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brother and sister relationship hollywood movies

Dec 1, Which is your favourite Hollywood movie on brother/sister love? Below are some movies, where the characters have some weird brother-sister relationships. Aug 22, The Siblings:** **'Baby' Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) and Blanche Hudson So begins a new and more understanding era in their relationship – which . This is a frantic, insider Hollywood farce that finds egos flaring like. Joan and John were the quirky brother and sister duo of the '80s. They've also collaborated in several movies including High Fidelity (), Grosse Pointe.

There are some hilarious scenes in which the two trade insults. However, as the film comes to a climax, we see that Elizabeth is genuinely scared and worried about Donnie. Stranz and Fairchild — Blades of Glory Comedy superstars Will Arnett and Amy Poehler have created one of the most loathsome brother sister duos in movie history.

Blades of Glory sees Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg resort to villainous tactics to try and stop two new ice skaters from taking their crown. Throughout the movie, there are some gross and hilarious hints at a forbidden love. Mother of two Cheryl ends up supporting her brother after he attempts suicide.

This is all while helping her daughter make it to a beauty pageant and guiding her teenage son through a difficult time in his life. All of the relationships in this film are dysfunctional, but it sets out to convince the viewer that messy, quirky, unique, and creative is always better than perfect.

brother and sister relationship hollywood movies

It depicts Milo and Maggie, twins who become distant and do not speak for a decade. That is, until the night they both coincidentally end up considering suicide. Milo has a failed attempt and Maggie is about to take a handful of pills when she gets a call about her brother. The move in together for support, but only end up repeating past mistakes.

They fight, they bicker, and each finds the other desperately annoying. Cue plenty of explosions, bad guys, evil plots, and heroic moments from two siblings on a mission.

In Cruel Intentions, Kathryn and Sebastian are step-siblings so, not truly related who make the Borgias look affectionate. At one point, the two decide on a wager.

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The icky part is, if Sebastian wins, Kathryn agrees to go to bed with him. Klaus and Violet — A Series of Unfortunate Events Violent and Klaus are two extraordinary siblings who lose their parents in a suspicious fire. This turns out to be a dastardly Count who pursues the trio relentlessly and plots their demise. Violet and Klaus must use their talents as a reader and an inventor to outwit this villain. Divergent The relationship between Tris and Caleb Prior makes for one of the most complex brother sister duos in science fiction.

Caleb frequently admonishes his little sister for not being true to the qualities of her faction and social group. However, it is later revealed he plans to defect and has been hiding his own secret qualities. Tris and Caleb are often at loggerheads and she soon realises that even family can be dangerous.

Lucilla and Commodus — Gladiator The relationship between Lucilla and Commodus both real figures is one of the most chilling in cinema. Fortunately, the filmmakers took more than a few liberties with their story. For one thing, there was no incest or sexual abuse between the pair. Sadly, her attempt to take down the despotic emperor failed and he later had her executed. The film goes in a different direction entirely, however, and movie Lucilla gets a happier ending. After losing both parents at a young age, they grew close and have been protecting each other ever since.

Not they need protection. Sue has the power of invisibility and Johnny can fly and shoot flames. Ina movie was made about Chris, because he lost his life in a very unusual way. Without warning, the young man gave away all of his money, cut up his credit cards, and ran away from home. He never made contact with his family again, but we know from his diary that he had some amazing experiences out in the wilderness. However, brother sister duo Tim and Lex stand out, because they bravely face some terrifying things.

While young brother Tim can be annoying, Lex does everything she can to protect him, including baiting a hungry raptor in the hotel kitchen. She later saves the entire group with her unexpected cyber hacking skills. Evie is as studious and smart as she is courageous. John is more interested in himself and only signs on to her expedition after finding out there may be gold involved. Trish and Darry — Jeepers Creepers In Jeepers Creepers, we get to see a brother and sister uniting against an unimaginable evil.

They start out happily enough, on a drive home for spring break. However, the banter and playful teasing turns into a fight for their life after they run into a demon on the road.

brother and sister relationship hollywood movies

We see lots of moments in the movie that tell us siblings would do anything to keep each other safe. The story takes a devastating turn when Trish is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for her brother. The Kids Are Alright The Kids Are Alright is a unique film, because it was the first major picture to portray a homosexual couple raising teenage children. Seventeen year old Laser decide to track down the man who donated sperm, so that his lesbian parents could start a family.

Tammy and Andy — 28 Weeks Later This is another film that portrays the unbreakable bond between brother and sister.

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Soon, only two are left in the running. Squabbling princes Primus and Septimus are just the tip of the fratricidal iceberg in this one, with five dead — but not gone — brothers in between, played as sarcastic spirits by Rupert Everett, Mark Heap, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Adam Buxton and David Walliams. We can easily imagine why Sam Cahill flips out. And when such a situation occurs between brothers who know how to throw punches? Wahlberg was just as frustrated for years with this movie, having shepherded his passion project through financial struggles and multiple directors he wanted Scorsese, and had Darren Aronofsky attached for a while before Bale suggested David O.

