Adnan and hae relationship quiz

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adnan and hae relationship quiz

My reading quizzes reflect this new focus on nuance and depth rather than a surface reading .. How did Hae and Adnan's relationship break this expectation ?. Both Hae Min Lee and Syed were honor students and children from immigrant families who had concealed their relationship from their. The Outside World. The Story of Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed, The Man Convicted of Her Murder .. Take This Quiz to Find Out · Pro Wrestlers.

With the way things have been since 7: Not between us, but mostly about the stuff around us. I seriously DID expect you accept, although not understand. Hate me if you will but you should remember that I could never hate you. Hae was elated to be back together with Adnan. Every time I close my eyes I see my baby Adnan but I keep on thinking about someone else. Her and Adnan had split again sometime before Christmas Eve. After the breakup, Hae had been involved in a minor car accident.


Adnan and Don both came to check out the car and it was a cordial interaction. Hae even said so in mentioned it in her diary. On Christmas Eve, Hae and Don have their first date. Dinner and a movie. This is complete bull. The breakup was very recent. For these reasons, drabbing on about a new love interest to Adnan after their recent breakup would be taboo. However, I do believe that Hae kept flirting with Adnan.

Lawyers for Serial's Adnan Syed have made it to court in a bid to secure his freedom

For Christmas Hae bought Adnan an expensive jacket. She still loved him but now she had to choose. She wanted to have her cake and eat it too.

But this also leads me to believe that Jay knew about it days in advance too. This explains why the calls were so short. Hae was with Don.

adnan and hae relationship quiz

Hae gets home and starts to write in her journal. Hae would write in her diary for the last time. I hypothesize that the conversation might have gone something like this…. Please respect my space and leave me alone. Hae wanted her space. She was in love with Don. Adnan gives Stephanie a stuffed reindeer for her birthday. Driving around to find a spot to dump the body.

The two of them decide to cope out a place to bury her body. They decide on Leakin State Park.

adnan and hae relationship quiz

Class started at Adnan, Hae and Aisha are all in the same class. The last time Aisha saw Hae was in this class. Asia sees him there, has conversation with him and introduces Adnan to her boyfriend and his friend. She told Debbie that she was going to go and pick up her cousin then meet Don at the mall. Hae gets in her car and drives to go get a snack in front of the gym.

Hae told Summer that she would find her own way to the game. Hae probably picks him up at the library around 2: Then he strangled her. I think this was an attempt to establish an alibi by telling her that they were somewhere else together Best Buy Parking Lot 3: Near Woodlawn High School 4: She was supposed to pick up her cousin at 3: They call her friends to ask around. Krista leaves a message for Adnan to call her back. Adnan checks his voicemail for 1 minute and 7 seconds.

15 Questions Unanswered In The 'Serial' Finale

No location is given 5: Aisha calls to tell him that Hae is missing and the cops are looking for her. How it all began On January 13,Senior student Hae Min Lee disappeared without a trace, causing her family to call and report her missing. She was supposed to pick up her six-year-old niece from school but never showed up.

adnan and hae relationship quiz

The last time she was seen that day was around 3: She was supposed to go to work later that day, but never showed up. Her body was just laying in a shallow grave when she was discovered on February 9th, It took two days before the body was identified as the missing Hae Min Lee. Her cause of death was determined to be of manual strangulation but other than that, that was all they knew. They also found her car nearby but with no clues as to what had happened.

Eventually, Wilds confirmed this. He was officially charged with first-degree murder. Despite what Jay Wilds said, Syed maintained his stance that he was innocent. People in Baltimore, though, believed what the police had told them. That is until more evidence came out. Jay Wilds was the sole witness Usually, when police go out and arrest someone for murder, they make sure they have a lot of good evidence to lock them away.

Because of that, the trial was very complicated. That is why the family and everyone else who cared simply took Syed as the murderer. On March 11th, a memorial service was held for Lee at her high school and it seemed like people were ready to move on. Cristina Gutierrez was the attorney that defended Syed, hired by his family. During the trial, Judge Quarles called Gutierrez up to him and accused her of lying to the jury about some evidence.

Gutierrez then asked for a mistrial, saying the jury had heard the judge call her a liar. What would have happened had the jury never heard that comment? Syed was found guilty in the 2nd trial Eventually, a second trial was held and this one went on to last six weeks.

Heard preceded his second trial. He was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years.