Captain janeway and seven of nine relationship advice

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captain janeway and seven of nine relationship advice

Seven of Nine - Star Trek: Voyager This list examines couples that got together and had a relationship over seasons as well as first came aboard Voyager, but he trusted Captain Janeway, who implicitly trusted the rehabilitated Borg. .. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine, ("Scorpion, Part II") .. She also explored a romantic relationship with Chakotay while running the program. . often had the ear of the captain, coming to her whenever she needed moral guidance. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - K. Janeway, Seven of Nine - Words: 7, - Reviews: 13 "Captain, I must warn you about a group of scientists within Starfleet. Marriage is a big commitment-" Tuvok cut him off abruptly. . Perhaps I should remember that advice for next time," Seven joked back.

She was instantly assuaged by the full glare of them as she opened her tired eyes. Her haggard face in the mirror gave her the appearance of someone well past her 43 years.

She couldn't help but think of the age difference between her and her new "spouse". Seven was 28, she remembered. It was going to be a long night.

Preparations for their attempt at getting home occupied much of their time for the next few days, and although Kathryn would have liked to see more of the blonde Borg that haunted both her sleeping and waking hours, their separate duties kept them apart for much of that time.

They still made a point to have a meal together at least once a day in order to decide on details of their 'relationship'. Let's see… what did we wear? Often, brides spend thousands of credits, and countless hours selecting the perfect dress. And I expect that's the first thing my mother will ask. She always wanted me to wear my great grandmother's gown. I suppose I will have to let her down this time.

If we are questioned, I will be able to demonstrate which selection I made. Wedding dresses should be long, white, and regal. I would suggest something strapless for you. Kathryn couldn't help but look at the form in question, an action that did not go unnoticed by Seven. She did not comment, however. On the display screen, a dazzling floor length "A" line white dress was displayed.

Looking at the design, Kathryn was amazed at Seven's choice. It would look exquisite on you, Seven. We should find something for me now. You wore your Starfleet dress uniform, as is appropriate and traditional for a Captain. Although much of their time was spend in playful banter, or as playful as ex-drones are able to be the pair still managed to accrue rudimentary knowledge of each other.

We have formulated scenarios of our meeting, first date, and wedding ceremony. I have little doubt I will be able to pass any Starfleet questioning. I believe we are prepared. Still, it should adequate to satisfy Starfleet," Kathryn agreed. I have lived an unremarkable life as a drone until my time on Voyager. You are already aware of my actions during that time," Seven argued. I'd like to hear whatever you are willing to share.

We still have a few days before we attempt to return home. Kathryn smiled wide when she heard the cheers from her crew as Voyager sailed through the wreckage of the Borg cube.

Although she didn't join in the commotion, her joy was evident on her face. She had finally done it; against all odds, they were finally home. The relief was only momentary, however, when the reality of her next problem sank in. Yes, they may be back in the Alpha quadrant, but there were still enemies to be defeated. The hard part was that these wolves wore sheep's clothing.

She resolved to keep Seven with her at all times beginning that moment. It shouldn't be too difficult; B'Lanna had constructed a portable version of the regeneration unit. It would be able to travel with them so that Seven could spend those hours in Kathryn's company as well. She broke from her reverie quickly. This is the Federation Starship Voyager, requesting permission to return home for some much needed shore leave," She smiled as Admiral Paris' face filled the view screen.

Let's get you docked. The whole federation is waiting to congratulate you on your success. I regret to have to provide you with a list of crew members who did not survive our journey.

I would like the opportunity to speak with their families as soon as possible. We lost too many fine crewmen. Seven of Nine and I were married in a small ceremony last week, witnessed by our close friends and officiated by my first officer, Commander Chakotay. My congratulations to you both. You can fill us in on everything else later. For now, let's get you home and settled. It seemed an eternity to the crew before they were safely landed. It was an even longer time before Starfleet could provide doctors to examine the whole crew.

In the meantime, Admiral Paris, Reg Barclay, and a few other Starfleet personnel boarded to celebrate the success on the ship. There are already press conferences planned and awards in the works. And this time you'll be able to have all of your friends and families attend.

Janeway and Chakotay: The Relationship that Never Was… Or Was It?

I'll make sure it's a joyful occasion. Just leave it to me. When she was sure they would not be overheard, Seven turned to Kathryn quickly. We will go through with it as planned. I will not risk losing you," Kathryn said, putting her hands on either side of Seven's face. But with the circumstances as they are, it makes sense to make it official. Then there is no way for it to be challenged.

captain janeway and seven of nine relationship advice

Does this make you uncomfortable, Seven? I simply believed that you would not wish to be joined with me. I will do as you wish, Kathryn. I trust your judgment," Seven stated simply. As she opened her mouth to speak, they heard a voice yell from the corridor.

