Among the sleep h20 delirious ending relationship

among the sleep h20 delirious ending relationship

My boyfriend Jonathan and I have a long distance relationship. by Daylight server that I was on and we ended up playing some rounds together. Moving the mouse a bit to activate one of the sleeping monitors I blush. See more ideas about H20 delirious, Banana bus squad and Vanoss crew. Controller is among the best gaming tools on the market. It's sleek precision and .. How every vanoss heist ends Bbs Squad, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Vanoss Crew, H20 . Cartoonz and Delirious' relationship just makes me so happy (^∇^ ) Bbs. Read No Sleep For The Weak [3] from the story Dying Lovers [H20 Delirious X Reader] by LovableLizzie (L) with For quick missions where we need to be in the open. Devastation took us all, we even considered ending the gang right there. They fuck up your brain, your memories, your relationships, everything.

He grabbed a gun hiding in the compartment of the counter, flipping open a hidden slot and getting a handgun out to aim towards her torso. His eyes glowed blue and before long, he began shooting. The battle lead to bullets and attacks of the lunatics.

Jonathan tried to get an aim at her heart, Janey tried to get him chopped off. Jonathan cursed over how the bullets weren't going to do much good so, he grabbed the kitchen knife nearby and made a charge for Janey. He cried out and made a slash along her abdomen. Jonathan made a wicked grin…until he noticed how she began to regenerate. Janey didn't make any hesitation in taking his distraction.

Lifting her heavy axe, she screamed in pure fury before landing it down onto Jonathan's left shoulder, causing the poor male to scream out in pain and be pushed back by Janey by the chest.

He fell on the ground with her axe digging into his shoulder as if his flesh was a wood for her to chop. He lifted up to make a grab of the axe but he wasn't able to when Janey grabbed her axe first and ripped it out of him as if his flesh was water for her. Strings of red muscles became the only thing connected to the chopped off arm and Jonathan, grinding his teeth through the pain, used his knife to make a stab on the back of her head.

But Janey only grinned down at him and made an attack on his other shoulder, getting the male to arch his back in pain and cause the fresh tears to flow. No no no, I will make you ugly! I want to make sure you become utterly useless!

With no limbs, you can't touch my Evan anymore! Evan only continued to watch how Janey cut him piece by piece until Jonathan's head slumped and his eyes grew lifeless, the tears on the sides of his face being covered by the blood that splatted from Janey's excessive chopping.

All they heard was the brutal slam of axe against flesh and the insane chant of Janey saying 'Mine, mine, mine'. The whole time, he just watch in silence like he's watching a movie. Janey panted from the acts she had committed and stepped back to see her masterpiece. She clicked her tongue in disgust from it all and threw the knife onto Jonathan's torso to let the flat surface of the knife lie on his carved chest. One of the corners of Janey's lip twitched.

The other one twitched as well. Soon, she curled her pretty red lips to a sadistic smile and she released a string of maniacal laughter as she left the scene by going to the back of the house. Craig paused the video and glanced towards Evan and his unreadable face.

We need to get her face up on the posters and get her in jail soon. We also need to find out if she has any criminal records or information about her. Q by grabbing his laptop and made quick word, his fingers dancing along the keys like a pianist with a piano to play a perfect Beethoven tune.

Luke knew those eyes well. In private, since its…well, it involves you. He got off the couch and stuffed his hands in his pockets and turned to Luke. Luke only needed to step into the room to know it changed. The room was clean, organized and secure. But that's what it had always been.

among the sleep h20 delirious ending relationship

The only thing changed in this room was the lack of serenity, the lack of joy, the lack of a very special soul that made it bright. Luke clenched his hands into fists. The moment Evan locked the door behind him, Luke turned to him, his fedora tipping low at the front enough to hide his cross-cut eye.

Evan got slammed against some cupboard and, sitting on the ground with blood on his lip, Evan looked at Luke with his cheek red from the heavy punch.

