Chibiusa and usagi relationship quotes

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chibiusa and usagi relationship quotes

Chibiusa is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi. She is also one of the main. Chibiusa speaks the truth Sailor Moon Fan Art, Sailor Moon Crystal, Watch Sailor Moon. Visit Magical Girl, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Moon Quotes, Gifs, Sailor Moon English But you can give out some damn good relationship advice. Artificial drama to put a focus on the Mamoru/Usagi relationship. Atrocious pacing problems brought about by a misguided slavishness to the.

Her talking is intercut with Artemis screaming.

chibiusa and usagi relationship quotes

Especially the last one at the very end, which follows another moment where Chibi-Usa goes full Bratty Half-Pint and is running around in a tantrum in the tantrum, she accidentally throws her bag and it lands right on Artemis, triggering that final scream. Episode 63 has Usagi spanking Chibi-Usa after she busts her again trying to steal the Silver Crystalbut that's not the funny part.

No, the funny part was when Chibi-Usa, later in the episode, had a daydream where the situations were reversed and she was spanking Usagi. Sadly, for reasons of decency at the time, all instances of spanking in the series were cut out of the original dub.

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When asked to join, Usagi rushes off Later on, while Grandpa is having trouble recruiting women for the course, he's forced to consider Chibi-Usa's offer until he's saved by Yuichiro, who had no trouble in his recruitment drive. This creates a scene the following day when Rei vents her frustration and Usagi Trolls her by recognizing she's jealous since Rei will never admit she has feelings for Yuichiro.

Episode 55 DiC Episode 49where Makoto tries to woo Seijuro with lunch when Natsumi shows up jealous as usual, telling her he's off limits. When Makoto fires back over what on the surface looks like an incestuous relationship probably why it had to be edited in the old DiC dubSeijuro, in a moment of shock, starts choking. Meanwhile, Makoto and Natsumi are so worked up they just glare at each other while Seijuro is struggling so much he's suffering periodic Glamour Failure which the girls fail to notice.

Oh, and when the idea hit Mako to try wooing him with food, she got so pumped up she slapped Ami on the back so hard she knocked her to the floor and left a distinct impression on Ami's back.

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Meanwhile, Usagi forgot her lunch again and is desperate for something to eat while she's barely conscious. Worse yet, her usual recourse bum some off Mako is not available due to the above. She tries to bum off Ami but arrives just after she finishes her lunch.

chibiusa and usagi relationship quotes

She promptly faints and Ami has to shake her and tell her to get a grip. When Luna finally catches up to Usagi at the end of the school dayUsagi is so famished she eats like there's no tomorrow and Ami has to hold up her handkerchief to avoid getting sprayed with rice. She ends up eating even faster when she learns Mako is "dating" Seijuro.

When the girls argue over who should play Snow White in the school play, Makoto claims it should be her because her bust is the biggest it's also pretty funny in context when the new Viz dub is particularly frank with the dialogue at this point. This is even better in the DiC dub, which attempted to censor it by making her claim she had the "most acting experience and talent" Ami's reason to play Snow White was just ridiculous because the character has less lines for her to memorize so would give her more time to study for school.

The others give her weirded out looks. In the same eposide, the DiC dub give Sammy a good line to Serena, "Hey, the ham belongs in the fridge! From the DiC dub Serena: Oh no wonder the little brat annoys me so much! She takes after YOU!

Cristina Vee's delivery of the line in the Viz dub is golden. In the original dub when Serena finds out that she is Neo Queen Serenity. Her delivery is priceless. And my teacher says I won't even get out of grade school.

Ami notes that since she's here she'd pick up on her studies noting a very long list of subjects. The other girls Sweat Drop and Makoto then ices the joke when she sheppishly notes she just came for a shake what's nice is that this joke actually got preserved in both dubs.

Then later, when Chibi-Usa tries to open the gate to the future and instead turns the inside of a restaurant into zero-gravity. The girls start floating and Rei's head floats up Minako's skirt. Uh, do you MIND?! Viz dub, closer to the original: Rei, what are you doing?! Luna is incredibly offended when Sammy makes a comment about Rini floating ball. That ball looks a lot like Luna. Serena finds Rini inexplicably in all of her family's photos. Finally losing it after the day she's had, she bellows to the sky "Is it the world that's going crazy or is it me!?

Her mother calmly replies "it's you, dear. Their only company are Artemis and Luna who's with them while Usagi's at Rei's. Sighs The sight of two teen girls having parfait snacks with cats And then Artemis had to go and rub it in We're the only ones with nothing to do! You're stuck with cats! Quit laughing or we'll get out the flea comb! Flicks his nose, thus why he's holding it later. Mina and Mako sigh again.

