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Do you really understand Taichi? One thing that I do regret about dropping out of the various Chihayafuru forums is that there are some things. Taichi and Chihaya barely exchanged any words and those chapters were more in relation to his disappearance and apologies to his. While Taichi feels this esoteric approach is ill-suited to playing the . Will their Taichi>Chihaya>Arata relationship develop or remain at the.

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All of her attention is focused on her team, on following how their matches are going, and on winning her own match on their behalf.

The Chihaya we know and have come to love has disappeared. Was this presented in a positive way? Although they are playing as a team, just like many other sports, karuta is also a game played against someone else. In trying to fill the hole that Taichi left, Chihaya has turned around and ignored the people sitting opposite to her. More on this shortly. The poems read in this sequence are quire interesting. Poem 79 Akikaze ni follows, a clear, genuine poem about the autumn moon. Or perhaps, is it referring to them both?

Again this is symbolic, for the friends that went away and left her alone are both back. The changing momentum pulls Chihaya back slowly, though it seems that it is still not enough yet. Finally, however, the reading of the Chiha poem pulls Chihaya out of her reverie.

Looking up, she finally sees Taichi, and then recognises Arata; in her mind is the karuta match on that final afternoon together before the year-old Arata returned to Fukui with his family.

Poem 71 Yuusarebasinging of autumn bringing a gentle wind knocking at the gate. Amusingly, Suetsugu makes a mistake here, in that we have Poem 79 Akikaze ni read for a second time in the match. Arata has taken five cards in a row…which I believe makes them even again. But he gives her the next card, saying that only cards taken cleanly are his.

So Arata gets there first, letting out his frustration that Taichi had abandoned Chihaya, thus turning her into a different person, one who saw nothing but the team. Chihaya is upset that Taichi is late, for this was their last ever chance to play together on a team. Their summers are over—as I have mentioned elsewherethe school year starts in spring, with the most important tournaments in summer. Another show I love, Sound!

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Euphonium, drives this home, too: You can also see it in a lot of other manga and anime about sports or other club activities—the kids want to be part of the passion, they want to devote themselves to the dream of being one of the select few playing at nationals, and they value working with their teammates to fulfil that.

And here, what happened between Taichi and Chihaya ruined their last opportunity to breathe in that perfect, rarified atmosphere again. Significantly, Taichi also arrives in time to see fate smile on another rival of his. Though exhausted to the point that all colour had been drained from him, the reading of Poem 15 Kimi ga tame ha sees Hokuo erupt in celebration, as they finally won the championship that has eluded them for the past two years.

This winning poem is fitting for Hyoro, who has done so much for the sake of his team, and it was wonderful to see him rewarded with well-earned victory in the match on which the championship rested. For many years, Suetsugu has been pushing her characters and readers to ponder what they and we all value about karuta, and the team has always been at its centre. For the first national tournament, Chihaya and Taichi learned hard lessons about what teamwork was all about.

In the second tournament, we saw Arata acknowledge that he has always wanted to know that spirit of camaraderie, and point out to Shinobu that teams are the foundations of this world that they love. At the last Yoshino tournament, Harada pointed out that the individual tournament is the real team game. Let me just say to anyone who is watching the second season: There will be no romantic conclusive ending in it This the Chihaya x Taichi thread right???

I'm not talking about the entire show.

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My post is just about the romance aspect, which is pretty much an elephant in the room. In fact, I like Chihayafuru because of the karuta matches and that's the very reason why I've been watching it religiously, not the other way around. The romance side is just a bonus. But I would prefer if this show has no romance at all, at least no shippers would win, it's everybody's game - fair and square.

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What I have written earlier is just my opinion concerning Chihaya x Taichi since I am obviously in the right thread so to speak. Yea i agree what you said about chichya and arata romancebut you said the show should focus more on karuta meanwhile the show is already focusing way too much about Karuta which maybe why season 1 didn't sell well.

I actually wish the show had more romance to it but it is still a good show with nice characters. And don't worry the show will definetly have an open ending. Also what is your take on why tachi doesn't confess his feelings to chichya is it because for the convenience of the plot?