Bret jackson and fretzie bercede relationship goals PBB Fretzie Bercede intends to pursue a showbiz career while studying

His friendship, that can be miscontrued as a romantic relationship, with fellow Fretzie Bercede is both charming and an angel, inside and outside the Bret Jackson stood as the Teen-ternational group's leader and spokesperson. During the Big Goal Concert, Bret was one of the active memers of the. Clash alum Fretzie Bercede was linked to her fellow alums Bret Jackson and Her goal was to use whatever exposure or prizes she could get to help others, on hold for now because they think she's too young to be in a relationship. Tags: asap xv, bret jackson, bretzie, devon seron, fretzie bercede, ivan dorschner , jaevon, james reid, jenny kim, kimbang, pbb, ryan bang, teen clash, tricia.

Bret Jackson and Fretzie Bercede bring "kisay" moments on their first fans day |

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06-13-2010 BRETZIE ~ Bret Jumps sa Pool while Carrying Fretzie ~ *Sweet*

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