Blood brothers mickey and eddie relationship quizzes

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blood brothers mickey and eddie relationship quizzes

Home;»; Quizzes;»; Humanities Quizzes;»; Musicals A-G Trivia;»; Blood Brothers Trivia How many children does Mrs. Johnstone have before Mickey and Eddie come along? Eight. Nine Who tells Mickey of Linda and Eddie's relationship? What does Mrs. Lyons say will happen if the boys discover they are brothers?. A complete lesson on Mickey and Edward's relationship in Blood Brothers and how it changes. This is very much formatted to ensure success. Revise and learn about the themes of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers. Russell also introduces the idea of superstition through the character of Mrs Johnstone. and gets worse and worse until his and Edward's deaths at the end of the play.

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Mickey is less educated that Edward. He swears and uses slang and does not know what a dictionary is.

blood brothers mickey and eddie relationship quizzes

Do you know any more words like that? Yeh, I know loads of words like that. Analysis Whereas Edward knows about things like dictionaries, Mickey knows swear words and speaks with a strong Liverpudlian accent.

blood brothers mickey and eddie relationship quizzes

He is more streetwise than his new friend. Evidence I thought, I thought we always stuck together.

Mickey Johnstone Profile - Character analysis in GCSE Drama

I thought we were Analysis Mickey has to grow up quickly as a teenager. He leaves school in order to get a job and then has to support his new wife Linda after she falls pregnant. He is only 18 when he loses his job, leaving him in a desperate situation. This means he becomes resentful at a young age, which Edward is unable to understand.

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Bitter How is Mickey like this? Evidence Well, how come you got everything Mickey references how unfair his life has been in his final line of the play: I could have been him!

blood brothers mickey and eddie relationship quizzes

Shown in mid-teenage years, portrayed as atypical teenager but his apparent bond with Linda has grown stronger. Cannot deal when Linda tells him she loves him, suggesting he had complications with his emotions early on.

Blood Brothers

Mickey does not do well in state education, but nothing suggests he isn't bright. He is seen as a 'waste of space; implying that his future was already paved for him in the teenage years.

blood brothers mickey and eddie relationship quizzes

A reunion with Eddie sparks a flurry of happy memories for the trio, alluding that the teenage years are full of bliss compared to the harsh realities of adulthood. His happy demeanor is kept up once he gets his first job, and eventually gets the courage to ask Linda to be his girlfriend. His relationship with Eddie at this point is still very strong, despite that the two moving in opposite directions in life and both having affections over Linda.

As his life begins to dwindle, so does his happiness. After finding out Linda is pregnant, Mickie gets sacked by Mr Lyons on his wedding day, prompting him to end up in a cycle of unemployment and despair common in the 's.

blood brothers mickey and eddie relationship quizzes

Feeling like he has no other option, Mickey uncharacteristically agrees to be a lookout for Sammy's robbery. After being caught, his mental state deteriorates, as he rots in prison unable to motivate himself.

Out of desperation, he gets addicted to anti-depressants, showing how society has let him go to waste.