Astaire and rogers relationship quotes

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astaire and rogers relationship quotes

It wasn't that Astaire didn't like Rogers – he had dated her briefly when A relationship that usually gets squashed into the first three or four chapters of You can quote from the critics, you can scour letters and diaries for the. With due temerity, I allowed the words "Astaire-Rogers" to leave my lips. One contributing factor to the coolness of their relationship appears. Celebrate International Women's Day with Famous and Inspirational Quotes About Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and every guy should do this at least once Relationship Goals, Relationships.

Acknowledged as the better dancer of the two, she instinctively produced effects that Fred had to practice in the wings. She had, too, an older-child confidence that allowed her to work the audience with a quick and dirty wit while her little brother stood bashfully by. Bisexuals, such as Prince George who saw the show scores of times, wanted both things at once, but had to be content with writing her long, infatuated letters. Over the next eight years the Astaires consolidated their position as theatre superstars, reproducing on Broadway the magic of their London debut.

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But then suddenly, init was over. In a move that neatly symbolised the way the pair had used their chic modernity to conquer the British establishment, Adele married Lord Charles Cavendish, younger son of the Duke of Devonshire and retired to Lismore Castle in Ireland. Left to try Hollywood alone, Fred put down his elegantly-shod foot he had picked up a Savile Row habit in London about this whole business of being partnered with Ginger Rogers. His reluctance was to do with the fact that no one could ever match "Delly".

Ginger Rogers Relationship Quotes

The fact that the movie moguls insisted that their new signing would be partnered with Ginger whether he liked it or not speaks volumes about the industry's perception that without his sister, or someone a bit like her, Fred was nothing more than a goofy-looking, slightly sexless, already veteran vaudevillian.

In this sprightly book whose every sentence shines with the author's love of her dual subjects, Kathleen Riley writes Adele back into the story of her brother. A relationship that usually gets squashed into the first three or four chapters of a standard Fred Astaire biography is now given a whole book. This also allows Riley to explore in detail the rich bank of dance practice from which Fred's later work emerged. The Astaires together laid down a library of beats, taps and turns from which Fred would go on to make some of the most sublime physical art of the 20th century.

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The Astaires — or the Austerlitzes to give them their real name — have in the past been described as mid-Western and middle-class. Riley's careful foraging, however, reveals a family background far less corn-fed.

Their mother was a first-generation German while their father had been born in Vienna to a Jewish family that had pragmatically turned Catholic. Fritz Austerlitz had fetched up in Omaha as a beer salesman, a job that fitted neatly with his growing alcoholism. It was to find a way out of this cramping existence that ambitious Mrs Austerlitz put her daughter on the stage.

And since her little boy seemed to have a certain physical wit, he too was enrolled at the local dance school. The battle was won when he swept her into his arms in a final triumphant surrender. Indeed, that was the way their films were, too - he stalks her out, she runs away, he runs after her, she ultimately melts.

The truth was, she resented it. What she wanted to do, she told me, was her own thing - and preferably in high dramas, such as Kitty Foyle, in which she played to the horror of her fans, more used to seeing her in those flowing white dresses an unmarried mother - and won an Oscar for her trouble.

When the time came to separate, Fred was as delighted as she was. It would help, he thought, to remove from the popular image the notion of their togetherness. But by then, everyone thought of them as that partnership, or even worse a "team".

astaire and rogers relationship quotes

His first regular partner had been his sister Adele, with whom he went to dancing classes. She was a year older. Together, they became the toast of both Broadway and London's West End.

His first film was Dancing Lady, in which he had just a minute spot dancing with Joan Crawford. But already, RKO were planning a picture for the new "team" they were about to introduce to the world.

It was such a success that the studio immediately wanted a whole series with the two of them. Miss Rogers, though, was not so keen. Indeed, when they made the ninth and last of their series of RKO films, inThe Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, about a pre-First World War dancing couple, Fred asked the real Irene Castle to use her influence to get someone else to play her part.

She did and the studio firmly turned her down.


One contributing factor to the coolness of their relationship appears to be Fred's wife, Phyllis, who was to die of a brain tumour in She was distinctly jealous and resented Ginger's continual association with her husband. Nevertheless, Fred and Ginger were never linked romantically. Mrs Astaire saw to that. In fact, she seems to have successfully banned the idea of their ever kissing together on screen - except once.

astaire and rogers relationship quotes

But that kiss was extended in slow motion to make it seem longer than it actually was. Such were the requirements of censorship in the s. That never stopped - he never got over the feeling that he was being forced into being a member of a team, which was the last thing in the world that he wanted. Indeed, he was such a perfectionist that after doing 54 takes of one shot on the Castles film, the cleaner polishing the dance floor noticed a stream of red sticky liquid leading to where Ginger was sitting.

astaire and rogers relationship quotes

It was from her blooded shoes, the results of burst blisters. It was, she said, simply because she was as much of a perfectionist as he was. They could never tire me out.