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The tension between Rock and Revy builds up to such extreme levels that an easy day of As Black Lagoon continues, former corporate flunky Rokura "Rock" Okajima struggles to find his . During the ordeal, they have a conversation that shakes their relationship up a bit. . Quality Used Products · Whole Foods Market. The following is a list of characters from the Japanese manga and anime Black Lagoon. . Benny joined the Lagoon Company two years before Rock after Revy rescued him. . Their relationship is almost playful in a business sort of way, which began .. The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda for its value on the open market. Do you think there can really be a relationship between rock and Revy? Can Hiroe want to let us understand something but not to denaturalize.

The Internet later provided a new model, where at least one outlet releases every episode at once. The 8-hour movie spurns the moment to moment for careful, delicate construction, like playing Jenga in reverse.

By contrast, Black Lagoon is fully designed. Revy and Rock sit down for a beer and yakitori, and share an affected philosophical exchange: We already are the walking dead. Dutch, Balalaika, Chang, and all the other people we know. As such, the philosophical conversations in Black Lagoon might feel traditionally anime. Black Lagoon lays its influences bare, and they point decidedly away from the source.

Its fetish for action films from Hollywood and Hong Kong is obvious, and the fetishism itself may lead some to compare it to the work of Quentin Tarantino. Its characterization is unusual, positing these roving symbols as larger than life, not meant for identifying with by us everyday moviegoers.

They exist for a literary purpose, like in an allegory or an epic poem. True-to-life renderings of human faces by way of celluloid are difficult to make figurative, but Leone and his writers did so in the Dollars trilogy and Once Upon a Time in the West both.

Harmonica is the almost silent embodiment of revenge, whose name and signature point back to the moment he started down that path. Cheyenne is the romantic bandit. Jill is the mother of the new West. Frank is the gunslinger not long for a world where money can stop a bullet. The dramas that play out between these archetypes have this grandiosity of myth.

Black Lagoon skirts either end, appearing anywhere on the spectrum at any given time. Every meaningful interaction between characters is given a stage. Revy provides the PG rendition of her childhood on a sunken German submarine. This is a method of individuating each moment. Operating on all levels is what separates a great work from a great, epic work.

Well, this is storytelling after all, and so it can be more interesting than real life. For me, the starting point with Black Lagoon is the characters. Like in Once Upon a Time in the West and like in Quentin Tarantino movies, they begin as archetypes, which again, lends the series an air of myth. This is, I understand, a dangerous game, as we know the Author is Dead.

But a question presents itself and makes me laugh: What if, for whatever reason, a writer decided to construct a thematically dense and intricate infrastructure for the express purpose of topping it with cinematic lard — an action movie with a brain? Mitigating our play with literary fire then is acknowledgment that genre deconstruction makes for a well-worn tradition, time and again paying out.

We see it in Evangelion and the first season of True Detective. In storytelling generally, the creator will make use of shorthand, developing signs and symbols and putting them into play. And so, subgenres are represented by complex characters: This is something of a contradiction of terms. Our understanding of genres and subgenres inherently regards generality, honing in on the common elements shared by multiple, otherwise disparate works.

This is what excites Shinichiro Watanabe, Quentin Tarantino, Alan Moore, and other remix artists who rightfully see these elements as both canvas and brush.

So, when the bullet ballerina reveals a deeply nihilistic philosophy, she matches real world psychology to fictional tradition. Action movie characters also typically die by the end. This imbuing archetypes who kill each other with souls is step one in the progressive work that the creators are doing. Whether gunslinger, gangster, maid, or officer drone. And indeed, we have our little outlier here.

Not only does he transform, he finds his place in the city, this land of archetypes. His, though, you may have to find elsewhere on the shelf at Blockbuster Video.

Instead, his badassness is very modern. Rock never gets his hands dirty, but he does spill blood. Yesterday, he may have been the mad scientist, or at its most extreme the Joker, the guy who knows how to unmake everyone else in the room.

