Benny and joon ending relationship

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benny and joon ending relationship

Sam and Joon begin to have a romantic relationship, where the kiss and Benny takes Joon home happily, and the film ends with Joon and. Directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik. With Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson, Aidan Quinn, Julianne Moore. A mentally ill young woman finds her love in an. Benny and Joon is a whimsical romantic comedy about mental illness, Benny is at his wit's end trying to take care of his sister during her The two hit it off almost immediately and a sweet relationship begins to develop.

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Joon seems extremely impressed, and genuinely happy by his behavior. At the diner, Sam makes friends with a waitress named Ruthie. The following day, Ruthie takes Sam and Joon out on errands. Sam and Joon also become quite close, while Benny begins to recognize Sam as being special because of his musical and comedy talents. Sam and Joon begin to have a romantic relationship, where the kiss and eventually have intercourse.

Benny sets up an audition for Sam, where he would have to travel.

benny and joon ending relationship

This moment shows Joons ability to deal with stressful situations. She becomes extremely upset, and displays violent behavior. This reinforces the stereotype that those with intellectual disability are violent and childlike.

Joon in this moment is child like because of her outburst, and ability to be rational through a stressful moment.

Benny leaves his home with Joon alone, as he is out Sam comes back and takes Joon out. Sam and Joon take the bus, where Joon becomes extremely emotional, crying, shouting, and rocking her body back and forth as she holds her head.

benny and joon ending relationship

This moment shows her lack of ability to be rational and keep her emotions in check. As the bus is cleared, and Joon is removed by paramedics, she kicks and smashes one of the bus windows. This again, reinforces the stereotype that those with disability are child like and violent.

Joon is taken to the hospital under the same care as the doctor who suggested the group home. Benny apologizes to Joon, and offers her, her own apartment, which surprises and excites Joon. When the doctor asks Joon, whether she would like to go to a group home, she decides she wants her own apartment.

Benny takes Joon home happily, and the film ends with Joon and Sam together, with their own happy ending. In a post on the website BitchFlicks, the post suggests that because of her behavior and desire to have things in a particular way, Joon could have autism or schizophrenia.

I personally am unsure of what she may have, but I notice that her mood and behavior can change in a quick second.

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The post also critiques the film for including many scenes about and with Sam, instead of on Joon and her current situation. The fact that more people are recognizing Depp for his performance is unfortunate.

benny and joon ending relationship

This film is more about Joon and her disability, and her relationship with the men in her life. Depp and Ryder broke up, leaving the role of Joon open, which was given to Masterson just days before production began.

benny and joon ending relationship

Benny, the saintly grease monkey, thinks he has to devote his life to Joon in order to keep her out of an institution. Can he give her the space she needs to fall in love and then take said space for himself?

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You already know the answer, but Quinn and Masterson—now gentle, now sniping—let it play out with tender conviction. But Benny and Joon succeeds in remaining blithe and sunny, directed by Jeremiah Chechik National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with a commercial liveliness and a suitable sense of the absurd. The film's greatest asset is the obvious conviction of its actors, who never condescend to their roles.

Depp may look nothing like Buster Keaton, but there are times when he genuinely seems to become the Great Stone Face, bringing Keaton's mannerisms sweetly and magically to life.

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Depp and the rest of the film makers surely must have known, an impersonation like that is an all-or-nothing proposition. Masterson, a remarkably incisive and determined actress, never sentimentalizes Joon despite many ripe opportunities to do exactly that.

benny and joon ending relationship

She remains fierce, funny and persuasive even when the film conveniently soft-pedals the reality of Joon's situation.