Bret jackson and fretzie bercede relationship counseling

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"We have a special friendship," says former Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of housemate Bret Jackson about his relationship with fellow. Garfield and Odie were sitting in fretzie bercede and bret jackson dating black He helps couples fix their troubled relationships and someone said that his. Later in the evening, Ruben finally made his long delayed marriage proposal But the advice only made Gladys's plea to let her make her exit stronger. .. Fretzie Joan Bercede · Devon Seron · Ivan Dorschner; Bret Jackson.

Ruben, being in the same profession as Ethel, was tasked to host the party. Marylaine, Will, and Mariel became the first three housemates to use the punishment room for various offenses. Will and Mariel peeled a bowl of lanzones using their mouths, and Marylaine shedded coats of squash seeds.

Will finally had his lapel microphone returned to him, but he had to get past cockroaches and other insects to get it. Marylaine and Jen were put in the punishment room for a violation Jen committed. Their bickering continued there while installing train tracks used in the weekly task. The entire task took overnight, but the two eventually reconciled. Week 2 Day 8: The first HOH competition was held wherein the housemates wore giant "hands" and played a game similar the Japanese game of karuta using colors.

Ethel won in that game. Donnie and Marylaine finally had several of their clothes after Gaby and Victor packed some of their things just to make it happen.

bret jackson and fretzie bercede relationship counseling

Week 3 Day She finish first in the second heat of the competition. Main primetime host Toni became the new houseguest. Riza, Ruben, and Will won in each of the three preliminary heats, with Riza winning the final round and the title of Head of Household.

Mcoy, Victor, and Riza temporarily left the House to help embalm the body of a man who had been dead for a month due to a heart attack and whose family had no money for a proper embalming, let alone a decent funeral.

Inside of the House during the absence of the trio, the other housemates also did Halloween-related tasks also to help the said man's family. Baron smashed a pane of the living room table with his foot.

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The table was taken out to be repaired. Later, after the housemates partied with Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz in a black-attire party, they saw that every other table in the House was gone. In particular, the long dining table was replaced with two panes of glass on which they would eat, with some housemates acting as one pane's "table legs. Toni was told that she could leave the House.

But before she left, she wrote and recited a poem to the housemates, saying thank you to them. Yayo was taken to the hospital due to high blood pressure as recommended by the doctor. She returned to the house the next day. Ethel accidentally broke a very small part of the chandelier in the men's bedroom while tossing throw pillows with several of the housemates. As a result, all seven male housemates were incarcerated in the punishment room while Big Brother decided on the punishment to be given to them.

Baron, Donald, Will, and Ruben participated in a task of balancing a number of plastic goblets in a failed attempt to salvage their weekly budget. Later, the housemates came to the aid of Peggy, the pig they were nursing as part of their Season-Long Task, as the sow had given birth to a total of ten piglets, nine alive and one stillborn.

Fretzie bercede and bret jackson dating

Week 4 Day The housemates christened Peggy's nine live piglets, even giving them names such as "Posh," "Sweet," and "B-Boy" to mention a few. Later, Gaby was given time to decide whether she would make an exit to attend a seminar in the United States or not.

The third HOH competition was held involving human bowling pins and a swinging bowling ball. Later, Gaby ultimately decided to make the exit and attend the said seminar. Furthermore, Ethel, with the help of Ruben, finished a new table using giant pick up sticks from an earlier game. Big Brother not only lauded the new table; he also made it the new living room center table to replace the glass one smashed by Baron.

Along with the new table was the return of the remaining good tables in the House. Ethel requested a home pregnancy test from Big Brother to confirm this possibility. The next day, when she had her test, it came out negative.

On the wee hours, Jon, who was deeply distraught over the news of his aunt's death, temporarily left the House on the wee hours of Day 26 to visit his aunt's funeral, personally offer the flower arrangement he helped Ethel make, and pay his last respects to her. It was already morning when he returned to the House. The five returned to the House in the afternoon. Later, Jon, while blindfolded, had a second encounter with his mother. Ethel threatened to leave the House without Big Brother's consent, even toying with a small straight razor.

Fearing for her life, the other housemates stopped her and urged her to speak with Big Brother. Week 5 Day The fourth HOH competition was held, involving the housemates hanging onto punching bags for as long as they could without touching the ground. Victor, Jon, and Will were the only ones left hanging after fifteen minutes.

Will would eventually become the winner of title. Big Brother started to mete out punishments on housemates who committed violations: For sleeping at inappropriate places at the wrong times, Baron was made to sleep on the long bench and he had to be carried around by his brother.

When he was caught sleeping on a chair, he was then made to sleep on a bamboo bed, but he had to carry it wherever he goes. For telling Gaby that she nominated her for eviction, Riza was told to dress up as a soldier. First, she watched Baron to make sure he strictly followed his punishment. Later, after she became lax, she was told to act and talk like a soldier.