Broken in Pieces Chapter 1: Broken In Pieces, a web shows fanfic | FanFiction

He couldn't kill Janey because he thought she meant a lot to you. He couldn't kill her because her body would be seen by you first. He couldn't kill anyone because of you! How you truly felt for him. He only placed a hand on his forehead, his elbows on his knees and his fingers in his hair.

Luke sighed and his anger slowly faded away. The two of them stayed at where they were in silence and soon enough, a shaking voice came out of Luke's lips. Tell me…Tell me, just," Cartoonz struggled with his words and his teeth grinded for a moment.

After a long silence, he whispered hoarsely to Evan, "what will you do if he comes back in pieces? He got up slowly and proceeded to move to the door, having to pass by Luke to do so. Evan opened the door and soon, with a small click of the door, Evan's words echoed into Luke's mind like a tick tock clock.

On top of the Los Santos building at such weather was borderline insane. That was how Jonathan got his name in his time as a serial killer. He wielded only a knife.

He wore a hockey mask of terror. He had the gift of a killer. His powers were dangerous in itself. It was only expected for Vanoss, born mobster boss, to meet him in such a violent situation. Vanoss had faced a lot of amateur assassins, mediocre killers and professionally trained leaders who sought out revenge onto him.

None of them, however, gave off the challenge that Delirious was giving him. Delirious wasn't just trained. He was gifted, raised and suffered the similar way Vanoss had gone through. They were both thrown away, unwanted with the world turning its back against them. Vanoss made a small little smirk to him.

I see you're crazy enough to come up here. THIS," Vanoss gestured to the view out in the open horizon and then turned to the serial killer, "holds the widest view of Los Santos! This is the throne. The castle of the entire town. They stood there, with gun at the chest and knife at the neck.

Delirious tilted his head slightly before Vanoss noticed the way his ears moved a little, proving he's smiling. Delirious beats crazy anytime. Front, left, right, below and above.

But never was there a back attack. Why would there be? They knew how good they fought. A sneak attack from behind? That's a fool's mistake if they turn their back from their opponents. They were on par. That is, until sentiment got involved. Vanoss had gotten a pin on Delirious, trapping him to the ground at the edge of the building. Falling off there would lead to inescapable death.

A little stuffed bear. Delirious's eyes grew wide with horror and he screamed out in desperation. But it was a familiar emotion when they blend with those blue eyes, sparking the memory of the sad boy at the bus on that same, rainy tragedy.

Vanoss knew what it was like to lose everything in an instant. It was horrible, terrifying. In just a blink of an eye, Delirious's world would be destroyed. Vanoss jumped off of Delirious. He made quick work into getting his thread wrap around the teddy under the heavy rain. With his strings made of cloth, getting wet would increase some weight. But it didn't matter to Vanoss. When Vanoss had Teddy securely wrapped in his strings and pulled into his hugging arms, the bones in his body began to crack and reform until Vanoss grunt from the great owl wings growing out of his back.

He had to be quick. He began flying up and battle against the heavy droplets that brought more weight onto his wings. He was so close. But his wings were too heavy now. Vanoss's eyes widen behind his shades and his wings pulled back into his body to make it slower to fall. He reached one hand up to make a grab for the ledge. He sighed with relief. At least he fulfilled what his instinct told him.

Perhaps this was how he ended… Vanoss's brown eyes grew wide from the loud smack of skin and felt a pair of hands in his single one. He looked up to see the masked male above him, those fair hands gripping around his slightly tanned ones. Grinding against his teeth together, Vanoss reached up with his other hand and clawed up in support of Delirious's actions until he got the ledge. The two of them moved back until Vanoss found himself on the roof and Delirious was flat on his back, arms and legs spread out.

The rain began to lessen. Vanoss turned to him, panting over the event and saw the way those blue eyes flashed with anger and something akin to worry. Why did you jump off?!

