About a boy will and fiona relationship test

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about a boy will and fiona relationship test

Marcus, a twelve-year-old boy, and Will, a year-old man. Marcus is having problems sports clubs as Will, or who were part of the same pub-quiz team. They weren't . many things had changed when Fiona and Clive's relationship ended. necessarily complex relationship between a film and the literary work on which it is based. . Before long, however, Will, Rachel, her son, Fiona, Marcus, and a host of advertisement spend and organised numerous test screenings. Will About a Boy's Will and Fiona soon join the ranks? seem to have all the ingredients for a potential opposites-attract romantic relationship.

She startd to talk to Marcus, but Will was blocking her way. But then she told Will that why is he trying to hide his poker table. Will was scared that Fiona would get angry, but she actually said that she doesn't oppose Marcus learning poker, but that she thinks that the peron teaching him should be quilificated.

Then she went up to Marcus and startd to talk to him, how he should call her if he needs anything, and then she startd to show him pyjamas that she prepared and she told him what she packed, before she left she helped Marcus win poker against Will. Hours later Fiona drove Marcus to Jackson's house to his first sleepover. She was a bit nervous, because this is going to be the first time that they are gonna spend appart.

Before Marcus left she told him that he shold call her if he needs anything and then Marcus left and she said goodbye to him and she then left. At her home she was so bored and she tried to do everything: Later she went outisde to meditate infront of buda.

Then TJ Will's friend came to pi outisde but he pied on her laund and she said hy and asked him if he's doing that. When he asked her what is she doing she told him that she is meditatin. Then she told him that she is bored and TJ invited her to Will's poker night. She first said no, but then she changed he mind and she said yes.

Then Fiona entered Will's house for poker and she was smiling and she was glad that she found something to do. When she saw Andy she greted him and gave him a high five. Later they were all playing poker and Fiona was good at it and she was having fun. When Richard asked Will if he has something to eat Fiona said back that she gave some hummus in his fridge.

And the guys all went to eat it, but only Fiona and Will stayed and Will startd to tell Fiona how she ruined his poker night.

When Richard got a back grab Fiona quickly stayed up and she hold him and showed to him to do jogga so his back won't hurt. And then all guys except Will joined her. Later Fiona was already a bit drunk and she was telling the guys since when was she playing poker. Then TJ brought wiski and they startd to drink. Then Andy said that they should make Fiona a permenate diller and they all agreed but Will didn't. Will then said to Fiona that she could go home and that is not his foult that her only friend is her son and Fiona got upset and she went home.

There she dren with TJ and Richard. Then she got a phone call that Marcus wants her to pick him up, because his scared. Then she went to Will for help and he drove her there. There she didn't want to talk infront of Marcus, because she was drunk, then Will talked to him. Then they left and Fiona went outside to vomit.

When she heard Will screaming she and Marcus ran to see what's going on. When Will was telling Marcus that he gets a lot of money if his song gets played she told Marcus that money doesn't do everything and when Will opened the envelope and screamed because of a lot of money she said bloody hell meaning that money isn't inportant. The next day Fiona was again organazing signs for her mini socety. She was telling Marcus what he can be for mini socety.

When Marcus got excited by he king she looked at him badly and she couldn't believe that Marcus wants money so much. Hours later Fiona was at school taking papers of the box and asigning everyone their duty in British Socitey Game. When Marcus came with another girl and only king and slopmaster stayed she grabbed a papaer on which was a king for Marcus, but when she saw how he was thinking about the money she switched the card with slopmaster.

Later Fiona was in the kitchen cleaning and she was talking to Marcus. She the started to tell him how he can earn money by cleaning and doing good job. The next day Fiona was in school watching kids being in mini-society and looking at Marcus cleaning.

Later she came into Marcus's room to check on him ans she made him a muffin. When Will knocked on their dumbwaiter she went with Marcus to see what's going on and she saw that Will bought Marcus an IPad and she was angry.