For using spoons instead of plastic stirrers, Mcoy and Victor became "human plastic stirrers" by wearing red-and-white-striped coveralls and were told to gyrate when the Wowowee tune Iyugyog Mo was played. For whispering, misusing and deliberately removing her lapel microphone and toying with the razor, which Big Brother deemed as an act of violence, Ethel was told to dress up and act like an infant.

She thus became "Baby Poshy" to "daddy" Will and "mommy" Riza. For stashing potato chips past the appointed time of gathering supplies, Victor was told to peel potatoes inside the punishment room. For a violation known only to Big Brother, Megan, Riza, Victor, and Will had to fit inside a giant pair of pajama trousers.

fretzie bercede and bret jackson dating

Later, Megan was told that her companions had been relieved of their punishment and she had to do the rest of her punishment with a giant teddy bear. All housemates were also reprimanded by Big Brother for not using their lapel microphones properly. So they were told to wear chains and padlocks around their waists. Week 6 Day The Geislers, Jon, and Riza were "nominated for eviction.

A mock eviction night was held wherein the Geisler brothers were "evicted" from the House. Upon exit, they were led by Toni to an empty Eviction Hall and from there they were brought back to the confession room. At the confession room, the brothers found out that the whole process was a hoax because Big Brother wanted to tell them that he had decided to abolish their 2-in-1 connection which was already planned by Big Brother. Knowing how Donald did his best to watch over Baron at the same time thinking of his son while Baron had become less reliant of his older brother, Big Brother told the two that only one Geisler would continue his stay in the House on behalf of the other.

That common decision of which Geisler would stay should be reached in 24 hours and should not be discussed with each other.

After having a second encounter with their mother, Baron decided that Donald would be the one who should continue his stay in the House.

Baron did not leave completely as viewers were made to decide through a hour viewer poll on whether Baron's stay should be extended. On the wee hours, Mcoy and Ethel decided to make a voluntary exit and soon after left the House after conflicts involving the weekly task fumed the two. Accusations of plagiarism caused conflicts between Mcoy and Big Brother while Ethel went with Mcoy because of her already existent plans to leave.

Later Baron found out that he could return to the House, as Big Brother announced that the "Big 4" housemates would receive twice the cash amounts originally promised, even showing boxes labelled "2M," "1M," "K," and "K" as visual aids. He also announced that the Big Night the finale would be held on January 5, therefore extending the run of the show for two more weeks. Big Brother even opened the front doors in case anyone wanted to back out immediately. Despite the possibility of spending Christmas and New Year's Day inside the House, all housemates decided to stay on.

Week 7 Day After nominations were announced, Angel Locsin entered the House dressed as a sniper, shooting orange paintball pellets at the unarmed male housemates. Angel, Mariel and six of the housemates went out of the House to a firing range to learn and test their use of a. Baron and Yayo were left behind in the House as part of their punishment; Baron broke another glass goblet days before while Yayo accidentally chipped a drinking glass.

The two spent the time cleaning the House and making food for the housemates. It was during their final chore—washing Big Brother's car—that they found out that Gaby had returned. The other housemates also greeted Gaby upon their return. The fifth HOH competition was held. It involved the housemates crossing a beam over the swimming pool in the shortest time after being spun ten times over a rotating platform.

Will was declared the winner. But the next day, citing Mariel's observation and a review of the game, Big Brother decided to transfer the title to Baron. Gladys entered the House and after some introductions and greetings, she sang karaoke with them. Victor and Riza temporarily left the House to engage in a wakeboarding task in Batangas in which Victor won. The two returned to the house later in the afternoon.

Later, Big Brother relayed to the housemates some brief reports with some fabrications inserted relating to the stand-off at the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

Mariel, Gladys, Donnie, Jon, and Victor, who were winners in an earlier charades game, personally greeted the artist inside the confession room for seconds. To be fair, Big Brother let the rest of the Housemates meet Akon, but only for ten seconds. Akon spent a short time inside the House because of his tight schedule. Mariel was finally told by Big Brother that she could make her postponed exit. She let her say her goodbyes to the housemates and left the House area's front doors before her second period expired.

After a few minutes and a quick change of wardrobe, Mariel returned to her hosting duties. Week 8 Day The sixth HOH competition was held wherein winners of seven mini-games must select a fellow housemate to leave a boat floating on the swimming pool. Mini-games played include picking cards, flying paper airplanesdrinking distateful food, and blowing whistles among others.

After the mini-games, Jon and Donald were the ones left on the boat, but the decision who would be the HOH rested on the other housemates.

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bret jackson and fretzie bercede relationship counseling

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