Armand and louis relationship

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armand and louis relationship

Armand is a fictional character in The Vampire Chronicles novels written by Anne Rice. At the Armand sees Louis as a new possibility of integrating into the modern world. When he cannot persuade Louis to Daniel provides a link for Armand to the new time, and they form a relationship. However, Daniel grows more and. Also, the way Louis and Armand say they are in love with each other, do you think that these are romantic relationships are just extremely close bonds?. It's this opposition that spells doom for his and Louis's relationship. Armand tells Louis: "Loathe me, not yourself" (). He tries to convince Louis that he.

Marius renames him Amadeo. Marius is in love with a courtesan named Bianca Solderini, yet cannot bring himself to turn her into a vampire. Instead, he chooses Amadeo for his beauty, youth and painting skills apparently lost, along with his memories to educate 'in the way of the blood', so as to eventually make him a vampire. Amadeo loves Marius single-mindedly and is eager to become a vampire.

armand and louis relationship

He does not understand Marius' hesitation to turn him, and in an act of rebellion and anger he seduces an English Lord, whom he eventually abandons after a few nights. However, the English Lord becomes obsessed with Amadeo and enraged by his betrayal, wounds him with a poisoned blade. In doing this, he forces Marius to turn Amadeo into a vampire to save his life. Amadeo is 17 years old at the time of his transformation.

They set Marius on fire and kidnap Amadeo and the other children at the Palazzo and take them to Rome.

armand and louis relationship

Santino tortures Amadeo by burning his friends to death right in front of him and starving him in a cellar until he is forced to feed on his best friend and innocent children. After five months of such psychological torture, Amadeo is ready to believe everything the cult said in exchange for their love and to forget all he has known before.

armand and louis relationship

Because of his strength, he is named the leader of the Parisian coven inand renamed Armand, since a name with the word 'God' Deo in it seemed unfit for the leader of a satanic coven.

He disproves their beliefs that they could not look upon crosses, walk into churches, or live in places of light.

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Realizing that Lestat is right about the coven's obsolescence, Armand falls into despair and destroys most of his own followers. He tries to persuade Lestat to take him along on his journeys, but Lestat refuses.

armand and louis relationship

In the late 19th century, Lestat's fledglings Claudia and Louis happen upon the theater. A Relationship Review by Lestat and Louis: A Relationship Reasons for writing this article; 1 I'm bored.

So I'm gonna try and analyse this relationship.

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Find out what they feel for each other, and more importantly I feel, why they feel it. This is mostly based on the book Interview with the Vampire. Now most people describe this relationship as a love-hate relationship, and it certainly is.

Lestat and Louis: A Relationship

But first lets look at why they love each other. Their love is a friendship, like flat-mates or partners in business. Lestat loves Louis because he's kind and loving and gentle, but mostly because he's beautiful, and Lestat loves beautiful people, he is a vain son of a bitch. Louis amuses Lestat with his condemns "you are a perfect devil".

And he's company, Lestat needed company, he hates to be alone, and thinking about it, Lestat is never alone for very long. And as Louis says, Lestat loves luxurious things, and so I think Lestat may have used Louis for his money as well. Louis loves Lestat, he is drawn to him for authority. Louis is not a decisive person, and would and does if he could just lay around his house in his own despair. Lestat gives him instructions and tells him where to go, and Louis needs this.

Think about, he goes from Lestat to Claudia to Armand, and all of these have a strong will, and gave Louis instruction and a purpose. And after that when he was on his own, all he did was wallow in his own sorrow. Quite obviously, Lestat is charismatic and this also drew Louis to him. And he pulled Louis out of his morning for his brother, and his guilt.

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Lestat was always good to Louis, although they argued and he mocked Louis, he never left Louis, he never abandoned him, and Lestat always held a special place for Louis in his heart. Now the hate, and there is a lot of hate, especially from Louis side. Lestat hates Louis as he kept threatening to leave, and he held the money away from Lestat.