Later in the same episode, Koan visits Rei and Usagi posing as a cosmetics dealer. During the conversation, she goes into a monologue about how love is all about keeping oneself beautiful so guys keep noticing you. Not only does this draw Sweat Drops from Rei and Usagi, but she then goes into this adorable expression of shock when she realizes she'd been distracting herself from her mission to find Chibi-Usa.

The start of episode Later, during said yam bake, Chibi-Usa happily chows down on a yam Usagi claims is too big for her and then in a final insult burps in Usagi's face.

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Usagi eventually starts chowing down on them, and the others say she should slow down. Minako in particular warns overindulging on yams causes flatulence. Viz dub All present: Ew, that was really gross. Haruna, and even Natsumi a spot for the sakura-viewing festival by staying since last night. Ami asks, "Weren't you cold? Cheerful music starts playing.

Besides, it's for everyone and especially Naru. Naru, seemingly touched, reaches out towards Umino She apologizes later; the whole scene had just gotten too embarrassing.

The picnic scene immediately following: Usagi and Rei's constant bickering. Rei disses Usagi for having her rice balls look like they were dropped on the floor. Usagi counters that at least she made them herself, unlike Rei who opted to bring takeout. When Rei won't stop insulting Usagi, Usagi decides to fight back by offering her half a sandwich After a lengthy BeatRei delivers this line: As this is going on, Ms.

Haruna tries to stay calm and offers a free period, and Usagi has to remind her they're not in school today.

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A lot of Usagi's romantic fantasies in the first season and first arc of R fall under this. One of the most notable ones is when she imagines she's flying hand-in-hand with both Tuxedo Mask and the Moonlight Knight when, in reality, Mamoru and Shingo are just trying to get her to keep moving inside a virtual reality game.

Luna and Artemis's exchange from the DiC dub episode 80 had to have been an intentional example of this: With the power of cheesecake they'll win this fight. Episode 76, with Green Esmeraude's first time walking amongst 20th century people. She scoffs at the "primitive" people, only to be Not So Above It All when she walks into a bakery and makes a complete fool of herself pigging out on cake.

Alongside Usagi, who is also stuffing her face like a maniac. In the DiC dub, Emerald briefly assumes this is some plot to get to her. Later, Esmeraude starts flirting with Tuxedo Mask. He backs away slowly. Oh, you're a hotie Tuxedo Mask: The ingeniously hammy and over the top portrayal of An Anne in the DiC dub.

Infused with the energies of the Malefic Black Crystal, causing the Black Moon insignia to on her head, Black Lady resembles Chibiusa as an adult in an organdy and satin dress, Black Crystal earrings, and hair longer than Usagi's. Black Lady later confronts the Sailor Guardians directly to take their Silver Crystal, discarding her birthright while summoning additional chucks of Malefic Back Crystal to speed up 30th Century Earth's destruction.

But when Sailor Pluto sacrificed herself to prevent Demand from accidentally destroying the universe with the two Silver Crystals, Black Lady emotionally broke down upon remembering her friendship with Pluto.

Black Lady's anguished crying awakened the future Silver Crystal's power, shattering Wiseman's spell over her as she reverts to her original form and reawakens as Sailor Chibi Moon. In the original anime, weaponizing Luna-P rather than discard the toy when it recognized her, Black Lady's memories were greatly distorted to have her assumed that she was unloved by both her parents and gave her motivation to kill them and the Sailor Guardians.

Black Lady also appears in the Sailor Moon musicals Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady and its revision Tanjou! Black Lady appears as a boss in the Sailor Moon: Another Story video game even though Chibiusa is present.

Special powers and items[ edit ] Luna-P[ edit ] From Chibiusa's first appearance, her primary tool is the cat-faced rubber ball called Luna-P alternately called "Lunaball" or "Luna Sphere" in the DiC anime. Luna-P is a mechanical object strongly resembling Lunawhich Chibiusa regards as her closest friend and which acts as her guardian.

It can be used as a communication device, particularly with Sailor Pluto, and can be transformed into other objects Chibiusa may need by use of a special phrase, such as "Luna-P Transform" in the manga, or "Luna-P Kitty Magic" in the anime. Key of Space-Time[ edit ] Chibiusa travels through time at various points in the series [33] using the Key of Space-Time given to her by Sailor Pluto in the manga, she stole it. She time-travels by holding up the key and shouting, "Time Guardian! Tear apart the sky, and open the space-time door to me!

I call the true name of the almighty god of time, the time guardian's father! Reveal to me the path of light! Chibiusa is not shown using unassisted powers until she transforms into a Sailor Soldier by activating a special device and shouting a certain phrase.

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Originally this is "Moon Prism Power, Make-up! She does not initially have a full anime transformation sequence. He grants her a new transformation shared with Usagi, in the animeand gives her two special items with which to contact him: