Acchan and takamina relationship tips

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acchan and takamina relationship tips

See more. Atsumina date Birth, Blood, Dating, Quotes, Births, Being A Mom, Takamina & Acchan #AKB48 Happy Family, Dramas, Concert, Kpop, Sisters . They do it less often (could be due to Takamina's complaints [hehe]) For ages, people doubt whether the relationship between Acchan and Yuko is genuine or not In that sense, Yuko is a good mentor in her own ways too. Episode Recap · Three Step Guide · Weekly Digest “AKB48's Captain”, Takahashi Minami x “AKB48's Ace”, Maeda Atsuko. The “interesting relationship” of the original members who have shared good and bad times . MA: (Acchan makes some comment about the cake, sorry hard to translate lol).

How…that must have been a hard time for you. There was a time when the same customers would come see every concert.

acchan and takamina relationship tips

And you know how the songs for the encore were already set? There was slowly this atmosphere that even if no one called for an encore, we would do one anyway. I think we had become numb.

AKB48: Shoujiki Shougi – Acchan vs Takamina (English sub)

And I think the customers picked up on those feelings. I totally thought I was going to collapse. So I thought, if there is no encore, is it just going to end here?! It was great that we did get an encore. There was never a time when I cried so much receiving an encore.

Graduated Team K - Oshima Yuko (Yuko)

After that, repeating the phrase on the cue card, was in a sense, more difficult. I think it was because we were so numb. We definitely felt like we returned to Shoshin.

The support technique of two people who understand each other. There were a lot of times when I thought about it. You know, under my breath. Then you should just say it out loud. And then I decided to try my best to support that Takamina in that role. I think so too. A lil bit, ne? Well, once in a while.

But there are many times when Atsuko has caught me. These are the moments Atsuko always catches me in… MA: But I just watch.

Atsuko Maeda 'graduates' from AKB48 - Japan Today

Aww Takamina is grumpy again, all tiny. But we are both the type to prefer being left alone rather than being cheered up. But Takamina you are always quietly watching over me. I wonder what is going to happen from here on? If by chance, the CD rankings were to drastically drop, I know we have the confidence to use that as a platform to try harder.

Because it took so long for us to get where we are I want to keep those feelings precious, on the opposite end, I want to be prepared when we start declining. Yeah yeah, we have to try our best too! But actually, everyday is fun. Yeah yeah, lately everyday has been very fulfilling and uber uber fun. Team A gets along really well too. An interesting relationship that surpasses even friendship.

Dude, I feel like we talked a lot. But I always get this sudden feeling that we somehow just get each other.

Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko Talk Candidly. – New School Kaidan

I wonder what Atsuko is to me. Kind of like a reflection? We always know what the other is thinking. Yeah, I kind of understand that.

acchan and takamina relationship tips

Their relationship is just more behind the scenes nowadays like Sasshi, Yukirin and Mayuyu I think. In the latest documentary No Flower Without RainYuko also expressed how she has big belief for Mayuyu after seeing her act in her solo activities.

acchan and takamina relationship tips

It's a pretty natural relationship from what I've seen. But really though, there's no point arguing about whether anyone in the group are close to each other or not.

Only the girls themselves and those who are close to them have the answer to that. For ages, people doubt whether the relationship between Acchan and Yuko is genuine or not the doubters still exist now and it doesn't help that AKB management likes to pair their aces together too, making the pairing seem a little more mechanical than it should be.

But regardless, I would like to think that all of the girls have a nice, healthy relationship with one another. A lot of people say that Yuko is less ambitious now because she isn't so bent on being 1st place for the Sousenkyo anymore but I don't agree. In her solo interview included in the Sousenkyo guide-book I'm in the midst of translating nowshe mentioned how she would be exhilarated if she can come in first place again.

Yet this would also cause her to worry whether the change in generation would come.

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Regardless, Yuko doesn't intend to step down simply because of that, and well, that's a message to all of us that we have to guard Yuko's placing with all our mights Yeah, Queen Yuko And also, Yuko's goal is to become a world-renowned actress. From her lastest catchphrase in the theaters I'm not sure whether this was ever posted, but it's the one where yuko says stuff like "My dream is to become an actress" and the audience responds with "that's right"I would say she have even bigger ambitions now, 'cause she's openly declaring on how she wants to become an actress now.

acchan and takamina relationship tips

She probably have her sights on bigger goals like challenging roles she have never done before rather than just being 1st in AKB. And, as a Yuko fan, I would love to see her thrive outside of AKB too, besides grabbing all the victories she can in the group now - This is besides the point but like people have been mentioning, Yuko's planning to mentor Tomu, but the reason why people have been saying she doesn't really seem like she's mentoring anyone is probably because her style is just not to meddle with someone's business directly.

acchan and takamina relationship tips