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An alternate story of CJ and Danny getting together .. the stock market steadily dropped each day, and a DC crashed on its way to Houston from CJ was nervous about their relationship and they had decided to go slow. I gather that Aaron Sorkin was something of a Toby/CJ shipper although not necessarily where he mistrusted Danny and questioned CJ's relationship with him. .. We take pictures of black market nuclear materials being moved out the back. Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol, Timothy Busfield as Danny Concannon, Allison Janney as When Danny suggests they have a "relationship," C.J. makes a list of.

Cleo dashed from her bedroom and sat down near the front door. That meant the cat could hear someone coming. CJ took a deep breath and smoothed her hair. There was a knock. He entered and looked around the apartment thinking, 'How could she act so innocent about it? Will the President bring any personal agenda to the up-coming G8 Summit? Danny, I didn't-" "You tossed my question aside as silly in the pressroom, then leaked the answer to my colleagues, CJ, how could you do that?

You know, you've always worried about my using our relationship to get a story. You turn around and use me, how ironic. Then you started to kiss me and I couldn't even remember why I asked you to come-" "So this is somehow my fault? You make me lose focus. I tried to tell you two weeks ago we needed boundaries at work.

I tried to tell you that this very thing was the reason I was nervous about our having a relationship but you wouldn't listen. Do you want some bimbo without a brain? Because you wouldn't be the first to walk away from me for that very reason. It's all your fault Danny. You wanted to have some fun with me and then when it gets too difficult or you are just tired of me, you dismiss me.

Just toss them aside before they have that chance. You don't want to lose control because you don't want to get hurt. But how is it OK to hurt me, CJ? How do you justify that to yourself? Danny still wore his coat and his face was hot with anger and pain. CJ's eyes were red-rimmed and she was shaking. Finally she spoke, now in a more normal tone. Leo told me after the briefing that I was allowed to leak it.

You were one of three, but before I could I got…a little sidetracked. His eyes grew wide in disbelief. It's not a fling, just to toss you aside when I'm done, it's more than that to me. If you don't trust me then maybe you should leave. And you will be the one hurting me, will that make you feel better?

The music from her stereo played low in the background and they both took long cleansing breaths for several minutes.

Finally, he squeezed her hand and she looked up at him. Maybe you are right that we need to have boundaries at work. I just like coming in and stealing kisses so much that I didn't want to stop.

But I don't want to do that with you.

C. J. Cregg

Danny took off his coat and looked around her apartment. They talked about her paintings on the walls, the pictures of her family framed and displayed on the bookshelf. They spent the evening eating and joking. By midnight, CJ was looking pretty haggard but in better spirits.

Me too and I am sorry. CJ collapsed into bed. Part of her still felt like crying because tonight had been a huge disappointment. She hurt him without meaning too.

He hurt her with the things he'd said, and then he'd almost left her. They were angry with each other but they also didn't let it get too far. It was a good sign that in the middle of the whole mess they both cared enough not to let an argument pull them completely apart.

The following week they both tried to make it up to each other. A postcard arrived in the mail on Wednesday for him with only on a heart drawn on the back.

A delicate gold bracelet was hidden in her top desk drawer on Thursday morning. On Friday, he stopped by after work and brought food and wine and they watched the movie together. CJ put the bracelet on and never took it of. Over the next several weeks, CJ and Danny visited Josh in the hospital, went to movies or to dinner straight from work, and spent time hanging out at home together. The time alone was precious and sweet.

They were always careful and so far, no one had seemed to notice or care they were together. One Friday evening in September, CJ left work early. In her bedroom at home, a black tank top, a low cut green dress, two pairs of shoes, a flowered skirt, a white blouse, a teal cotton shirt and a pair of tan shorts were all scattered across her bed.

In the mirror, CJ was examining the outfit she was currently wearing, a spaghetti strap cranberry silk shirt, a gray cotton skirt and black strappy sandals. She wasn't sure how dressed up or down she was supposed to be, Danny had been very mysterious about tonight. This was the first time he was coming over to formally pick up CJ and take her somewhere, so it felt more like a first date.

The last time she felt this way or engaged in clothes fretting was sometime in high school. CJ tried convincing herself it was because she didn't know where they were going tonight, because of the unseasonable 80 degree weather that had everyone happy this week, because things at work had gone so well lately. But she knew it wasn't any of these things. She was falling in love. It was so easy. Danny was fun and playful and they had the same sense of humor. His touch was gentle and at the same time set her on fire.