She embraced the younger woman joyfully. I have connections, sis. I've got an Admiral that owes me a favor. Well, he doesn't anymore," she said, laughing. I wanted it to be a surprise. A captain should never be surprised on her own ship. I'm Phoebe Janeway," she said enthusiastically, pulling Seven into a hug. I already did a bit of research since I heard. I know your original human name was Annika Hansen. Do you ever go by that name? However, my Borg designation is more familiar.

It is a difficult process," Seven explained seriously. If you prefer Seven of Nine, then that's exactly what I'll call you. I want to see where my sister has been keeping herself for the last seven years. And then she can explain to me why she didn't mention her impending marriage.

And why she couldn't wait one more week so that I could be there to witness it. Their day was excruciatingly long. When all crew members had been thoroughly checked and pronounced healthy, the crew was finally allowed to disembark, only to be stopped by a rowdy crowd of family and friends and led to the first celebration to mark their return.

captain janeway and seven of nine relationship advice

By the time they were able to get away, Kathryn understood how show dogs felt. She had been led around by Admiral Paris and introduced to so many people that she could not separate them into individuals any longer.

When she was finally released, the crew's families were so anxious to extend their gratitude to the Captain who brought their loved ones home, that she did not have the heart to say no. Throughout the whole night, Seven remained firmly at Kathryn's side. Her presence was soothing in a way the older woman could not begin to describe. It was late into the night when the pair finally made their excuses. They intended to spend the night aboard Voyager, but Kathryn's mother would have nothing to do with it.

You'll come home tonight and stay with family. I've prepared your old room for you. Why don't you two go get some sleep? We can catch up some more tomorrow.

Seven got to her feet and followed Kathryn up the stairway. She entered the second doorway on the right, and shut the door behind them. Seven turned immediately to the captain. What type will we be engaging in? However, I have not engaged in this activity previously.

The Borg do not 'kiss', nor did I have that experience aboard Voyager. What is the purpose behind it?

It's an expression of affection and commitment between two people. Would it perhaps be easier to demonstrate this activity? You will demonstrate it now," Seven commanded. She stepped closer to Kathryn and waited. The captain took a deep breath before she crossed the space still separating them and pulled the younger woman to her with one quick motion before her resolve failed.

With her fingers nestled deep in blonde locks, she brought their lips together soundly. Seven moaned instinctively at the new feeling and the sound spurred Kathryn to deepen the kiss. It is difficult to stop once it has been initiated," Seven whispered into Kathryn's neck several minutes later. My analysis did not detract from the experience," Seven assured her.

We should continue this exercise. I need to sleep and you haven't regenerated yet today. We will work more on our practice tomorrow. For now, let's get your regeneration unit set up. All the time she had spent the last few weeks with Seven made it nearly impossible for her to focus on anything else. To top it off, the Starfleet parties they were bound to be required to attend would necessitate her to act as Seven's wife. She wasn't sure how much more affection she could 'pretend' to feel for the younger woman without it having a permanent effect on her heart.

B'Lanna said it would interface there. This machine works differently. Lie down and I'll finish setting it up. The Doctor assured me it will meet your energy needs.

This concept is foreign. You must teach me. Oh I almost forgot. I replicated some sleepwear for you before we left the ship. Here you are," she said, rummaging through the small bag she'd brought with her. I had the computer extrapolate your size. I did not think about clothing. This is cause for celebration. I'm not sure which one yet," she smiled at the other woman. Kathryn finally finished her calculations and slipped into her own nightclothes. After a few minutes, she called in to Seven.

She was wearing the silk nightgown, but it was obviously too short for her. It covered all sensitive areas, but only barely. Seven's long form had never looked so alluring to Kathryn. She was speechless a moment, but recovered quickly. It will do fine for tonight anyway. Now let's get some sleep. After a brief hesitation, the younger woman did as instructed. Kathryn hooked the wire into the circuitry on Seven's shoulder and slid into bed next to the other woman.

After a few moments, Seven spoke. Sometimes it takes longer than that to fall asleep," Kathryn replied. I have never been in this position for an extended length of time outside of sick bay," she twisted restlessly. Kathryn turned to her and placed one arm over her in an attempt to stop her fidgeting. After a moment, she settled against Seven, resting her head lightly against the other woman's shoulder. Seven instinctively wrapped her free arm around Kathryn, who sighed and closed her eyes.

