Aibileen and minny relationship goals

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-I turn the pages a my prayer book I thought about maybe putting Miss Skeeter's name on my list. I'm not sure why. She always nice about. We've got the kids to think about – Minny Jackson (Pg ). Viola Davis as Aibileen and Octavia Spencer as Minny in the film The Help. “You is kind, you is. Minny's husband Leroy mercilessly beats her, and Miss Hilly tries to ruin her life by spreading racist rumors about her. In spite of all this, Minny remains fiercely.

Even worse though, many of the views that I heard espoused were just plain racist as concerned their attitudes and their views on other African-Americans, especially if they were older people talking about youger ones.

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However, many of their views on other, older African-American people were the most racist comments that I ever heard when I was growing up. This shocked me quite a lot, considering my age from six-years-old until my teenage years.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me add a bit more background. I did not understand what it meant. However, as I knew that it was said about a young African-American boy named, Ocie, who was my best friend, I turned to someone who I figured would know what it meant: She was always very kind to me, so I felt just fine about approaching her.

Also, one of her daughters, who was about my age, and who was my friend, had died of a heart defect a little while before this happened. However, when she tried to explain to me that her daughter could not come out to play with me, I did not understand. I was always a sensitive boy, and precocious far beyond my years. However, since my earliest memories were from Taiwan, where I was raised without television or any entertainment other than what mischief my friends and I could get into outside, I had no concept about the rest of the world.

She quickly hushed me, and told me not to say another word until we got home, whereupon she would explain everything to me, which she did. Thereafter, I had nothing but African-American friends for many years.

Her mom was so kind to me, and sort of surprised, I guess, that I brought flowers to her, that she cried when I showed up on her porch. After all, her daughter was just sick, and I had even been sick myself. With this history, and knowing how kind she was to me—always taking the time to talk to me, even if she was busy or talking to the other neighborhood ladies—I never hesitated to go over to her house to ask what in the world did this or that mean?

When I asked her, I will never forget the look on her face. She was, I think, a bit surprised, but she also looked almost as if she was going to laugh.

She immediately bent over to pick me up, which she had never done before, and which I found a bit odd. I think that she could see the apprehension in my face, because she sat on her front porch steps and sat me on her knee with a slight smile.

Through this task, what it created was a bond of commonality.

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She is a writer, and she recognizes that. Was it challenging to make this character feel so authentic with the wardrobe and hair, instead of having her come across as an actor who is just playing dress-up?

Some things I fought for and I lost, some things I fought for and I won. One of the things that I wanted to create, even in the hair, was that every small detail was to show what she does to put on that wig every day. Black women wear wigs, and we wore wigs then.

We have a hair issue. But, I wanted to do it subtley. You have the image of her in the bathtub with her corn rows, and then she has her wig on in the next shot. She puts her wig on. How she looks when she is in a room full of white women is very important to her.

I thought about all the details, even in the way she dresses when she goes to work and the way she reacts when Skeeter comes in the house. That was very difficult for Aibileen. All of that comes from doing your work, as an actress. Your job is to make it authentic and make it connected to something very human. Because your character is much more reserved and emotionally conflicted, was it also difficult to find a balance, so that audiences could connect to her?

It was very difficult, yeah. We always get the shit end of the stick. Flashy characters are more entertaining to people because you get it. But, at the same time, how we feel and how it shows through your eyes is a beautiful thing on film. Meryl Streep is a perfect example of that. You have to keep in character and know that the pay-off is that, when you string it altogether, what you see is a total human being.

I want to see a human being. I want to be entertained by recognizing that person as someone that I know and someone who is multi-faceted. What was it like to balance that quiet performance with Emma Stone and Octavia Spencer, whose personalities are so strong in the film?

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Was it fun to get to play with them? No characters are the same. And, each character balances the other character.

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Minny balances Aibileen out because she keeps her light and she saves her from caving into her grief. Even in theater, people are not so much into creating characters anymore. People who are alone all the time never grow.

Those hermits just stay the same. Relationships change us and make us grow. How did you develop the chemistry that sustained itself through the movie?

We all loved each other. I think I got acting training, so I can just fake it.

aibileen and minny relationship goals

How was it to work with Tate Taylor, who was so passionate about this project? First of all, Tate is the best collaborator. It probably comes from growing up in the South and being new to it all.

aibileen and minny relationship goals

He really fights for what he believes in. He fought for Octavia in this role.

aibileen and minny relationship goals