You would have been a cracked owl egg on the sidewalk! What made you crazy enough to do that?! He took a deep breath before he glanced over the Teddy bear near him.

Vanoss grabbed it gently and began to unwrap the strings before Delirious's eyes until Vanoss gave the bear to Delirious. It wasn't till Delirious hugged Teddy tight that Vanoss heard a single sob from him just as the rain began to turn into a light, cool drizzle.

It was when the rain stopped that Vanoss decided to clear his throat and shifted in his wet clothes. You'll be able to clean and warm yourself up. Then again, I was crazy enough to risk my life for a teddy bear.

I'm crazier than you think. I don't know if you want to join the family but maybe we can start as…well, friends. Starting with me getting an arm for you Teddy. So-" "Why would you do this? They don't risk their lives over their enemies's belongings by jumping off the building after fighting them at first meeting.

Not only that but who the fuck is insane enough to let a serial killer into their own group? Crazy and insane about you. Because we're the same, you and I. We go through the horrors of murdering, killing, execution and every god damn crime in and out of the book in order to survive. In Los Santos, it's every man for himself. Delirious looked at the blood red owl mark on his palm. I'm insane, you're delirious. I think it's enough to prove that you're part of the family. So…what do you say?

The sun rise from the mountains. Blue eyes looked at brown ones and the silenced ended the moment the last rain drop fell. Delirious chuckled and then his eyes grew sad. God, that guy really pack a punch. She had healing abilities but magic always had a price. Hers would be her energy. With her now exhausted, the healing process will be slower until she either got rested or she lost the energy to heal.

Where's those herbs you promised me?! Even the stairs she stepped on creaked and moaned with great age. Not when the bodies under the stairs were dead. Her parents were doctors. Her mother was a nurse, her father was an herbalist. They both wanted her to be a doctor. Her mother didn't get to be one, her father was too afraid to be one.

among the sleep h20 delirious ending relationship

So what did they do? They relied on her into being a doctor. She studied day and night, night and day. Her childhood was filled with books and her teenage life was all about getting highest in the grade. When she got to the first course in her path to be a doctor, she went insane from the amount of work that just seemed never ending.

She saw him in that mending shop of his, Evan Fong. He wasn't a doctor or a lawyer but he was perfect. He had the body, the looks, and the personality that was enough to show her parents she didn't need to be a doctor to be perfect or to be a top dog. She had heard it all from her friends.

His house just reeked of it. If she married him, she'll be a princess. She grew obsessive about him. She watched him, stalked him and even collected anything he touched, half-eaten, thrown away, anything that just had a history with him.

A month later, the obsession grew to pure insanity for sacrificial rituals into getting him to love her. She searched for love potions, love magic, love sacrifices. She kidnapped, lured, seduced and tricked young men to this very warehouse, the same one her father had own before it went all under. She began killing and hid the bodies under the stairs, the floor boards, and the large cans that were meant to keep herbs. Even the garden patch that once bloomed with herbs.

When her parents found out, they were scared. Janey threatened to the both of them not to say a word or she will have their head. Her father was afraid but her mother was determined to put her daughter to arrest.

among the sleep h20 delirious ending relationship

She died before she could get the evidence out of the house. She got her neck noosed and with just a push of a chair that Janey made her stand on, well…Janey had enjoyed the last kicking her mother made as she squealed like a slaughtered pig.

Her father got even more scared from seeing the act. Janey forced him into making energy herbs for her, or herbs that made her attractive too. He didn't have a choice. He began feeding her with an herb potion.

A potion to attract any males interested in the slightest bit of her or anyone who wasn't in love. With it, she could get any male to follow her and do her every bidding. She was deranged by that point. Why wasn't he asking her out? Why wasn't he flirting with her? Why was he so neutral? He was supposed to worship her! Just a single, crackling laughter made her realize why it didn't work. He was in love. The thought of Evan, perfect, perfect Evan, being in love with a male was enough to make her stomach churn with bile.

