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Good Weekend · Quizzes · Weather A finale of MasterChef always brings a strange mixture of . Julia picks Mindy and Kylie, Audra picks Amina and TK, and Andy It is also the time when he gets to stand very close to Ben, so yeah. . traditional method of "go down to the shop with a couple of bucks". BRISBANE's Ben Ungermann has revealed what life is like in the MasterChef Australia house. Speaking ahead of finals week kicking off on. Ben has a bright future doing cooking segments on morning TV shows. . Can I add a final question to ppl's quiz? .. Next year automatic fail and elimination if they bring those icecream makers on to the bench. This season, as always, has one "old" baby boomer couple, one couple of True Blue Aussie.

Ben was not happy about having to cook off against one of his best mates, and looked like he was going to fall on his sword saying he was in the competition to learn and he could do that outside, whereas Emma was there to win.

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If Ben cannot see after months of filming that Emma does not have a chance of winning he is not that bright. Then Beau steps up and offers to stand in for Emma. If not put it in with a financial penalty. Also Ben was told off-camera that if he pulled out another of the contestants would have to step in.

Quite frankly if they had eliminated both and if that meant I had to sit through 20 minutes of test pattern I would have been fine with that. However obviously someone had given Ben a slap off -camera and in the cake cook-off he produced a very nice Raspberry Mojito Cake. He also gave the Network the opportunity to show another close up of Lorraine Pasquale cleavage when he said he was trying to apply what she was teaching them about cake decorating but his mind had gone blank that day as he had just watched her.

Emma was eliminated on her Raspberry Coconut Cake, and there were no tears shed by the viewer as she was shedding enough for both of us. She is currently working in a Patisserie. Mindy and Kylie, though, tell her she needs to get her dishes out NOW — Julia does need to consider the fact that Mindy and Kylie probably want her to fail though. For her part Audra is sick of being harassed and yells at everyone to shut the hell up. They retaliate by setting her on fire, and after a brief glimpse into the terrifying world of sentient after-hours McDonald's cups, we are back.

MasterChef Australia 2017: Finally some drama as Ben Ungermann cracks under pressure

In the kitchen, Matt Moran wants to be very, very clear, and he gives Audra a quick maths lesson. Maths is her enemy right now, because TK can't build a tower of salad to save her own life, which given Audra's current frame of mind, is a very real equation. Plating up is going much more smoothly over at Team Blonde, which is serving up a gorgeous tiny little lump of pretentious rubbish on a big plate, just like in a real restaurant.

The judges are extremely happy with the high level of pretentiousness that Julia has achieved with her tiny unidentifiable thingumajig. What sort of idiot would say that? However, George says he thinks it needs to be "zipped up a bit more", because he can't think of any way to describe the dish that actually means anything. Finally the judges are served Audra's thing, which is called "Eggnet", as a tribute to her favourite film, Terminator. It looks great, but Preston is disturbed by its coldness.

He just feels unable to connect with the dish on a human level. Gary has scored Audra an eight. George and Preston give her sevens, more disappointed by the lack of heat and friendly banter. Julia gets a seven from Gary, who is still hungry.

She also gets a nine from Matt, who is in a conspiracy with George to make Gary look mean. Gary gives seven again to Andy, who can cook only just as well as Gary can.

MasterChef It’s Andy vs Audra vs Julia – TV Tonight

George gives Andy an eight despite the "big and lumpy" tuna, which to be fair was really an act of God. And Matt gives Andy … A fireball, what were you expecting? Knowing how Andy scored without considering the irresistible nature of Nando's fiery peri-peri chicken would just feel lame, after all. Which means handsomeness has triumphed and Ben's dream of Andy winning MasterChef stays alive.

And so Audra must leave, her dream of working in the food industry crushed, to return to her job as a professional caterer. She then gives a speech about camaraderie and blah blah blah, and finishes by leaping upon Matt Preston and trying to strangle him. After security has ejected Audra from the kitchen floor, it's down to business.

Andy on 23 points versus Julia on Over the next hour or so, George says a sentence, in which he tells Julia and Andy they must cook something which could be Australia's national dish.