In fact, it was becoming more and more difficult to leave him and sleep alone after they'd gone out. At one time, CJ was nervous and unsure about taking things to the next step with Danny. Now, there was no doubt.

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These last months, Danny lived to see CJ smile or hear her laugh or tease her and get the same in return. Touching her was driving him crazy. Never before had he experienced such passion-filled dreams at night. It was taking all his strength to pay attention to her voice not her body during briefings. He wanted to take things further. Her kisses where so full of fire and promise that he thought she might also be ready.

Danny had talked to his Mom yesterday on the phone and called CJ 'his girlfriend' for the first time. It felt right, but then, everything about CJ felt right. Danny stopped at a corner florist on his way to CJ's. He'd never bought her flowers before and felt it was long overdue.

He whistled as he entered the shop. Roses, carnations, nothing he saw seemed right. Then he noticed a bunch of white daises with baby's breath. Just like her, it caught his eye among all the other flowers to choose from. CJ piled all her curled hair on the top of her head and put hairpins in it. She was applying make-up when Danny knocked at the door.

They left her apartment and Danny drove quite a distance. When they arrived at their destination, he got out and held the door for CJ. A valet took his keys and Danny held her hand as they walked inside the restaurant.

The building was made of worn, gray boards and was situated right on the water. They were led to the back and out the back door. Outside, a small deck had been built over the water and the waves broke on pillions beneath their feet. It was a warm night, the sun was setting and the sky was pink and orange and mixed with the blue of the ocean. After the waiter presented their menus and left them alone, CJ commented on them being alone on the deck.

They ordered crab and shrimp, salads and a bottle of wine and took their time eating the meal. They talked about Josh's slow improvements and the sunset. He teased her about showing too much leg. It's all I'm made of. I just don't want anyone else to. Danny only smiled as a response and took the last sip of his wine. CJ watched his twinkling eyes, his hair and beard were trimmed and his clothes weren't wrinkled tonight. He had gone out of his way to make this special for her. She was thinking it, and somehow, it just popped out of her mouth before she knew it.

He took her hand and brought it to his lips. Once inside, he put his arms around her. I think I have for a long time now. She moved her hands up his arms, into his hair, and pulled him closer to kiss his lips.

She tugged him toward the bedroom. They rolled around on his bed, undressing and giggling and kissing. It was frantic at first after all the tension that had built between them. Then they slowed and enjoyed discovering each other in new ways. As new lovers they spent most of the night exploring and coming together, never feeling tired. Well into the night, CJ dozed off in his arms. Danny felt alive and happy and in love, he squeezed the naked body intertwined with his and closed his eyes to dream.

In the weeks following 'the big date' CJ found that her early concerns about the relationship were now non-existent. Spending nights together a few times a week was enough for her to be able to concentrate when she was at work. Danny also found that by living his fantasies at night, he could focus during the day on other things more easily. Plus, CJ was getting good at being able to tell when his mind was wondering the wrong way during briefings.

Once, she called on him when he didn't have a hand up, interrupting his improper thoughts, and making him scramble to come up with a question.

After four months together, Danny and CJ were having dinner at Harpoon's, it was becoming a favorite because it was close to work, secluded, and served good food. He was telling her about when he was age seven, chasing squirrels with his brother in the field near his house. He tripped on a tree root, broke his ankle and spent two weeks home from school that September.

I remember now, I knew you looked familiar. CJ's eyes flared, she knew he was only being polite but it went too far. We wouldn't want to bore her with complaints about her father's tyranny. She really wanted to kick Danny. But thanks for the offer. As for the complaints, I'd probably share them with you, CJ. CJ put her forehead on the wood table and knocked her head against it a few times for punishment. After the meal, Danny returned with CJ to her apartment. When they entered, he pulled her into his arms and began to kiss her neck.

He loved her long, graceful neck and he had learned it was a particularly sensitive area of her body. CJ sighed, unbuttoned his jacket and took it off.

She took hers off as well and put them both over the chair in her entry. She locked the door and flipped the light switch. It turned on two lamps in the living room and track lighting over the counter dividing the room from the kitchen. She pushed the start button on her answering machine. Danny stood in the same spot, watching CJ go through the motions. He rolled his eyes to heaven.