This is a tic almost allmen can relate to, after a long day at the office. Just be your own scary-smart self, and you can watch the world burn. But his repeated failure to save people from the darkness drives him to extreme lengths, and he even comes to manifest a physical opponent out of the city that keeps defeating him, in Mr. This might seem like an odd creative turn, given that everybody should and does love Chow Yun Fat. But as Rock and Eda later point out, Chang is just a big fish in a small pond.

All it would take is a military force like America to come in and level everything. Chang was a former cop in Hong Kong, and then turned to the Triads.

Turning his back on the very idea of allegiance, his identity is long behind him. These movies are all about the righteousness of walking to your mythological end, the redemptive power and beauty of violence. Instead, she manifests them by being jealously possessive and protective of Rock, always being by his side and reacting with violent hostility to anyone she perceives as a threat to Rock's safety or as a potential rival for his attention, always using an excuse that Rock is too "reckless" to be in Lagoon.

For instance, during the Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise arc, Revy admitted to being Rock's "gun", and she is there to protect him from harm, to the point of going against her rationale just to follow Rock's sense of "justice". It is shown throughout the series Rock is close to Revy, to the point in Roberta's Blood Trail he tells her that if she is his gun then he is the "bullet", but as a bullet he is nothing but a chunk of lead that would have remained so if he never came to Roanapur, and, to ignite the gunpowder, he would need her - the gun.

He does not appear aware of Revy's feelings for him. She also does not openly admit to him that she does care about him, but she instead displays it when she hands him a silver bullet.

Rock is also the only person capable of keeping Revy in balance, other than Dutch who can only influence her by virtue of being her employer and the guy who "signs [her] checks". Rock's presence appears to keep Revy's more volatile tendencies in check, as she often remarks how much worse any situation might have gotten had anyone other than Rock been there. Eda particularly seems to be aware of Revy's feelings for Rock, and often questions her about them, to which Revy either sidesteps or fails to give a clear answer.

Eda also aggressively flirts with Rock in order to provoke Revy, which always elicits a violent threat from Revy and causes her to react in an almost territorial manner. In general, Revy seems to become much more self-conscious and easily embarrassed around Rock; after Revy deflects Eda's mock-flirting with Rock, Eda makes fun of her volatile temperament in front of him, causing Revy to blow up and challenge her to a fight; on another occasion, when Rock walks in on Revy's playing Wild West with a group of kids she met in the park, Revy, who had clearly been enjoying herself, first turns red with embarrassment then acts out in defensive anger, breaking one of the kids' cork guns and promising violent retribution should Rock breathe a word about it to Dutch or Benny.

Benny, in particular, seems more aware of Revy's real feelings towards Rock then he lets on, but only implies it and only towards Rockmost likely out of concern for his physical well being. In the "Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise" and "Roberta's Blood Trail" story arcs, it becomes much more apparent how much Rock means to Revy, and how much the thought of losing him distresses her. Revy by this point is considerably warmer and more empathetic towards Rock, becoming more concerned with the effects that Tokyo and Roanapur have on him, and encouraging Rock to see his family.

When Rock jokes that hanging around with the Lagoon company is proof that he is not normal, Revy gives him an uncharacteristically affectionate smile. Another silent display of attachment comes when Rock admits, later on, he is beginning to feel alienated from Roanapur, and though Revy just barely manages to cover it up, she is visibly hurt and upset that Rock might become detached from Roanapur, and therefore her.

When Rock ends up talking to Yukio, Revy is pointedly shown sulking, whilst emitting disgusted groans and remarks frequently enough to suggest that she is actually jealous. She also chases after Yukio Washimine and Ginji Matsuzaki when they kidnap Rock, the second time she has rescued him to no apparent self-benefit, even though she frequently promised to leave him behind if he ever got kidnapped.

Whilst not wanting to lose Rock, Revy seems equally determined to prevent the noxious world they inhabit from corrupting him, as seen when Yukio is about to commit suicide in front of them. She yells for Rock to look away and look at her.