It was a guy call Jonathan, with his signature blue hoodie and brown ruffled hair. The moment Janey met those brightly lit blue eyes, she didn't like him. Because they love the same person. No one can have him.

She thought, if she confess to Evan first, she would have her happy ending. The one where the princess gets the prince. But Evan rejected her. You seem like a nice girl but…I don't like you that way. She blackmailed, threatened and forced his suitors to run away. She saved him from bad relationships. He would love her. But there was one suitor who wasn't fazed. He was tougher than he looked. It wasn't till she researched on him that she learned who he truly was.

A danger to her Evan. She didn't bother telling anyone his identity. It wasn't fun enough. She didn't care about his serial killer self.

She only wanted to see one face and that was a humiliating look on his face. And she got it when she saw his reaction to her being so affectionate to Evan. It gave her satisfaction. She had to admit, however, that she was surprised from how he was a serial killer from the age between 10 and He was arrested when he turned 20 and got out on parole at the age of She made a wicked smile. He also died at the age of She won't be able to stop dreaming that beautiful moment whenever she sleeps.

She slammed the door open. The red carpet floor was tainted in a darker shade of color as Janey trailed her eyes from the puddle of blood to the figure wearing a black leather pants, black cap toes, a blood red suit mixed with a white shirt, dark red tie and a black coat.

When she reached to the face, her body turned cold. The owl masquerade mask was undeniable. She glanced at the kitchen knife in his hand, stained in blood. Despite that, she knew where she saw that knife before. It was the same weapon Jonathan had used in an attempt to kill her. She looked back at Evan. Shouldn't you be…at home?

Haha…ha…" He tilted his head. He ran his finger along the flat surface of the knife and the room was entirely silent. Janey's nerves were shaking. Her skin was filled with goose bumps. Even her senses were calling her to run. This had to be a joke. Evan couldn't have known where she stayed in. She wiped every record of this place and she rarely gone to this place, never followed for years. Evan grabbed a file, not caring the fact he was tainting it in blood, and threw it to her feet.

This wasn't a crime file. This was a debt file. Her father had once gotten the family bankrupt and in doing so, endangered his whole family. The only reason why they were still alive was because they ran away, changed their names and background. Seeing the photos and, soon after picking the file up, read the records in it, she knew they weren't freshly made reports.

These were made a long time ago. Then something hit her. Evan's brother was a mob boss. And the loan sharks her father messed with had a mob boss that no one would oppose. Did Evan came here about the debt? Her debt with his brother?

She made a weak smile. I-I thought, since your brother is dead, I-I can be free! I-If you came here for the debt, I'll repay-" "You killed him. It wasn't warm, sweet nor calm. It was cold, sharp and edgy. Evan took off the mask and the moment those brown eyes flashed red, Janey heard the single strum of strings. She couldn't describe the pain that got through her. The threads shot through her skin first and as they traveled underneath, they began tearing her inside out.

She tried to scream but the thread on the back of her neck had gotten under her skin and strangled her enough to make her have a croaked sound. She gasped over the stings on her wrists and looked over to see the way those threads at the back of her hands wiggle around with its thickness shown at the vein of her wrists.

It looked as if there were worm-like leeches under her skin, crawling for her veins to suck her blood away. With a sickening twist from one of her wrists, a loud crack caused Janey to scream from the overriding pain that travelled down her arm and up to her shoulder until her eyes beaded with tears.

But it didn't stop. She couldn't feel her fingers but as the threads moved, she looked at them from the corner of her eyes in fear. They were reconnecting her nerves.

They were filed with magic so the neurotransmitters were still connecting her nerves to her twisted hand. She didn't even have time to regenerate. Those threads had work quick.

Her hands landed with a heavy pair of thud and she heard sewing. It wasn't still she noticed how he was sewing the wound close that she trembled in terror. He was making her suffer again. He wanted to chop her in pieces just as Evan made another chop on her handless arm.