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Well might she be panicked — she's up against Andy, who as she says is "so good with his protein", and has some skills at cooking too. Andy is making a fisherman's basket, and Julia is making lamb, both of them having decided to pay tribute to the incredibly boring nature of Australian cuisine. If they're really feeling daring, there might be some chips, or tomato sauce.

Andy now describes how he's going to make an oyster emulsion, but since he's just making up words now, it's safe to ignore this bit. Julia, meanwhile, hacks into her lamb while being urged to go faster by someone on the balcony, or possibly the tiny pilot sitting in her head. She describes her plans for the main, and if I understand her correctly she intends to start a bushfire. Elsewhere on the balcony, Andy's spirit animal, Ben, is giving him sage advice, and everyone else is sniggering behind their hands.

Some old guy is also calling encouragement to Julia — no idea who he is. His encouragement won't help keep her sane, though, as she attempts to turn her lamb into a cigar and smoke it. What will help her is George and Gary, who have sauntered over to Andy's bench to undermine his confidence. It works, his pot boiling over and flames leaping toward the ceiling.

Julia sees her chance, hurling a can of petrol at Andy's stove and escaping in the ensuing confusion. Gary points out that Julia hasn't caramelised her lamb. Julia points out that she knows what she's doing, dammit. George, though, is determined to make Julia think she's stuffed up. Again, it seems to work — Andy is plating up, but Julia once more falls prey to her obsession with letting meat rest.

We all knew that sooner or later, her concern for the level of fatigue in food would catch up with her. Luckily for her, Andy has completely lost the ability to know what food looks like, and is frantically tossing foodstuffs at a plate, staring quizzically at it as if it's a magic eye puzzle. Will these horrible dishes be enough? The amateurs hope so, but the loud piano music suggests heartache looms. Andy can't put his finger on it, but there's something not quite right with his dish — will he notice the pigeon faeces before it's too late?

Also, are fisherman's baskets and lamb really that Australian? Would they not have been better off cooking something truly patriotic, like a kangaroo or a brown snake or Dawn Fraser? As we wait for the verdict we are reminded of what's at stake — the chance to get unreasonably excited about dishwashing tablets on TV. And now, the second moment of truth out of a total of three moments of truth: First up is Julia's "crusted rack of lamb", with "vegetables". The dish was inspired by Julia's memories of growing up on a property and weeding bushes and having trees and I suppose at some point or other she ate lamb and stuff.

So that's a pretty great story. Gary is worried the lamb is undercooked. George is worried the fat hasn't been rendered. Matt is worried the others won't shut up and let him eat. Ironically, it turns out Julia hasn't let the lamb rest for long enough, which we can all have a good laugh about.

It is also not an inventive dish, in that it's not a tiny medallion of raw pheasant next to a snail trail, like the judges prefer. In comes Andy with his indefinably flawed fisherman's basket.

He is behind on points, but he knows he can still win because he won a basketball game once. Amateur cooks are now plating like Ben Shewry from Attica, or testing the boundaries of molecular gastronomy like Heston Blumenthal to quote Gary Mehigan, "no one will forget the name Callan Smith".

It feels unrelatable, much like MasterChef's short-lived "Professionals" season. And the ratings, for a time, reflected that. Marshmallow went flying in dramatic end to Ben's cook on MasterChef. Ten While it premiered to decent numbers, audiences soon turned to House Rules where dramas similar to this season's My Kitchen Rules were playing out with "Australia's most hated women" in Fiona Taylor and Nicole Prince. MasterChef's saving grace in the lead up to Finals Week and the grand finale has been the conclusion of The Voice and now House Rules, with its audience numbers being restored.

Ben's dismay soon turned to relief as he survived the MasterChef elimination challenge. Ten For MasterChef diehards, like myself, who have still been catching up with the season and enjoying cute moments like Callan going nuts aside from his "bonkers" creations in the kitchen when his hero Heston showed up at the front door, the show has lacked a homecook hero like they had in last season's Matt Sinclair.