Alex and sean relationship

alex and sean relationship

Is their relationship irreparably damaged? I think that Sean, being so close to Alex, is really the first one to begin to pick up on signs that she. Last night, Sean told Alex he loved her and she was floored to hear it. Frankly so was I. Where the hell did that come from? How come we. Sean-Alex Friendship General Information Nickname Salex Intimacy Level Good that Amy shouldn't even be complaining about Sean's new relationship.

We know that Amanda is a master of psychological warfare, so there was obviously far more to her capture of Alex than the simple desire for a trade for Ari [Peter Outerbridge]. Would Amanda say that her plan was a success?

Well, the question is, "Did Amanda get what she wanted? But Alex has been returned to Division. Did Amanda get what she wanted?

Last week's episode seemed like a huge turning point for Alex, because Amanda clearly got inside her head in terms of her relationship with Nikita. Can you talk a little about her thought process and what it might mean for both Alex and Nikita in upcoming episodes? Alex is now having doubts about Nikita, and all season long we've seen the other Division agents feeling suspicious about the promises that Nikita and Ryan [Noah Bean] have made them.

Will those two threads tie together at some point?

I would say that it begins to explode, starting in Episode Where is Nikita emotionally at this point in the season, since she's had both Michael and Ryan disagreeing with her strategies over the past few episodes? She must be feeling like the lone voice of reason right now.

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I think that there is a line in Episode 15, where Birkhoff [Aaron Stanford] and Alex have a little bit of a storyline, which is great to see. He made the decision to cross the line. We just keep letting ourselves get pushed over it. How does she feel about Alex pulling away again?

alex and sean relationship

With everything else going on this season, they haven't had time to talk or address any issues that could be lingering between them. Something that started with just the two of them really has grown up to become this much larger family and now this much larger whole organization. Their relationship has gotten a bit diluted in the process. Sean briefly left her, not wanting to witness another person he loved die due to their connection to Division, and it resulted in Alex relapsing into drug use.

Sean & Alex - Between two points

Later, however, Sean returned to save her life, realizing how much he needed her. Amanda targeted Sean due to his place as a member of Nikita's team.

alex and sean relationship

Efforts to clear Sean failed, forcing Division to fake his death. Sean was then forced to remain at Division, his sisters believing him dead and the public believing him a murderer and traitor.

In " Black Badge " Sean was framed for the murder of Kendrick. Sean then turned himself in for questioning to buy time.

alex and sean relationship

In " Broken Home ", Sean, involved in the mutiny, was wounded in action with a bullet and died later in Alex's arms from internal bleeding, before telling Alex to promise him she would get better.

Personality Edit Being a military man, Sean had a code of honor that made him disagree with many of Division's policies. In " Looking Glass ", when Division agent Lisa was captured, Sean insisted that Amanda provide him with operational support instead of abandoning her agent, yelling "You never leave a man behind! However, despite being a military man and staying true to his mission of retrieving the Black Box from Nikita, Sean's choice on how he did so seemed questionable.

In "London Calling" he told his mother that he planned on seducing Alex as a means of luring out Nikita, since the two still had a connection. Sean began to develop feelings for Alex in Season 2.

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He tried to get Alex to tell him about her butterfly tattoo and tried to break down her walls. He eventually got Alex to open up to him.

alex and sean relationship

Sean was very loyal to his mother. He would "do whatever it takes" to protect her. Abilities Edit Sean was a highly trained soldier.