Cold sweat beaded her forehead while pain rode along her inside and out. This wasn't what she envisioned to happen. She looked up and found herself scarred by the look on his face. He was smiling at her pain. Evan wasn't like this. He was only a tailor. He wasn't some all-powerful, sadistic torturer. Nothing was in his hand. Nothing but the peeling skin. Janey watched as Vanoss began to peel his very own skin, letting the sound of skin being peeled fill her ears until she saw it.

Skin with little red threads attached. Now lifting his hand to her, Janye paled. A red owl mark lied on the palm of his left hand. Evan's brother wasn't one to smile, Evan knew. But his year-old brother had urges to smile. Evan knew that too. A hand with a red owl mark on the palm came down onto his head and with a playful ruffle, Evan released a light laugh and grabbed his hand.

Two kids trying to survive. Evan was the brother who stayed to take care of the fort, Vanoss was the brother who worked to keep the fort stable with income.

Their parents were dead, they had nowhere to go. Evan tugged on his brother's hand. I made my special pancakes! Evan watched in horrific proportion as his brother kneeled. Tears appeared in Evan's eyes. Water leaks dripped in the silence as Vanoss groaned in pain until he sat well enough to be barely comfortable in a run down, dirty hut. Vanoss turned to Evan and used his non-bloodied hand to pat the now teary-eyed brother. Vanoss made a twitch of a smile.

He passed it to Evan. Dillon something, I don't know. I can use my powers to mend you back! Like you did with me! Sweat beaded down his forehead and his breathing was getting heavier.

Even my…Ugh…threads can't heal me. I can pay them back! I can work for the hospital and pay off the bills! Please, please, Vanoss, don't die…Don't die on me! A hand stroke along the back of Evan's head and a quiet sigh escaped Vanoss. Evan," Vanoss took out a gold owl mask out and Evan felt it in his hand, his eyes staring down at the shimmering, beautiful mask.

He turned back to Vanoss and he teared up. Vanoss made a smile for the first time. Evan clenched onto the white shirt.

Evan's eyes widen and he desperately touched his brother's wrist for a pulse. Evan searched for it in that dirty hut for the past three hours. All he could do was clung to his brother's white shirt and cried against his corpse for hours. All he had left of his brother was a red hoodie, a gold owl mask and the red owl birthmark on the palm of his hand. It came when he had major changing events happening. When he met Jonathan, when he saw Jonathan again, when Jonathan died and when Evan committed his first murder in so long.

He rummaged through his keys in his pocket while jogging through the empty, raining street for his home. It took a while, due to Evan being out of focus, but he managed to take his keys out and unlocked the red with blue polka dot door. It was an odd idea Jonathan decided, mixing red with blue. That and also because, as Jonathan had commented, Evan was the red, solid door and Delirious was the blue polka dot rain that battered it. Jonathan always crave for his attention.

Evan placed his keys on the kitchen counter once he got into his home and he ran his hand through his hair with tired eyes and sullen looks. He was the only one who could do this. He had to do it. Moving to the calendar, he lifted it up and revealed a key hooked on the wall that he soon took to a door leading to the basement. The sound of a click and clack filled the silence in the house and Evan, grabbing hold of the doorknob, turned to the living room and kitchen. A crackling laugh filled his ears.

A smiling brunette was what his eyes saw. The feel of those light, fair fingers was what his lips felt. All he could see was blue. He didn't think it had effected his behavior while he was playing with the guys but Nogla called him out on it and as much as he wanted to come out and say it, that he wasn't straight and he had found the one thing he always wanted, but now it was lost.

He'd witnessed the way everyone would tend to pick on anyone who was even remotely gay in any way and he couldn't handle that right now. Tyler knew, but he was mature about it to an extent. He still joked like he normally would and Evan didn't care, as usual. But he knew it was different now, it always would be and the truth would come out sooner or later. But he'd hold it off as long as he could, until he could figure out where he was going with his lonely life.

