Andrew shue and courtney thorne smith relationship

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andrew shue and courtney thorne smith relationship

MARRIED SINCE Courtney Thorne-Smith. Dating Andrew Shue in season one was “very sweet,” she says, but breaking up? Awkward. Locklear was married to rocker Tommy Lee from to and then to Richie Andrew Shue, who plays the lovable Billy on “Melrose Place,” is the Courtney Thorne-Smith, Josie Bissett, Daphne Zuniga, Andrew Shue. “Show and Courtney Thorne-Smith were together and when they weren't, ANDREW SHUE THINKS THE REASON PEOPLE LOVED THE SHOW In Shue married Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach, who.

Melrose Place: All the Scandals On And Off The Set!

Ball never made that mistake again. His character, Mike Seaver, started dating some girl named Kate, played by Chelsea Noble, who was also big into Christianity. Mike and Kate got engaged in the series finale. To the best of my knowledge, the cast did not date each other.

Then they broke up, but Billy and Allison were still together. The viewers at home knew all of this at the time, so their scenes as a fake couple had that extra awkward layer of tension, made all the more obvious because Shue was never a good enough actor to close his mouth during a scene, let alone hug his now-ex-girlfriend convincingly.

Laura Leighton Sydney and mega-hunk of the era Grant Show Jake dated for a longer time than their characters ever did.

andrew shue and courtney thorne smith relationship

Leighton left the show and ended up with Doug Savant, who played one character Sydney would never have an on-screen relationship with: Matt, who was gay. They married and things seemed great until disaster struck and Garner got a role on another TV show with another male co-star: Both Garner and Foley have denied that Garner cheated on her husband, but the fact remains that they separated and Garner and Vartan were soon seen together.

Their characters, Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn, also became romantically involved.

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Their real-life romance probably helped that storyline along, especially when Murray and Bush got married after two years together.

But then they got divorced, and their show was still on. And Murray suddenly got engaged to some high-school girl who was an extra on the show and Bush started dating another co-star, James Lafferty, and it kind of made everything tough to watch.

'Melrose Place' Cast Reunion Includes Heather Locklear, Andrew Shue

Fortunately, Murray soon left the show and faded into relative obscurity and Bush found love with yet another co-star, Austin Nichols. Their characters got married on the show; in real life, Bush and Nichols broke up around the time the series stopped filming. Things worked out only slightly better for cast members of the other, better teen drama that premiered the same year: When Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer were revealed to be dating behind the scenes, it was cute.

andrew shue and courtney thorne smith relationship

Then the characters they portrayed, Drs. Cameron and Chase, had this weird drugged-out hook-up that evolved into a friends-with-benefits relationship — which would have been fine except for the fact that we never got the sense Chase and Cameron were friends in the first place. The couple never got married in real life, and even while their characters had almost nothing to do on the show, the writers who obviously hated them made their characters get married after the real-life relationship was over.

By the way, after all of that?

andrew shue and courtney thorne smith relationship

Inhe launched the website CafeMoman online community more than nine million moms visit each month to encourage one another and reveal the struggles they face daily, all anonymously. The craziest of these confessions have been collected for a web series called "Coffee Shop Confessions," part of a new slate of shows CafeMom Studios is releasing this year.

Melrose Place: All the Scandals On And Off The Set!

Shue will host and be joined by a panel of moms that include former "Real Housewives of New York City" star Alex McCord, former daytime talk show host Timberly Whitfield, and newcomer Julia Knight, who's been described by McCord as a "hippie, granola-chick mom. Some of the confessions that CafeMom.

andrew shue and courtney thorne smith relationship

One mom who peeked at her husband's text messages wondered if she should confront him about cheating, while another shared her worries about going back to work after maternity leave. No matter what they're dealing with in their lives, Shue said all parents need somewhere to sound off. View photos "I think more and more moms and dads are up against it. They're working harder, have less time with their kids, and I think that sometimes you're just flying by the seat of your pants doing the best you can," he said.

I think [this show] is a good venue to spur conversation, have some fun, and learn a thing or two about ourselves and kinda where we are as a society.

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Are we being overindulgent with our kids? Are we putting too much pressure on them?