two first fought Crona, but Soul insisted that he should be the one protecting her, rather than the opposite way around.

Maka is also willing to stand up for Soul at all times, to support him no matter the situation, and to help him no matter the danger. Thus, she has a constant need for Soul's help.

This dependency on him creates a strong bond between them. She is shown to care for Soul so much that she becomes upset when she believes that he does not trust her. Such as when she hears from Medusa that Soul had told her of his dreams of the Little Demon whilst he did not tell Maka anything. Maka states that despite Soul's usual twisted and sarcastic demeanor, Soul always listens to her and is always there for her, a quality of Soul's that she greatly values.

She has trouble understanding Soul on some personal levels. Some of these misunderstandings are not very impacting on their relationship, but some concern her. Soul's deep appreciation of music is one of the primary misunderstandings she becomes obsessive over.

Maka, personally, does not know a lot about music and has little appreciation of it and is envious of people that can talk to Soul like Liz on a close level for his love of music. In an effort to get closer to Soul, she has stated that she reads a great amount of books related to music in order to understand him better. Soul has also been the cause of insecurity for her, one example being shown fairly early on in the series. When he was injured by Crona, Maka felt an immense amount of guilt over what had happened.

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She was unable to bring herself to look at him for very long, or at his scar, the sight of either seeming to make her guilt even worse. That guilt is what drove her to try and become stronger and ask Stein for special training in the first place. This caused Maka to second-guess herself as Soul has seemed to have gotten more popular since becoming a Death Scythe and getting partnership offers. More so, since the chapter, her and Soul have gotten closer as friends and partners.

The two share quite significant close moments and intimacy with each other as best friends and partners. The two like to compliment each other. Romance The relationship between Soul and Maka has been read by fans as having romantic tones. This interpretation owes to actions taken by the duo that are often associated with romantic attraction in fiction: The two seem to have known each other since childhood.

As everyone shakes their heads at her actions, Maka laughs cheerfully, despite being in pain, with a large bruise on her face. When Maka decides to go against the DWMA rules for the first time to help Crona rather than stay and fight against Arachne, she feels upset with herself for breaking away from her "straight A" student ways. In reality, he probably just has a great respect for her intelligence, maturity and hard work even though she's not as strong as he is.

Maka even confesses to Tsubaki that deep down, she is a bit jealous of him and wishes she could be as strong as he is. Tsubaki is usually the person that gives Maka advice when she is angry or depressed, and Maka always listens to what Tsubaki has to say. Since the two have rather headstrong partners, they can both relate to each other quite well on the subject of their partners.

Maka and Tsubaki have very similar personalities, which likely explains their close bond. She is still, however, slightly dismayed by Kid's obsessive problems. Death the Kid may be the only person that can relate to Maka's Soul Perception skills, although his skills are probably not quite as sharp as hers yet. The two share a Soul Perception moment when they are sensing a monkey's soul Enriqueand happily high-five each other, exclaiming, 'It's a monkey!!!!

Maka admires Kid's strength and intelligence, and also considers him a good friend, as she shows great determination to save Kid in Operation Salvage. The two support each other at some times and are easily able to team resonate. She also respects Kid as a God of Death, stating that Kid's ideals and philosophy go beyond human comprehension.

Stein As a fellow Scythe Meister, Maka sees Stein as a role model like her mother although at first, she is slightly repulsed by his sadistic personality as he attempts to dissect her upon their first meeting.

She takes everything he says to heart and never questions his reasoning, and always respectfully addresses him as 'Professor' or 'Professor Stein.

Stein a visit to cheer him up. Stein also generally seems to hold a lot of respect for Maka, as he trusts her to be the leader of her Chain Resonance team and admires her dedicated hard work and study habits. Ox Ford Maka sees him as an intellectual rival. He has had top grades in the DWMA in past years prior to the series, which makes Maka very competitive when it comes to tests and exams.

She is easily unnerved by his haughty personality towards her. Later on, though they become slightly understandable with each other. Maka also states when she is annoyed that Soul will not think of her as an angel, and that she wishes that Ox were her partner since he calls Kim an angel all the time. Kim Diehl Although Maka's friendship with Kim is not delved into, they interact quite well with each other, as shown when Kim ignores Ox when she meets him and runs over to greet Maka instead.

Maka is also concerned for Kim when she leaves the the DWMA after discovering that she is a Witch, and expresses a deep determination alongside Ox to bring her back. It's our one year anniversary," Crona said as he gazed happily down at the floor.

Crona opened the dresser in which contained his clothing. A year ago he wouldn't have imagined wearing things like boxers, much less pants. But he has grown a steady collection of them from shopping with Maka, and has now gotten used to the constricted feeling he once felt with them. He felt Ragnarok form on his back. Why can't you ever just say good morning? Soul stood next to Crona and peeked into the drawer. He placed them in Crona's arms and pondered a moment.

As he figured what he was thinking he went into his closet and pulled out a matching plaid cabbie hat and a white belt that had two silver chains attached to the side.

Crona held onto the clothes and sat still. Ragnarok drummed his fingers on his meister's head. Crona shuddered a bit, and he looked up at his partner, tears crawling down his cheeks.

Maka… Soul… everyone has been so nice to me. It's made me happy. But do I really deserve it Ragnarok?

Those thoughts always crawled from the recesses of his mind, why did they forgive him? Ragnarok propelled himself forward and stared at Crona upside down. Not being grateful for what all those dimwits have done for you! I have so many people that care about me… Especially Maka. He cheerfully hummed as he put on the clothes Soul had chosen for him.

He looked in the mirror and didn't believe it was him, he looked as cool as Soul always did. Ragnarok popped out again seeing that Crona was finished changing. What happened to just wearing your pansy dress all the time and not caring about your dumb looks? That fat cow's changed you a lot. He knew that Ragnarok was trying to be nice in his weird way, and Maka has made him do crazy things. But now that he had her, he wanted to keep her forever.