Seven smiled and relaxed. Within minutes, she was asleep.

captain janeway and seven of nine relationship advice

Kathryn awoke early the next morning to find herself nearly lying atop a beautiful blonde. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes and tried to disentangle them, but the blonde in question merely tightened her grip and mumbled "No. Seven rolled over, effectively pinning the other woman beneath her. When the Captain sighed happily, Seven kissed along the length of her neck, pausing only when the woman beneath her shuddered. They were both breathing heavily when they pulled away, but Seven refused to stop her passionate assault on Kathryn.

When she reached Kathryn's collar bone, she growled at the hindrance of the silken nightgown the other woman wore. In one quick movement, she tore it in two, exposing the flesh she was so desperate to reach. She thanked god silently for Borg efficiency when Seven's mouth eagerly engulfed her aching nipple. Kathryn pushed against the blonde goddess above her, rolling them so she was again atop the other woman. Her naked chest brushed against the silk nightgown Seven still wore, and she shivered at the contact.

Their lips met repeatedly, and Seven grew increasingly bold as she trailed her hand down Kathryn's thigh slowly.

captain janeway and seven of nine relationship advice

Thank you," she said, releasing her held breath as the footsteps faded. We did decide that for the sake of our deception we'd ignore any feelings we may-" "Irrelevant," Seven interjected. I will correct the mistake. Kathryn let herself be swept away by the blonde Borg for a moment, but gathered her wits as she pulled away.

Tom was honored to have known the person who was Seven of Nine. Listlessly running his fingers over his console while at his post on the Bridge, Harry Kim was in tears over her death. He had a crush on her for the longest time and although he never fell in love with her like the Doctor and The Captain as rumored, he had a special place in his heart for her. She always kept him on his toes as far as work was concerned, always demanding efficiency.

He was going to miss her immensely and unlike the other officers he wasn't too shy to cry about it. Tuvok felt the impact of Seven's death even as he meditated in his quarters.

He was just not as outwardly in showing it because he was Vulcan. He enjoyed her company finding the young woman very efficient and most logical in her assessment of things.

Lately, before she died, he had noticed a certain emotional instability and indifference in her attitude, but he did not speculate in depth or inquire as to the problem, since it was not the Vulcan way. However, in light of her death, he felt a slight regret that he had not and accepted that he would miss her company greatly.

Seven's death was most difficult on Icheb and Naomi Wildman. Icheb was very despondent and wanted only to be left alone, but Chakotay promised the Doctor to keep an eye on the young boy. Icheb was still weakened physically from his attempt to help save Seven, so the Doctor was monitoring him closely as well.

Naomi understood death, but couldn't believe that Seven was truly dead and had insisted she be allowed see the body for herself. The Doctor made sure Seven looked presentable since, the little girl wouldn't take no for an answer.

So with the Captain's permission her mother brought her, since Janeway could not. It was too soon for the Captain. She was concerned she would break down in front of the little girl and her mother, Ensign Samantha Wildman and that wouldn't be appropriate. She was Captain and had to be strong despite how decimated she felt internally. Seven's death hit no one harder than the Captain herself.

After she dismissed the Commander from her presence, Kathryn Janeway sat in her ready room paralyzed in her emotional turmoil. She couldn't remember how long she remained that way. Time simply stood still. Eventually, she somehow came to and attempted to distract herself by going over some personnel reports. Coming across both Chakotay and B'Elanna's reports, Janeway started reading them before realizing they were both about how Seven had saved their lives that fateful day.

Janeway became infuriated at the universe and threw the PADD across the room, in a moment of rage at her sudden pain. Tears started flowing down her crimson cheeks in full force. Is this my punishment for what I did to her? Is this my future, to regret for the rest of my life that I never had the chance to tell her?

To let her know how much I truly loved her. Even if she couldn't reciprocate my love after what I had done, at least she would know how I felt… Janeway wondered if her sorrow, guilt and despair over Seven's death would affect her ability to command.

It was ironic to Janeway, because that was what she feared most during their relationship. The fear that was magnified to unmanageable proportions by that damn virus. Strange how meaningless all those fears were now. How they didn't really matter in the end. As much as this would affect her, she wouldn't give up command, not unless Commander Chakotay relieved her. It was all she had now, all she had left and the thought of staying in her quarters would just make things worse.

She had to continue for her crew. They deserved the best she could give them. She just hoped her best would be enough in light of how inept she truly felt.

Despite having nothing to give personally, she would give everything she had professionally. Not being able to stop crying, she decided to waste systems resources and beam directly to her quarters, where she could mourn alone without the risk of being interrupted for ships business. She put a 'do not disturb notice' attachment to her combadge signal, so she could be alone in her misery.

