Creon and haemon relationship quotes

Quote by Sophocles: “Haemon: No city is property of a single man. Cr”

In antigone, its all very confrontational. Creon and Haemon speak directly to each other, without any hidden meaning to what they are saying. HAEMON The Theban commons with one voice say, No. CREON What, shall the mob dictate my policy? HAEMON 'Tis thou, methinks, who speakest like a boy. A list of all the characters in Antigone. The Antigone characters covered include: Antigone, Creon, Ismene, Haemon, Nurse, Chorus, Jonas, Second Guard.

She was a girl with a lot of will power. This essay talks about the relationship between Antigone and Creon.

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The main character Antigone is portrayed as the disobedient niece of Creon but an obedient daughter of God. Her character in the play looks like a male part instead of a female part. In the play she curses herself for being a girl but not a boy.

They were not supposed to stand up against whatever the men decided.

But in the play Antigone stands up for her rights making her being portrayed as the male character in the play. Antigone whenever she came up with a thought she would do that in that moment. She would never think what she does. She would jump up to her conclusions. This was one of the things that she had in lacking. Otherwise she would not have died at the end of the play.

Creon in the other hand was a king who took up the duties when Polynices and Eteocles died when they fought a battle against each other. The chorus also tells us that he was a different kind of man when he was a younger person he loved music, brought rare manuscripts and was a kind of art patron……………. This tells the change that happens between when Creon was not a king and when Creon becomes a king. He has lots of duties he needs to carry. The king in the play proclaims the burial only for Eteocles but not for Polynices.

The reason might be that the King had sided with Eteocles during the battle or the other reason would be that he would want to teach the empire a lesson by leaving Polynices body to rot. This was the reason that provoked Antigone.

Essay #1: Antigone

During the play when Antigone and Creon are left together to talk they talk about the things what are right and what are wrong. He tells that no one was ready to accept that position. An argument arises if it is easy to say a no or not.

The story he tells to Antigone is the story of Eteocles and Polynices. Creon tries and tells the story to Antigone. He says that Polynices used to harm her father Oedipus the King and the brain to all of this was Eteocles.

Essay #1: Antigone

During the argument Creon talks about happiness, but Antigone spits on his idea of Happiness. Antigone believes in what she thinks. She never is non-believer in what she thinks. She does what she thinks.

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Antigone Character Sketch Essay Essay She seems to change directions all throughout the play and there is never one point in which you know exactly what she will do because she is just that unpredictable. This unpredictability also makes her seem very hypocritical because she will say something and then turn on a dime and say the complete opposite.

Antigone's character is very intriguing strictly due to the fact that she keeps you guessing.

creon and haemon relationship quotes

The following will show the many variations that her character shows throughout the play. Many argue about the originality of the play. Scholars believe that a large portion of the play was made up by Sophocles instead of being reffered to the orginal epic.

The role of Haemon is the most significant in relation to the changes made by Sophocles. When one refers to the epic one will find that this character dies prior to the death of Oedipus Rex. He must have done this to give a touch of Antigone As Drama Essay Essay There is still a great debate on who is the true tragic hero in Sophocles" Antigone, Creon or Antigone. Many people believes that it must be Antigone, herself.

This is because Antigone is an outstanding example of someone who did what she thought was right, while she was among fools, many hardships, and people who were discouragingly uncourageous. When the king Creon ordered that the body of Polyneices, Antigone"s brother, be left to rot unburied because he had died as a traitor, she tried to buried him even she knew that she would Antigone Essay Essay The story Antigone is a great Greek tragedy. Sophocles, an ancient Greek playwright, is the author of the story.

It is a great story.

creon and haemon relationship quotes

It is known throughout the world. This essay is going to trace the character of Antigone through the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Antigone is a very strong willed character. In the very first scene of the book Antigone is talking to her sister Ismene about how their two brothers Eteocles and Polyneices killed each other fighting over the thrown.

Antigone is enraged over the fact that The True Tragic Hero in Sophocles" Antigone In Sophocles" Antigone, the question of who the tragic hero really is, has been a subject of debate for a great number years. Creon does possess some of the qualities that constitute a tragic hero but unfortunately does not completely fit into the role.