Berserk guts and griffith relationship help

On Griffiths Relationship with Guts : Berserk

berserk guts and griffith relationship help

In the Berserk series, does anyone believe that Griffith loves Guts in a In a way Griffith respected his relationship with Guts, more so than any other Band of the. So with the launch of the Berserk Anime, I found myself world: people who pursue their dreams, or people who help pursue the dreams of others. is necessary to first understand Guts, and his relationship with Griffith. My Big Gay Berserk Analysis 3 “Casca's Role ” Part One Part Two In this post I'm that is the love/hate relationship between Guts and Griffith, and how Miura If that sounds like it'll piss you off but you still want more Guts/Griffith Guts' half truth, as far as I can tell, is that he's going to help make the damn.

Look at those sad eyebrows man. This scene thoroughly shows us how emotionally conflicted and confused Guts is. But when NeoGriff tells Guts in no uncertain terms that his dream is not only more important, but his sole priority, Guts snaps.


Scroll back up to that first picture I posted, he says it right there: Now look at this shit: This is the man I am. He finally learned that lesson when he compared abandoning Casca to abandoning Griffith. He frames his choice to stay with Casca as making up for it. Guts draws a comparison between abandoning Griffith and abandoning Casca, and being abandoned by NeoGriffith and refusing to abandon Casca.

Guts remembers NeoGriffith saying he knows what kind of man he is right before recalling him saving Casca. She exists to be put into peril so Guts can decide to save her and then waver between her and Griffith. Enter Beast of Darkness. This scene is pretty much Guts arguing with his id. More direct comparisons between Casca and Griffith and how Guts feels about them. But these are his own doubts. The Hound is suggesting he values Casca only as fuel for his rage.

Again, this is essentially Guts internally debating what his true motivations are. Hell of a word choice. And then the Hound tells Guts to rape Casca so he can get closer to Griffith and I throw up my hands. The earlier parallels I described, Guts comparing leaving Griffith and leaving Casca, etc, draw an emotional connection between Guts and Griffith through Casca as, essentially, a bridge. Guts is assuaging his desire to go back and fix his mistakes by replacing Griffith with Casca and refusing to leave her.

This chapter draws a very direct sexual connection between Guts and Griffith through Casca as a bridge. By raping the woman Femto raped, Guts can get closer to him. And it is, of course, not the first time the manga has done this. One after another, the officials shoot down ideas, until Griffith's opinion is asked for; he succinctly states he would reclaim the stronghold if ordered to by the king, much to the surprise of the other officials.

In the midst of their bickering, the king asks Griffith if his claim was sincere, reminding him even Midland's strongest force, the White Tiger Knightscouldn't achieve such a feat.

Griffith reassures the king that a large force is unnecessary, as he only requires the Band of the Falcon. Convinced by Griffith's confidence, the king orders the Falcons to recapture Doldrey. Griffith assembles his Falcons in the dust field of Doldrey, splitting his forces into two: Just as Guts' chances of survival dwindle, a replacement sword suddenly lands before him. A slightly panicked Griffith instructs Guts to take up the sword, subsequently witnessing the beheading of Boscogn.

Shortly after, the Purple Rhino Knights look to their rear to see a recaptured Doldrey, now under the Falcons' hold. Having dealt a huge blow to the enemy's morale, Griffith orders his Falcons to slaughter all who provide further opposition.

As remnants of Tudor's forces scatter and the battle ends, Griffith approaches a trampled Governor Gennon, who had entered the fray earlier in hopes of seizing Griffith for himself.

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As Gennon begs for another night of pleasure with the Falcon, Griffith informs the governor that he bears no feelings whatsoever for him, as he was merely a method of ascension. He then proceeds to pierce Gennon in the skull, so as to not inconvenience himself with the potential spreading of petty rumors.

The Band of the Falcon receives a profusion of praise from Midland citizens and officials alike upon their victorious return, and a victory ball is held in celebration.

berserk guts and griffith relationship help

Before attending the party, however, Griffith concocts a scheme to do away with his political enemies, abducting Foss' daughter in order to gain the minister's compliance, and sending an order for Foss to gather all court members bearing ill will towards him in one place.

Once the nostrum's effects wear off, Griffith locks his political enemies in the tower they have gathered in to celebrate his apparent demise and has it set alight. The queen approaches the window of the tower room and, to her dismay, sees Griffith standing before the tower as flames engulf it. Griffith reminds his enemies they are still at war and that the battlefield offers no spectator seats, before leaving to rendezvous with Foss nearby.

Foss, curious as to how Griffith knew of the ploy, asks why he was chosen to help in the scheme. Griffith reminisces over the first time they met, informing Foss that the fear in his eyes that day gave away his malicious intent.

With the issue resolved, Griffith returns Foss' daughter to him, expressing hope for friendlier relations between them in the future. Before returning to his comrades, he begins to question whether he himself is cruel.

Guts reminds him that schemes such as his most recent one are merely a part of achieving his dream, to which Griffith agrees. The Falcon has fallen to earth. It will never take flight again. One month later, Griffith is notified of Guts' withdrawal from the band.

This is supported by the way he reacted to Guts leaving his side, as well as what he says to Guts during the Eclipse.

berserk guts and griffith relationship help

Griffith tells Guts that "amongst the thousands of comrades What caused him to forget his dream was the loss of his only true friend The only man he could call his equal. And while Guts at that point of time did not have his own dream per se, the fact that he would abandon Griffith's for his own was more than qualifying to be his equal, in Griffith's eyes.

In addition to this, a tangental motif to the aforementioned theme of dreams is how people rely on others. This is exemplified mostly through Casca's Character, who was shown to rely on Griffith. Even if he himself did not realize it. So when Guts left, he, too, lost what he relied on, just as the Band of the Hawk lost theirs when he was imprisoned. So, in conclusion, Guts was important to Griffith because he not only possessed the traits needed to achieve a dream, he also embodied them; Guts was the only man that Griffith viewed as his equal, the only man he considered his true friend.

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