Among The Sleep Ep.1 (Where's Mommy???)

Nogla wasn't the only who took note of his indifference. Delirious caught on to it first but he was kind enough not to pry, until Daithi kept asking him what was up and that he'd been acting weird for a while now. To Evan's surprise Delirious got defensive, "Dude, it's his business. As much as you've been asking and he still hasn't told you, means he obviously doesn't want to talk about it. Delirious was a serious gamer but he also liked to have fun.

among the sleep h20 delirious ending relationship

That night he was in a playful mood. Tyler wasn't and was trying to get the objective done but Delirious ended up detonating a bomb that destroyed them all.

among the sleep h20 delirious ending relationship

Tyler was the first to flip his shit and Evan flinched, his voice screaming in his ears. Escpecially when they played a heist and someone messed something up and they had to start all over again. Evan didn't care, he just liked having a good time with his friends.

It was just a game. We can start over. Before he left the Skype call he said, "I'll see you guys later, I'm going to bed. He walked to his bed and fell down onto the mattress with his phone to his ear listening to it ring and ring. He was still trying to figure why he had called him in the first place.

It was nice to just chat with someone that knew him more so than the others. You know what I mean. I can usually handle it. But I just don't feel like myself lately. But I know something has been bothering you.

Just want you know that I'm here to listen and I won't judge you for anything. And they were gone the next day, had to catch a flight and I overslept so I missed them. I can't explain how much I liked this person and I've never had a one night stand.

Now it's all I can think about and that was a month ago. All I know is his middle name. Jonathan went still and Evan was silent on the other end. He wondered if he realised he'd just outed himself and he got his answer when Evan snorted with laughter.

Jonathan found himself smiling, "What? I'm perfectly okay with it. Why wouldn't I be? Maybe because we're all a bunch of loud and manly gamer guys who make gay jokes all the time.

This was a good opportunity as any to get at least one secret off of his chest. I don't care what you're attracted to, but I'm probably a lot more accepting of it because I'm also gay. So I understand the whole struggle of being a normal guy and having everyone think you're straight as an arrow.

Everyone thinks that every gay guy is flamboyant and feminine, but I am so far from any of that. Seriously though, I had no idea you were gay. My dad is still in denial. But you know the world we live in. It was becoming a bad habit. You know, maybe that's why we get along so well. More than anything he wanted to see him again and he would eventually but just the thought of that put his stomach into knots. You're my kind of person. And he remembered when he said those words that night, remembered his fingers sliding to his neck, his lips pressing against his.

His body pinning him down. You have no idea how much I've been wanting to meet you. And I'm not saying that just because I know were both gay now and all of a sudden in love with you, I just genuinely think about meeting you almost every day. It's always on my mind. I guess you could say that you're my favorite but you already know that. I just don't have friends here, other than Luke, and I don't get along with anyone the way I do you and I really wish we lived closer together.

I mean, that would be awesome but I want to meet you all at the same time. So if you don't like me -" "I seriously doubt that I won't like you, Delirious. I don't care what you look like and it's already pretty clear that I like your personality or I wouldn't be such good friends with you.

Let's play something, just me and you. I need a break from the guys. See you in a sec. Evan cleared his throat once they were just sitting there in their chairs talking over Skype, "I've never really had anyone to talk to about the whole gay thing. I usually talk to Luke but he's not gay so even though he listens to me I know he doesn't fully understand. His best friend who pulled him home with him the night he came out to his parents and they were increasingly confused about it.

Luke said they were being too sketchy and forced him to stay with him until his parents figured out what their verdict was. His mother had called him the next morning and said he didn't have to hide, but that his father still didn't understand.

My sister knows but she moved away and we don't talk as much I need to. So I'm kind of stuck in this phase where I feel like I'm alone and no one will ever understand. Evan was perfect, just like he'd always pictured him.