Amy jo and brandon relationship problems

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amy jo and brandon relationship problems

If you allow your child to watch YouTube videos, then you probably read the title in “Amy Jo's” voice. Don't know who Amy Jo is? Well you. Episode Amy Jo & Richard - Quitting Your Job, Working With Your Episode Piera Gelardi - Using Your Creative Gifts to Solve Critical Problems 12/02/ · 6. Episode Brandon Hawk - How Internal Wealth Leads To External . Episode Laird Hamilton - How To Manage Your Relationship With. Amy jo and brandon relationship goals. Posted on Don't know who Amy Jo is? Needless to say those issues bled into my relationships.

The two of them have many years of experience working with young children and seem to genuinely enjoy what they do. Amy Jo and Brandon were nice enough to Skype with my little girls for an hour. I asked them what they hope to accomplish through their videos, and they told me "if our videos make others laugh, smile, and feel happy, we are thrilled. So playing with toys for a living definitely sounds like a sweet gig, but why is there an audience for this type of content? When I asked my girls to tell me what they liked about these toy channels, I got an earful.

While 6-year-old Taylor simply told me she enjoyed the videos because they were "funny," my 8-year-old had a lot more to say. She told me about how she enjoyed watching the dolls come to life on the show as the filmmakers animated their arms and legs and talked for them.

She liked how real it all looked, as if her Barbie dolls had truly come alive to star in their own reality shows. When I inquired as to whether she prefers to watch these videos or play with her own dolls, she replied, "both!

For example, after watching an episode in which a YouTuber created and later opened a "surprise egg" with a small toy inside, my girls asked to use our stash of plastic Easter eggs to create their own surprise eggs to exchange with one another.

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Parents who are concerned about the quality of the screen time their kids consume may wonder if there are any benefits at all to videos that feature adults playing with toys.

Other than showing kids how to play with the toys they have in innovative ways, do videos such as these have any other advantages? When I asked the creators of DCTC this question, they freely admitted that the major draw for kids is the entertainment value of the videos they create, but as parents themselves with experience and training in child development, they do feel as if kids benefit in other ways: One cool by-product of this is that we hear from kids and parents all over the world who say that they are learning better English by watching our videos!

Watching toy videos has been a positive experience for my girls.

amy jo and brandon relationship problems

It has inspired many giggles, many conversations with one another, and many creative play sessions with their own toys, but one downside I've had to deal with as a mom is the substantially larger number of requests for new toys.

Though definitely frustrating, even this has presented some teachable moments for me to talk to the kids about spending and saving.

amy jo and brandon relationship problems

Another issue parents may encounter is the amount of time their kids are spending on YouTube as well other content they may come across on the online video platform. Having solid parental control software installed on your child's computer and setting clear screen time limits can help ensure that kids are enjoying these type videos safely and in moderation. Even then, though, there may be other issues to address.

The ads that viewers see are based on the YouTube account owner's demographic information. However, account owners can control this by going into their settings. Instead of allowing your children to use your personal YouTube channel for viewing purposes, create their own and adjust the settings to ensure they're receiving only kid-friendly content.

amy jo and brandon relationship problems

So before I get into the juicy juicy details that all of you have been so patiently waiting for: But, I mean, who doesn't, amiright?

Needless to say those issues bled into my relationships. I can very openly and honestly say that it's taken me 31 years of life to finally come to some sort of understanding with my brain and how it works. It was not fucking easy though. I've had to borrow a lot of money, deal with a lot of hard shit, and also do a ton of therapy and be on medication. All of which I have no shame about. The first relationship I've ever had that somewhat worked was the one in Portland with Joel. But, he will tell you that I wanted to break up with him around the three month mark.

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Patterns And it got pretty hard before it got better. With the trauma that happened to me at age 5 of losing my Dad-- whenever relationship issues arise my brain does the fight or flight and I literally turn into a 5 year old child. He, and many others will vouche for this. Yeah, so this love thing. If you've been keeping up with my blog over the past year you would know that about a year ago exactly I was moving to the Netherlands to be with my new boyfriend, Brett.

You'd also know that I had only known him since January 1st. That we met on instagram. You'd also know we had our issues and we were together until October of last year. You'd also know that our breakup was not so fun. And that's an understatement. Depression did not do me well in the Netherlands. Neither did being off of medication. And the answers are: Because, I'll tell you. I believe in second chances.

Sometimes that gets me in trouble but most times it leaves me with incredibly bonded friendships. I believe that people can fight and make up. I believe that friendships come with hard work, love, and dedication.

That you can try again and go about things in a different way. That sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.

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Taken the night before I left our home in the NL, 8 months ago when I last saw him. We were broken up, things were bad-- but, We went to a movie and said farewell, for now.

Picture of us from about a year ago. You're probably still saying "bish, that doesn't answer my question".

amy jo and brandon relationship problems

What if you try to move on?