Chakotay had a nervous look in his eye. I have spend a significant amount of time with her and… I have come to consider her a friend… " Chakotay understood. Seven unwillingly had become an icon to the Zyotans. They thought highly of her and although it was precipitated by the Stroyka legend, he knew Kree had gotten to know the real Seven. His feelings of remorse were genuine. Kree nodded and transported back to his ship. At the end of his shift, Chakotay handed the Bridge over to Tuvok and went to his quarters to clean up and change his uniform.

He then went to see if the Captain would speak with him.

captain janeway and seven of nine relationship advice

Ever since, Seven had saved his life he had been feeling guilty over the things he had said about her to Janeway. He was just checking in on Lt.

Torres in Engineering, wanting to chat with the young woman, when the attack had occurred. Seven showed up after barely a minute into the attack. Chakotay knew he didn't have to report to the Bridge as the Captain was already there, so he decided to assist where he was. He manned the station just in front of the warp core when Voyager was blasted hard causing conduits and ruptures all over Engineering. Chakotay would have been killed, if Seven hadn't knocked him away from the blast in time before hot plasma would have covered his face and chest.

He escaped injury except for his hands and arms, but Seven received a significant injury on her left abdomen, which to Chakotay's astonishment must have burned through her biosuit, skin and abdominal wall. Chakotay was in excruciating pain with just his lower arms burned so he couldn't imagine what Seven was going through. As someone helped him out of Engineering he heard B'Elanna order everyone out.

Seven had saved his life directly that day and then went on to save the entire crew at the cost of losing her own life. He had judged her wrong and wanted the Captain to know how sorry he was. He chimed for entrance into the Captain's quarters and it was almost a minute before the doors opened to let him in.

Upon entering he noticed how dark the quarters were. Chakotay squinted his eyes to see where she was calling him from. As soon as the lights went up a little, Chakotay could tell Kathryn was not in a good mood. She had obviously been crying. Her hair was muffed up and her eyes were swollen and red. She slouched on the couch looking out at the stars through the window above her. She had a glass with ice and a clear, but golden liquid, probably whiskey or another hard liquor.

He almost tripped on something as he walked closer to her. It was her boots he saw after regaining his balance. He noticed her quarters looked a little more disheveled than normal.

PADDs were tossed about on the couch and some on the chair. He even swore he saw one on the floor near her replicator. Chakotay saw her eyes held such bleakness. She saved us all. She frowned not taking much comfort in what he said. She had only just begun to live when she should have had a lifetime.

She should have had more time to enjoy being human, but if she were here right now, I bet she would be thanking you for what she did have because of you. You gave her back over fours years of her life. We didn't say much to each other, even though I tried. I just couldn't after… " She paused when tears threatened to overwhelm her. Janeway blushed realizing she had said too much so she shifted the topic somewhat. So the rumors were true.

He thought they might have started something, but never realized it went that far. That it was that serious. It took him a few moments to regain his equilibrium.

I wish things could be different too, god knows I owe her. I didn't even get a chance to tell her.

Seven of Nine

I never got to say goodbye. He had strong feelings for Kathryn at one point, which turned into a deep friendship after the fourth year onboard Voyager. They never pressed each other to start one and protocol got in the way. That's why the situation with Seven was so surprising to him. Seven must have had a strong influence on Kathryn for her to give in to a sexual relationship and disregard her no fraternization policy.

He didn't know what to say. He had no words that would take away this kind of pain so he did the only thing he could. He sat down next to her and hugged her gently. Would she be able to comeback from this? Chakotay had the sinking feeling that it would take a long time for Kathryn to heal from this particular loss. She had been moping about in self-pity and had neglected her duties, even though Chakotay understood completely after their talk.

She walked the hallways quietly checking on her crew and saying quick hellos before heading for the Cargo Bay. Janeway did not attend the gathering before the funeral in the Mess Hall and didn't plan on attending the meeting in the Mess Hall afterwards either.

Neelix did the simple decorations and prepared the food choices that were to be served. He wanted it to be a celebration of her life. Neelix insisted to Commander Chakotay to make it an all day event, which he agreed on. There was food and drink available and Neelix went out of his way to make it a positive experience in light of the situation. The funeral was to be broadcast throughout the ship and to the Kreytor.

Janeway also allowed Captain Kree to attend, since he requested it. Janeway arrived in the Cargo bay in her Starfleet dress uniform fifteen minutes early and fidgeted impatiently for her remaining off duty crewmen to appear.