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Mira also has an estranged relationship with her father, King Nova, who . When NOSA2 was destroyed, Ty was turned back to normal ending the curse of the . 01–02–03, "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, the. Preceded by, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins Mira also has an estranged relationship with her father King Nova, who . When NOS- 4-A2 was destroyed, Ty was turned back to normal, ending the curse of the. The movies, which largely center on Woody and his relationship to his things like Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins.

The Adventure Begins

Zurg triggers the self-destruct mechanism; Warp gets pinned under wreckage and forces Buzz to leave just before the explosion happens, presumably killing Warp. With the power of "ghosting", Nova is nearly invulnerable.

Buzz reiterates his refusal to endanger another partner, despite Nebula's forceful assertion that Buzz must not work alone. Buzz later rescues a shy janitor named Booster Stephen Furst from being fired. In Zurg's fortress, his new second-in-command, Agent Z, is given a robotic arm that becomes a variety of weapons.

Zurg learns of a huge orb on the L. They get a telepathic message about Zurg's attack. When Buzz and XR arrive on the L. Unable to think clearly, the L. Commander Nebula decides to launch a full-scale assault on Planet Z, but Mira says a solo ranger could go to stop Zurg with the prototype Alpha-One. Nebula dismisses the idea, deciding to launch the full-scale assault.

Mira Nova wrecks the circuits of level 10 training robots. Buzz scoffs and reminds the Commander that he trains on Level 9 and that the Rookies wouldn't be able to handle it. Buzz's prediction rings true as the majority are overwhelmed from the first few seconds in, those who fail being eliminated from the session.

Soon, only one Rookie is left. Buzz nods in approval, and with a smirk, Nebula cranks it up to Level 10, which startles Buzz. Large robots emerge to face the lone Rookie and surround her.

She becomes nervous and overwhelmed as she attempts to fight the robots. Buzz comments that a Rookie wouldn't have been able to make it, but Nebula reminds him that it's not over yet. Though it looks like she has been overwhelmed and she too was thrown out of the game, she emerges from the floor having passed straight 'through', with her hands in fists, having now figured out what to do.

Buzz wonders how she did that, to which Nebula responds that she is from the planet Tangea. Buzz recalls how Tangeans have mental ghosting abilities that allow them to pass through solid objects. She phases into the control room and salutes, introducing herself as Mira Nova. Buzz too stubborn to accept any new partners. Buzz frowns, recalling that being the name of the heir to the Tangean throne and that he had met the princess once, to which Mira quips that he saved her planet once.

Nebula properly introduces the two, adding that he has selected Mira to be Buzz's new partner. Buzz immediately refuses, insisting that he now works alone and he can't risk anyone ending suffering the same fate as Warp.

Nebula angrily points out that Mira might prevent Buzz from ending up like Warp instead. Despite this argument, Buzz is adamant. Mira adds that he can't go against Zurg alone and that the regulations clearly state that, to which Buzz retorts that he wrote half of them and won't risk anyone getting caught in the crossfire. Nebula barks that he won't let Buzz go out on the field without backup, but Buzz repeats that he works alone and leaves. Later on, in the launch baya large, red-skinned janitor by the name of Booster sneaks out to see Star Cruisers readied for launch.

He is so excited to be there he forgets to clean and he is caught by a security guard, who reminds him that only authorized personnel are allowed in the launch bay. Booster is a big fan of Buzz Booster fears that this will be the end of his career, but Buzz intervenes at the last second. He tells the security guard a white lie that Booster was only doing his job cleaning the launch bay and the guard, too, dazed that Buzz had intervened, backs off.

Once he is gone, Buzz reminds Booster that he can't keep sneaking into the launch bay, and through the following discussion we discover that Booster is trying to become a Space Ranger and has been memorizing the Space Ranger Mission Manual bit by bit for the entrance exam.

But before they can say more, Buzz gets a message on his wrist communicator from the LGMs calling him to the science bay. On Planet Z, Zurg inquires about the state of his new henchman. Mysterious person receives fancy new armour. The Brain Pods and Grubs are installing new weapons into said henchman's artificial right arm, and Zurg reminds them about the necessity of a flamethrower.

One Grub tests the limb's reflexes and is fired into a wall. Once everything is in working order Zurg bestows him with a new title; Agent Z.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Though the henchman at first rejects it as "stupid", which angers Zurg, the minions caution the new henchman to just go along with it. The LGMs are unaware of Zurg's spy drone watching them as they go about their daily, peaceful lives. One of them plays a fanfare, and hidden compartments revealing stairs emerge everywhere, into which the LGMs enter to venture underground.

The spy drone, disguising itself as an LGM head and forming itself an inflatable body resembling their suits, follows them underground. All the LGMs have gathered around a platform of sorts and point to the ceiling as it parts to reveal a large claw. As the claw dips inside the platform and pulls out a large, glowing sphere that almost resembles a small planet, the lead LGM reveals it as the Uni-Mind, which the claw draws out for them.

