Cagalli and athrun relationship problems

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cagalli and athrun relationship problems

Cagalli and Athrun have such a connection that Meyrin and Athrun does not. We understand the difficulties of their situation, Cagalli being the princess of Orb. Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny) in the November issue of Animage. Q. Finally, in last month's interview, Morosawa-san's "Athrun and Cagalli's love is A. Rather than love, their relationship is more of a "comrades in arms" relationship. Athrun and Cagalli, after following the advice of Lacus, end up in a . You two probably have one of the healthiest relationships I've ever seen.

Otherwise I think it should stay as it is. Still, other people even had more chance. As far as I know, it's only one-sided from Meyrin. Some people think it should be Athrun and Cagalli others think it should be Athrun and Meyrin.

We don't know who Athrun will end up with,maybe the recently annonced movie will tell us. Which relationship is more reasonable? Athrun and Cagalli or Athrun and Meyrin? Most likely you don't know what Athrun thinks. We aren't debating that. Again, this isn't about what you personally feel, but what is shown in the anime. That is Athrun and Cagalli parting ways, and Athrun and Meyrin walking away together at the end of the last canon piece of anime in the timeline.

That makes her a possible love interest. As for more reasonable at this point, that would be Athrun and Meyrin since it's the last thing shown to us. We don't need to rush. We have the same dream". Though Cagalli was not with Athrun towards the end, it did not mean it was their breakup or your saying "parting ways".

Now, let's look at Final Plus again. Hiatus and possible one-sided.

Interviews with Morosawa and Fukuda concerning AsuCaga: asucaga

The other notes on her side are not needed. It's obvious what one sided means. That is, Morosawa had confirmed Athrun and Cagalli two-sided feelings. As we saw in anime, Cagalli was the only one Athrun loved. Remember, this is Wikipedia the so-called free Internet Encyclopedia and not regular forums which should base our discussion on facts and not personal beliefs, insights, interpretation, or speculation.

Though it still gets edited out and the same with the Cagalli portion as well. It's fine as it is, possible on her side is fine as well. Not to you, but there is also no reason to be nit picky about details either walking behind versus accompanying unless you are going to go back and mention the placement of every pair in relation to how they walked.

We have to keep this as neutral as possible,so there should be no one the sides of asucaga or asumey Let me reinstate again. This is Wikipedia the so-called free Internet Encyclopedia and not regular forums which should base our discussion on facts and not personal beliefs, insights, interpretation, or speculation.

She also said that Athrun doesn't have any romantic feelings for Meyrin, and that he is not a changeable man, which means he still holds strong love to Cagalli. The ending of GSD was the beginning of Athrun and Cagalli's relationship, therefore Morosawa did not intentionally tear them apart or break them up. So AthrunxCagalli fans, get your hopes high! Fukuda have said in various alleged interviews. The closest to evidence I've found is Google caches of alleged translations of unknown accuracy that link to supposed orginal sites that no longer exist.

Some of those claims were interpreted as Ms. Morisawa favoring a match with Meyrin and discounting that there was ever anything between Athrun and Cagalli, which led to vocal vilification of Ms. Morisawa by some fans. Have you got any linkage that will help neutral observers separate your comments and opinions from the article's content and help them assess the accuracy of the translation of Ms. There are number of Morosawa interviews.


As of now, her latest one was in April Animedia. However, at one time some people modified the content on Internet so it sounded like Meyrin was the only one who could heal and comfort Athrun. What I tried to say is Veeh4anime was correct with her information listed above.

In GS episode 8, telling Athrun to go and search for Lacus who was missing, Patrick only talked about appearance and Lacus being an idol. Not that Athrun was greatly distressed by the news of Lacus missing, but still. It seems like he felt at more ease with his commander than with his father. Athrun cared about his father. In GS episode 34, Athrun called him Father. Patrick gave Athrun an accusing look and disapproved of his attitude.

Maybe Patrick was big on acting appropriately and liked to draw a line between official affairs and private affairs.

cagalli and athrun relationship problems

When Patrick had given a sigh while talking with other people about current situation earlier, Athrun was looking at his father with a worried face. It explains why Patrick disapproved of Athrun calling him Father in this scene but not in episode 40 even though the situations were the same: Athrun has that kind of attitude, too.

In GS episode 11, Lacus tried to touch his face seemingly in an attempt to comfort him, and he rejected it. However, Athrun at least acted nice toward Lacus and showed some consideration toward her feelings in GS episode Nevertheless, Patrick expected Athrun to obey him and keep fighting for him.

Then, when Athrun defied him in GS episode 40, he shot at Athrun; he gave permission to use rough means to obtain information from Athrun. In GS episode 46, when Klueze asked Patrick whether it would be all right if he shot Athrun, Patrick looked surprised. After Klueze left, he looked somewhat sad with his fist clenched.

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He will just lose her as lover in that case. This is an analysis of the ring, remember?

cagalli and athrun relationship problems

I actually almost forgot: P In his conversation with Cagalli in episode 39, Athrun talked more about the ring: Athrun was rather incoherent here. Some of you may think this has nothing to do with the ring except that he said it right after talking about her almost-marriage.

There is no need to rush. Okay, enough with the language lecture. That actually explains why he wanted her to abandon Orb for him. In GS episode 46, he said to her that he would protect her. In GSD episode 38, he said that he had wanted to protect her and Kira. He could protect just Cagalli, Cagalli as a person. He was an excellent fighter and had the ability to protect her life.

He had no power to protect her politically or protect Orb. As a result, he might have lost her because she would have married Jona or lost her life in her attempt to protect Orb. In order for him to become able to protect her, she would have had to abandon the part that was too much for him to protect. So he had rejoined ZAFT and acquired power and tasks to do, which must have eased his feeling of powerlessness.

From what he said in episode 38, it seems like he had rejoined ZAFT because he wanted the power to protect Cagalli and Kira: I said, they were killed. If you want to keep believing so, go ahead. A shot of the Saviour Shinn: Why do you say such a thing? Anyone who has cried over their powerlessness…would think like that, perhaps. He had more power, yes.

cagalli and athrun relationship problems

So he still tried to make her abandon Orb the Orb forces this time for him. He also tried to control her so that he would become able to help and protect her.

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He was still acting the same way. After his defection from ZAFT, he was back to the powerless state. But he still tried to do something, to protect Cagalli. In episode 41, he insisted on helping the Archangel fight for Orb. Then, he got the Infinite Justice, the power he could finally use to protect every part of Cagalli, protect both Cagalli as a person and Cagalli as the Chief Representative of Orb. The first one is unlikely, too. It means that he needs to accept that if anything happens, she will choose Orb instead of their relationship possibly for the rest of their lives.

I doubt the day when Cagalli puts their relationship before Orb will ever come. He must have learned something from his experiences. He gave Cagalli the ring and tried to make her abandon Orb for him because he was powerless and impatient. We can deduce that he feels that way at least partly because now he has power and can do something.

What does his having power have to do with waiting for the day Cagalli puts their relationship before Orb?

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There is nothing he can do to make the day happen. Well, he can use the power to force her to put their relationship first.

But I seriously doubt that is how he is supposed to use the power or he is planning to do something like that. Then, there is no reason for him to feel all right just because he has power.

The only explanation that makes sense is that he is fine with their current situation because now he has power and can do something to change it. He feels that what he is doing, with his power, will lead to the future he wants. Although it will probably be a long way, he is on the right track to realize his dream. So he feels no need to unnecessarily hurry.