Here he was seducing her and she was so distracted with something on her mind, she forgot he was even in the room. She turned to him as if surprised. I'm… Seeing Mallory threw me tonight, that's all. I'll bet he's not that sexy and funny, CJ, you've never been able to pick them very well.

Danny raised his eyebrow at her. The funny part I believe. She'd never called him sexy or adorable to his face. You are very adorable. Not always that funny, but you try. Seeing Mallory meant her biggest concern was about to happen, dealing with their relationship at work and possibly in front of the nation. He knew he had to be reassuring. Danny squeezed her once more and kissed her forehead. She told CJ that Josh was going to be released from the hospital in the morning, the staff where meeting there.

CJ hung up and Danny looked at her with interest. Monday morning turned out to be more joyous than CJ could have imagined. Josh was beaming, Toby wheeled him outside and along with Sam, helped Josh into the car. Donna was running around like a worried mother. The President and Leo had slipped out the back door of the White House in an unmarked car and now stood off to the side. CJ carried Josh's bag and put it into the trunk. Sam and Donna were going to get him settled in his apartment and come into the office later.

I had breakfast with my daughter this morning. She was telling me about her date Friday night. Did you have a date Friday night too? CJ could feel her heart rate increase and her stomach turn into itself. This was like facing a firing squad. The President saved her, "Guys, it's time we got back now I think. The President, Leo and Toby climbed in and the engine started.

CJ stood staring at them as if aliens had jut landed in her front lawn. She pulled keys out of her coat pocket and walked to her car. Four days passed without any follow-up to what happened. CJ began to think Leo was going to let it drop. He wanted CJ to know he knew, but apparently was going to keep it to himself. At least for now. On Friday morning, the FBI director was giving the final briefing on the investigation into the shooting.

The President gathered his staff into the Oval Office and even had Josh on the speakerphone, hoping that hearing the report would finally give them all some closure. As the director finished up his report, the President dismissed everyone but asked CJ to stay behind. Your homes, money, personal time and almost your lives, it scares me. He may not be who I would choose for you, but… I stood up for Leo's choices and for Sam's choices and if necessary, I will for you too.

He's a good man. I could have the Navy fly over his house, you know, as a warning. She was heading to the press area when Danny intercepted her. CJ met his eyes. Danny whispered under his breath as they parted ways, "Tonight, my place. Lessons of the Family The doorbell rang. CJ opened it and used it to block herself from Danny's view as he entered. He stepped inside and noticed all the lights were off and a candle on the entry table was lit.

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She swung the door shut, revealing she was wearing a gold glittering negligee that dipped very low in front and had a slit up the side to her hip. CJ rolled her eyes at his silliness. Did I win some contest? He just wanted to hear her say it. Danny was still rambling on, "Or maybe I'm dreaming, I should pinch myself. She thought, here I try to have a nice, romantic evening and as usual, he keeps joking and teasing and somehow in the middle of it lures me into the bedroom.

It was not going to happen that way tonight, 'CJ on a mission' is taking charge. We're celebrating that six months ago you finally said yes. But I get to hear a gorgeous woman give me the answer so I ask anyway.

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It was what he'd been trying to do since he came in anyway. He kissed her lips, then on the cheek. But she put her hand on his chest to stop. CJ reminded him, "I'm supposed to do this.

She turned and unbuttoned his pants and he stepped out of them. Candles everywhere, the sink, the floor, and the ledge by the tub. And her bathtub, an old, claw-foot iron tub, was filled with fragrant bubbly water. He looked between it and her a few times. A smirk appeared, "I get to watch you take a bath? It was not like her to give orders, at least when it came to the intimate side of their relationship.

So, Danny figured it was best to obey. He slid under the water. For a while, it remained pretty innocent. She knelt behind the tub and massaged his shoulders then began to wash his hair. Make that anywhere near me at all. She took a deep breath trying to gain her composure, forcing herself not to think about Danny being wet and naked in front of her.

She put some liquid soap on her puff and began to wash him, shoulders, back, arms, legs… It only took about a minute for Danny to last the torturous movements of her hands over his body before he pulled CJ into the water with him. Straddling him on top, they made love slowly. Even after months together, Danny couldn't quite believe they were together like this, and that his touch could make her shiver with desire.

CJ was still surprised each time at how natural and beautiful it felt to be with him. After, she cuddled on his chest with his arms and legs wrapped around her. Eventually, the water grew cold and they moved into the bedroom. Danny insisted that Elizabeth Dole called Bob Dole 'fishboy' so much that it eventually led to his current problem. She laughed, "Not true. Then in a softer voice added, "Thank you for tonight. You've got this seduction thing down.