The Fitzgerald sisters are so alike! Unhealthily obsessed with death, a bit weird, fond of black. Then Ginger gets bitten by a werewolf and it all goes from Goth to gory. Brigitte is then in the tricky position of being stalked by a vicious beast that is also her beloved sister. This does not make for comfortable conversation around the family dinner table.

Coming of age agony. It might sound like something out of the American Pie years, but this is John Hughes in his directorial debut at the beginning of a heck of a run. Ringwald cemented a working relationship with the director that later brought the world The Breakfast Club and albeit only Hughes-scripted Pretty In Pink. All driven back into the maternal nest by various crises, they lick their wounds and find a renewed sense of family as they forgive their errant father for past misdemeanours and consider starting a relationship in the case of the adopted Margot and Richie, at least.

The rivalry, ironically, is best given voice by clan outsider Eli Cash Owen Wilsonwho always wanted to be one of the Tenenbaums and never quite managed it. Having a family is hard enough when you only see them semi-regularly. But when your brother is attached to you at all times, your differing interests can really put a strain on the relationship.

The other becomes President of the United States of America. The rivalry here is mostly off-screen, but it boils down to this: There are only three tiny problems: Of course, Sharaman should have known all along. A retelling of the Cain and Abel story, this is fraternal friction on a Biblical level.

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The stress leads to Adam suffering a stroke, which actually helps knit the family back together. The tension onscreen was created partly through director Elia Kazan encouraging Dean to get drunk for emotional moments, which led to the actor provoking Massey so the father-son conflict had more spark to it. This is a Woody Allen film, so here is the sort of sibling relationship that involves a lot of talking and hand-waving rather than the sort that devolves into violence.

That support holds even when she gets pulled into their tangled weave via her philandering husband. In adulthood, this lost brother, Philippe, is stuffed into an iron mask so no-one will see his similarity to the King. While his brother gets to cut a swathe through the noblewomen of Europe, live in luxury and generally be the King, he is given a permanent ferrous facial and packed off to prison.

But can our hero prove the foul deed? They abandon him on the side of a road. Technically, this is not a sibling relationship at all, but the way in which David is dealt with here serves as a microcosm of many family battles: It all ends tragically for David, abandoned by the woman he considers his mother when she chooses her real son over the robot boy.

The heart-rending ending envisaged by Kubrick and not Spielberg sees David briefly reunited with his mother and finally given his own moment of family love.

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Dead Ringer finds Edith murdering Margaret and assuming her rich life — so the same basic idea. Davis seems to have an affinity for playing twins, doing it twice to acclaim. As if mirroring the leads, these two films also have near-identical plots — how thematic!

brother and sister relationship hollywood movies

Which sibling is your favourite in A Stolen Life? Which sibling is your favourite in Dead Ringer? Akira Kurosawa didn't precisely intend to re-imagine King Lear here - he was inspired by a real slice of Japanese history - but the results were much the same.

After his father decides to divvy up his kingdom between his three sons, it turns out that youngest son Saburo was right to denounce it as a bad idea, and the kingdom soon dissolves into war and chaos.

Their father Walter Larry Miller has hit upon a genius idea to stave off teen pregnancy: But then Kat meets the rebellious, charming Patrick Verona the late, lamented Heath Ledger, who could fill lakes with his buckets of charm here and everything takes a turn for the flirtatious. And terrify a father… Which sibling is your favourite? Once, this pair were inseparable, racing their chariots around the half-built temple and having a merry old time. Then Moses learns the truth of his ancestry, accidentally kills an Egyptian guard and runs away into the desert to become a shepherd.

Rameses has different ideas about letting his entire slave population bugger off, and so the stage is set for a quite-literally Biblical confrontation.

But what happens when he dies? Robert Redford proved himself as a director with his very first time behind the camera. Cue agony, scalpings, grief, an ill-advised marriage between Susannah and Alfred, guilt, bootlegging and a fight with a bear. Who will survive, and what will be left of them?

This episode is more historically based, however. Richard becomes King but dies young; Geoffrey pre-deceases him, and John eventually takes the throne to Robin Hood-bothering effect. Will these two ever reconcile? Only if they make a sequel and the apparently-doomed Kludd manages to survive somehow But Anna finally sues for control of her own body and her own life.

This is a case where one sister is entirely justified in feeling aggrieved by the other: So in the end this is less about sibling rivalry as mother vs.

Can you guess where this is going? You can probably guess the resulting twists, which include amnesia and murder by, er, giant freezer. This is not an on-screen feud, although both are famous actresses. Instead, real-life star-sisters Fontaine and de Havilland have a near-constant conflict that seemed to stem from childhood.

Olivia was unhappy that the pitter-patter of tiny feet meant the arrival of a younger sister, and a soon-mutual antipathy shaped years of bitter spats. The sisters vied for roles and awards, and demanded that their friends in Golden Age Hollywood also take sides. The Dark World approaching its release and the warring siblings Thor and Loki adorning this month's Empire coverit seemed like a good time to take a look at other sibling rivalries in cinema history.