Astrid and hiccup relationship questions

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astrid and hiccup relationship questions

Hiccup and Astrid's relationship extends far beyond mere hormonal Astrid letting Hiccup take the lead for a plan she questions, Hiccup letting. how you imagine the relationship of hiccup and astrid will develop in the 3rd and 4th season of Ask Hiccup awkward relationship questions. Astrid and Hiccup's relationship throughout most of the franchise would best be acting as Hiccup's confidant when he needs advice on personal problems, and.

She was about to take her axe cut off her head when Snotlout who was watching the scene came between the girls. He's got no muscles and he can't even lift a descent hammer. Just then Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Fredrika came on their dragons and Toothless came as well along with Astrid's dragon Stormfly and Bergit and Fredrika's sister Viva who was younger than Bergit but older than Fredrika.

Hiccup managing to get away from the angry girls explained "Bergit is trying to flirt with me again and now Astrid found out and probably wants to murder her so Snotlout is trying to end this by flirting with Bergit" Suddenly Bergit sassed at Snotlout"I don't want to fight over you and you're wasting my time.

I mean you basically have nothing in common with her and besides. When Toothless was captured and I was about to give up she helped me to gain the strength to get him back.

I know she can be hard sometimes but I know she has a good soul and that's why I love her. She then walked away but stopped in front of Fredrika, her dragon, and Viva.

This caused all the dragons to growl at her but were calmed by their riders. This commet made everyone including the dragons smile. They know she does well in Dragon Training and Viva looked at her with fasination and her dragon.

Fredrika never had friends besides her sisters because everyone on their home island thought she was just like them so her dragon and the villigers of Berk were her only frinds so far. They're probably miserable on this island. Viva smiled back and went next to Fredrika who smiled as big as the day.

For she needed validation, too. Hiccup and Astrid both felt the need to validate themselves. Their differences were not so much in how they felt, but in how they approached their insecurities differently. Hiccup cumbersomely blundered through mistake after mistake, becoming an outcast of Berk society. She needed to prove that this young Hofferson girl truly was a fierce warrior, someone who would never freeze up at a sign of danger.

They actually always had a lot in common.

Hiccup and Astrid being relationship goals for 3 minutes straight

She could actually empathize with him at this point — she saw some area in which Hiccup was finally confident in himself, and being as she underwent some of the same struggles herself, was going to support that resolve rather than continue questioning Hiccup about it.

Similarly, when Hiccup watched the Viking warriors sail away to fight the Red Death, taking Toothless away from him on a ship, Astrid was all about supporting Hiccup. She knew he needed that.

astrid and hiccup relationship questions

It was how she had been trying to bolster herself, and it was what she would probably want someone to do to her in turn during her darker moments.

The trend to support Hiccup continues through the television series. I could go through so many episodes, but I will mention just one. However, as soon as Hiccup started pouring over the riddles and joined the quest, too, Astrid got on board. Most of the times Astrid kissed Hiccup are after Hiccup accomplished something she considered commendable.

She loves and supports him for his successes. She had been quiet so far, and looked patient. What I'm trying to say is, I was wondering… no, thinking that, no…Astrid, I would… really like it if you would… sorta be my girlfriend?

astrid and hiccup relationship questions

Damn, why didn't he ever realize? For her, a couple of kisses here and there wouldn't be binding at all! It must just be a random thing… He should have thought of her feelings more!

But as Hiccup looked away and took a couple of breaths to calm himself, he kept thinking "you did the right thing! If this little fling has no future, then… he was correct, right? Today was going to be another one of those sad days, eh? And just when everything was going his way… "Are you sure?

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I mean, I've never been anyone's girlfriend before…" Hiccup's eyes snapped open, as he looked at her. I mean, I can be sorta… impulsive, and violent and-" "Demanding?

But Hiccup was relieved, as he found he wasn't the only nervous one here. I'm no more an expert than you are.

*taps mic*

But I know that Ever since you kissed me when I woke up, I knew that I wanted this to happen. Wasn't it the same for you? The reason you kissed me was because-" "Seriously?

What about all those times over the years when you just walked up, said something stupid, and did it out of nowhere? Don't try being all high and mighty by saying you've forgotten all about it! It's just… well…" "Hiccup, I have the questions to ask now. What exactly have you been feeling for me, and how have those feelings changed exactly?

I mean, you were always so strong and confident and… um, pretty. You had everything a proper Viking should have, and I just really wanted to be able to talk to you, be able to be part of that world, you know? I kept looking at you and thinking 'She's just amazing! Not that I cared so much, but you were the only one who never did. Astrid, I wanted to be one of you.

astrid and hiccup relationship questions

I wanted to be someone at your level, who you could look to as an equal. I wanted to be able to talk to you and get a response. I guess I would try at times to start a conversation with you to feel that, but I wasn't willing to just follow you around like a little puppy. I guess… even though I sorta really wanted a girlfriend, that isn't how I wanted to get one.

I wanted to prove myself. I mean, I was always taking glances at you here and there and got excited when I thought you might talk to me. Now that you were finally 'at my level'? But like us with dragons, everything I knew about myself was wrong. In reality, I just wanted to be accepted and liked. And Toothless made me feel that… more than anyone. I didn't care about my attention, because I was just focused on being the best.

astrid and hiccup relationship questions

But you, you didn't even care about that for yourself! When people praised you, you just looked away and ran as fast as you could. I was getting fame for all the wrong reasons, for stuff I didn't believe in anymore. I didn't need that stuff, to be honest. What I thought would make all the difference, just didn't matter. The reason I tried all those unique things during dragon training was to get to learn more about dragons, and see if I was right in what I thought.

I had to train my dragon… I was exploring this new world out of nowhere. So much was happening for me, that I just wasn't thinking about…" "Me.

Astrid and Heather's Relationship

And who could blame you? Since you didn't really like me then. You looked up to me, and you respected me. And I guess you thought I was pretty. It was getting a little tense.

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You didn't really have feelings for me, then. It was just like every other guy… they wanted a date here and there and would talk to me when I was nearby, but when it came down to it, I wasn't really on their minds. And that's okay, of course, but… I imagined it was different with you. Not just because of your-" "But only after I kissed you, Hiccup. I mean, I kept looking at you with all this… I dunno, admiration I guess.

I remember when Ruffnut said that… line to you. The 'you're crazy, I like that'! But for some parts, it felt like I was the one pulling the reigns. It felt like I was the last thing on your mind. Hiccup took a couple of deep breaths, thinking best how to speak and address the issue. I had the biggest struggle, of having to kill a dragon in dragon training. And then I had to fight to bring back my best friend. I had so much going on… so much to think about.

My mind was going crazy, and I just didn't have time for anything else… especially not romance. You were right to notice that I wasn't exactly showing interest in you, but that was just because of everything else going on. If a woman is getting mad at you, tell her where she's right. Remember when you kissed me on the cheek?

So to get you to feel something, we need to get physical? Jeez, all guys really are the same! I never imagined you would have. Then I realized what you just did for me; you trusted me. You agreed to keep my secret.

You agreed to open your mind, and listen to me.

astrid and hiccup relationship questions

For the first time, someone accepted me. That… that felt amazing, Astrid.

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I realized all of that at once, when you kissed my cheek. But I couldn't just dwell on that! I had a problem to face. That's why the next morning, I was so focused on the challenge ahead.