The next morning being Sunday, they usually got to sleep and get into work a few hours later than the rest of the week. In separate cars of course. But today, CJ's sister was arriving at the airport and therefore, CJ was up early making coffee and tidying the apartment. Sarah Cregg Parker planned be in town for two weeks to attend a medical conference and would be staying with CJ. She was CJ's younger sister by three years and the golden child of the Cregg family. Their older sister, Megan lived in San Francisco and ranked a close second in their parent's eyes.

Middle CJ was always the 'Problem. CJ went to Berkley instead of the "only University the Cregg's should attend" according to their father, Stanford. And of course, CJ wasn't married. Sarah was shorter than her older sisters at 5'7" and was the only blonde in the family.

Instead of a punk stage, she was a varsity tennis player in high school and won the State Championship her senior year. Instead of rebelling and going to Berkeley, she did as expected and got straight A's at Stanford.

Sarah became a successful Oncologist, married her college sweetheart, Chad Parker and they lived in a house in Malibu. But it was hard for CJ to hate her little sister. She had the Cregg family infectious laugh, loved to shop, eat chocolate, and watch football. Sarah was the only one in the family who never judged CJ. Instead she encouraged CJ to follow her heart. CJ was the one person who knew Sarah wasn't perfect, knew her secrets and flaws, and loved her just the same.

CJ was, however, a little concerned because Sarah had been insistent about visiting. So much so, that it made alarm bells go off in CJ's brain, like there might be something wrong. Jed is stubbornly reluctant. Leo thinks this is stupid. Jed thinks Leo could be nicer to him during this conversation. As I did see the previouslies, I think we can all safely assume that Ron Ehrlich is one of the people Abby Bartlett could have married.

Also he expresses his disinterest with rudeness, as ought to be expected. Sam says he already gave her one — respect. You know, cause the dude just died. Josh greets the people in the meeting warmly, while Toby sits and appears prepared to keep his mouth shut, as he promised Josh he would. Having little idea what the Fed Chair does. Outside the press room, C. In the Oval, Jed is spouting stuff about the economy that Leo, C.

But, while not talking to Abby, Jed would like C. For admitting this once C. Jed settles into giving Zoey shit about her courses. He wants her not to go to the club opening she was planning on going to with Charlie, because the white supremacists are having some sort of convention in Virginia that weekend and it seems like too good an opportunity.

Jed uses this opportunity to give her more shit about not taking math. Apparently we do like lower tariffs, though. Toby looks utterly bored. Josh speaks condescendingly and the only woman in the room calls him on it. Toby asks what kind of car he drives. He says he drives a Toyota. Toby tells him to shut up. Except to point out that, at least with car manufacturing, the nationality of the company is almost never indicative of the location of factories. Our Hondas were built in Kentucky. Your Ford was built in Mexico.

On the other side of the door, Josh says that this sort of behavior is why Toby has the reputation for being a pain in the ass. Toby says he cultivated that reputation. Josh feels this is all C. Toby tells her to go get Sam to go back to Lily.

Sam is bench pressing when his pager goes off. He puts the weight down and then bangs his head on it. Leo goes to see Danny. Danny brings up the market opening points down. Sam also wants C.

Everyone seems to think this is somehow C. In the Josh-Toby meeting, the loudest congressperson is insisting that the fact that you can buy a British-made Range Rover has hurt Ford. Toby can, in fact, deny it, because, as a result of competition with the Range Rover, Ford made the Explorer, which is the best-selling model in its class. They want to get Lily to get Abby to get the congresswoman to back off. Charlie and Zoey are at a diner. Zoey is showing Charlie her notes on the years ago book.

Then Zoey drops the bomb on him about the club opening on Friday. Gina drops in to support her — the club itself, the physical building, is too hard to secure. Because he bought a new suit. For a club opening? What kind of club is this? Were there clubs in D. Anyway, Charlie consults the book. Charlie, stop being a dick about this.

Zoey excuses herself for the bathroom, which Gina signals, to another agent. Charlie thinks he is the one with the right to be pissed. This seems both true and unprofessional to say. Charlie leaves without waiting for Zoey to say goodbye. Back from the commercial break, Abby is complaining about the war the two staffs wage.

Sam tells the president that, in fact, the first lady does not behave professionally.