Seeing it all on his drone's hidden camera, Zurg is more determined than ever to obtain the Uni-Mind for himself. He orders Agent Z to launch an assault on their planet, to which Agent Z dryly remarks that he'll have the chance to use his flamethrower.

Part 2 Star Command; Science Bay: Back at Star Command, the LGMs have called Buzz to the Science Bay to tell him that they heard about his argument with Nebula and have a solution to his partner problem. They reveal XR to be a robot and refer to him as an Experimental Ranger. Buzz isn't very impressed by the robot's small build and remarks on how he wouldn't be able to stand a chance against Zurg's forces. They explain that Buzz doesn't have to fear for XR's safety because he can be rebuilt again and again if he ever gets destroyed.

Buzz wonders whether Nebula even approved of the construction of a robotic Space Ranger when he hates robots. The LGMs sheepishly admit he doesn't know, but the Commander himself walks in at that point, and he is none too happy about XR's construction. Frustrated when the LGMs admit that he was authorized when they slipped the papers in with their vacation requests, Nebula points out that a robot can't possibly face real dangers like a Space Ranger.

The LGMs explain that XR has an artificial intelligence chip and is programmed to watch and learn, and with Buzz at his side, he'll be learning from the best and will be the perfect new partner.

Nebula reminds Buzz that Mira is his new partner, but when Buzz once again refuses to have any sort of partner, the LGMs freeze up, their antennae twitching. Through their mindlink they realize that Zurg is invading their homeworld and Buzz immediately sets off to stop him, XR already mimicking him and following close behind.

LGMs flee from attacking Hornets as their world burns around them. They escape to the underground chambers, trying to reach the Uni-Mind to protect it. Joining hands, the tips of their antennae glow and a protective force field surrounds the Uni-Mind. However, an explosion from above causes the ceiling to cave in and the LGMs' protective circle is broken.

Agent Z's ship looms above, and he orders the Hornets to move in. But before the Hornets can take the Uni-Mind, Buzz's wrist laser slices through them. The Hornets attack him and XR, but together they destroy their ranks. Despite that, more Hornets emerge, and Buzz and XR fight against them.

Agent Z leaves his ship and activates a jetpack and flies down to them, firing. XR and Buzz fire back and Agent Z lifts off again, flying away.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Buzz and XR pursue him through a pillar of smoke and lose him, but Agent Z emerges through the smoke from behind them, firing ad flying past them. They fire at him again and the agent attempts to take cover, but they destroy each one. Despite being ordered to delete these files due to the potential risk this carries, XR pretends to do so.

However, when he makes the mistake of contacting a celebrity whose phone number is in the files, unaware that she was dating Zurg at the time. Zurg, upon learning on what's happened, places a bounty on XR's head to retrieve the files for himself. Now Team Lightyear has to protect XR from the villains that have come to claim this bounty and keep the files safe. Things turn serious after a smitten Booster starts a fight with him. Buzz and Mira are the first to experience its effects and it's not long before everyone in Star Command is infected.

The only cure is a unique antidote that Zurg keeps hold of. However, when NOSA2 bites it, the appliance seizes entire control of the diner. Team Lightyear, much to Buzz's chagrin, has to rely on Professor Triffid's unique vegenetic technologies to return the diner back to normal. Zurg uses this to his advantage in finally capturing the real Buzz, leaving Buzz to experience the terrors of the parallel world, and Zurg free to destroy Star Command. In his hurry to do, the clones emerge as kiddie versions of the team left to take on the Rangers.

As a result, the protectors become devolved into lemur like creatures, Buzz get devolved into an Caveman, Mira becomes blue sludge and Booster becomes a dinosaur-like creature, leaving only XR to fight Warp and Zurg's Bugs. The rest of the team mistake his metal fatigue as mental fatigue, and urge him to undergo psych evaluation and while on vacation he is kidnapped and replaced by XL. This is all part of XL's plan to infiltrate and destroy Star Command. It soon creates havoc on both Tradeworld and then Star Command, ultimately landing Buzz under Zurg's evil spell.

Mira finds out that he is her ex-boyfriend, and in the following confusion, he captures Buzz so that he can deliver him to Zurg and complete his job. Around that time Zurg invades Roswell and takes it over, with plans to build and deploy a surprise attack fleet to conquer Capital Planet.

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When Buzz decides to take Booster with him to Roswell's system on a patrol mission to cheer him up, they discover this, and the two must work with Roswell's military at foiling Zurg's plan. In an eerie copy of Toy Story 3 's climax, this episode has Zurg requesting to have a garbage incinerator in his new base, rather than a garbage smasher, as it would be far more difficult to escape from. Also, Zurg says he is Buzz's father, just like in Toy Story 2.

When Team Lightyear investigate the sudden appearance of vampire hornets, they discover NOS' ultimate plan, the creation of a new weapon that transforms everyone into "wirewolves", as Booster and Mira experience first hand.