Also, during Roberta 's blood trail, Revy seems very angry at Rock's new attitude, thinking he is becoming corrupt due to being in Roanapur too long, and she demands that he leave Roanapur for good once the job was over.

Her anger over Rock's transformation is made clear to her when he fully explains his plan to her, that he had to step into the darkness to make it work, and he says he feels the same as she does.

Infuriated that Rock thinks he knows what it is like to be her, Revy violently kicks him across the deck of the ship. Fabiola also theorizes that Revy's nihilistic view of the world contributes to her attachment to Rock, and her denial of the darker side of his personality that has been emerging throughout the story. Revy has subconsciously cast Rock as her knight-in-shining-armor, capable of doing what she is incapable of; saving her from herself and Roanapur. She is afraid that he would lose his humane side and leave her stranded in the darkness, but is unable to express her true feelings to him to stop his descent into corruption.

Edit Dutch is Revy's employer to the Lagoon Company. The results aren't pretty. Break Out the Museum Piece: Keep in mind most of these were destroyed after WWII as well. A practically literal example occurs with both Fabiola and Roberta, who borrow a few select pieces from the Lovelace family's private collection whenever they go to the city.

Not to mention Hansel and Gretel. Oh God, were they ever broken. Yukio gets her mind snapped due to the pressure of being forced to lead a Yakuza clan as well as getting kidnapped, beaten up, and molested.

Garcia, who has it broken several times during the El Baile de la Muerte arc. The series can get fairly oppressive at times with its depiction of both violence and life on the fringes.

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The "Greenback Jane" arc however is almost entirely played for laughs, largely featuring a cadre of freaks and dumbasses chasing after an unlikable counterfeiter with the Lagoon crew smack dab in the middle of the nonsense thanks to Eda's scheming. Bringing Running Shoes to a Car Chase: Roberta overtakes the Lagoon Crew's vehicle at a dead run and leaping right on the rear with a trench knife.

There's a reason she's often compared to the Terminator. Most of the Roanapur gangster community, in one way or another. A Cute Mute goth who specializes in corpse disposal and uses a chainsaw in combat. She's rather sociable when able to communicate with others, but becomes downright catatonic when she can't.

I can't tell if these people are stupid or professionals. His bar has been shot up at least fifteen times, nearly destroyed six times, and utterly demolished once as of "El Baile de la Muerte". Lotton is another example, but given his crazy preparednessthat might point at something else.

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One of the four main power factions in Roanapur is the Colombians. They're the second weakest group, interested mainly in trafficking heroin, but their actions back home resulted in Roberta coming to pay them a visit Carnival of Killers: In the "Greenback Jane" arc, we have an obese Mormon pyromaniac who is always smiling, a chainsaw-wielding "cleaner" goth lady with an artificial voicebox, a flamboyant gunslinger calling himself "Lotton the Wizard," a cowboy, and a Chinese knife fighter hired to hunt down and kill the eponymous Jane.

In fact, one of the episodes that features them is titled "The Roanapur Freakshow Circus". Happens quite a bit, rather justified given the nature of the series.

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Revy and Shenhua having a friendly chat while trying to kill each other. Revy's tendency to sing along to her Walkman while getting in shootouts early in the manga. Season One definitely had some dark themes, but Season Two was really dark. And then "Roberta's Blood Trail" happened. Takes a while but it happens. It's a race to see if she becomes an honest-to-God human being before Roanapur completely destroys Rock. Revy's starting to realize this. If her behavior toward Fabiola at the end of El Baile de la Muerte is any indication, she is not happy.

Roberta would've been content to stay with the Lovelaces as their maid for the rest of time, but when her master was killed in "El Baile de la Muerte", she sets off down an ultimately self-destructive path of vengeance.

The series is set in 's Thailand, but with characters like Sawyer who can deflect bullets with a chainsawShenhua who takes out military vehicles with knivesand especially Roberta who has enough muscle strength to bite through metal, and just generally seems invulnerable this trope comes up a lot. Taken to Up to Eleven levels with Shenhua, whose favorite weapons are twin kukris.