Hours later Fiona was freaking out and going back to school, because she find out that one child at mini-society has been coping money to buy stuff on a shop. Later when WIll tried to bribe Fiona to have her parking place she said that he only thinks that money can do everything, but then she told him that it can't.

At school Fiona made a trap for a money printing thief and bought a pie that only a king can buy it. When she saw that it was Marcus her child she got upset and disappointed.

Marcus goes shopping because he wants to spend the weekend at his father's home in Cambridge. But at the shop are some bad guys from school who are following Marcus and put some sweets and other things in his pocket. Patel finds the things in Marcus pocket and is forced to think that he wants to steal them. Patel saw the boys so Marcus can go home without a punishment.

Will, Suzie, Marcus and Megan Summary: Will meets Suzie and Marcus at Regent's Park to the picnic. Will doesn't know Marcus because Suzie hasn't told anything about him. Will thinks that Marcus is really weird so he treats him not nicely. His behavior towards Marcus is quite unfriendly but Marcus doesn't act better than Will.

Later that day Will forgets Ned, his son, in conversation with Suzie. Meanwhile Marcus wants to feed a duck, but the piece of bread is too big so he kills the duck.

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Suzie, Will, Marcus and the Parkkeeper Summary: Marcus is shocked about the dead duck. A parkkeeper appears to punish Marcus for his "murderer" but Will defends him. After the parkkeeper goes away, they bring Marcus home. When they arrive at the flat they find Fiona lying on the sofa, looking really ill. She had attempted suicide so Will calls the ambulance. On the one hand Suzie is really angry about Fiona because she has a child but on the other side she's also afraid of life-threatening situation.

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Will, Marcus and Suzie Summary: Will, Suzie and Marcus are going to the hospital. He tries to make Marcus happy and is friendly to him because he feels pity for him. Will now invents Paula, his ex-wife because Suzie wants to know the name of her. Marcus, Fiona and Suzie Summary: Fiona has written a farewell Abschiedsbrief and Marcus finds it when he gets home from hospital.

Later that day Suzie comes to bring Fiona back home. Marcus feels really strange and is afraid of his mother's health so he decides not to trouble her that they can spend a normal evening with no trouble. Marcus and Will Summary: Suzie calls Will and asks him if he could take a little bit care about Marcus because she thinks he's lonely. Will agrees and buys a magazine to find out what he can do with Marcus when he takes him out. In the afternoon Marcus calls Will.

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He uses the chance to invite Marcus to do something with him, but Marcus only wants to if he can take his mum with them. Later that day Will visits the mother care shop to buy a car seat to convince to Marcus and Fiona that Ned exists.

Marcus, Will and Fiona Summary: Marcus wants to go to Planet Hollywood because he has heard that you can meet sometimes meet celebrities there. But they have to wait a really long time so Fiona and Will decide to go to another restaurant. At the restaurant which Will has recommended Fiona and Marcus tell him that they are vegetarians. Will can't understand this. He also can't find anything good at Fiona so it's a terrible afternoon for them.

Will visits Marcus and Fiona for the first time. But now he really knows that Fiona absolutely is not his type. At home Marcus and Fiona are singing "Killing me softly" at the piano with eyes closed what makes Will feeling sick. Later that week Marcus visits Will and they spent an afternoon together. That's why Marcus knows now that Will doesn't have a child but he doesn't really care about it. Marcus visits Will again. Will doesn't know why but they spend the afternoon again together and talk about many things like music and television.

Will, Marcus, some guys from school and the shop assistant Summary: Will almost likes Marcus' visits. One day Marcus ran away from some bad guys from school and comes to Will's flat to be secured.

That day Will recognizes that Marcus is a really poor kid with no friends and no luck so Will and Marcus go out shopping. Will wants to buy Marcus cool, but expensive shoes. Marcus doesn't want this but at least Will can convince him. The day after Marcus visits Will again after school, but without the cool boots.

The kids in school had stolen them. Fiona is really mad about Marcus because she doesn't know about his visits at Will's flat. But she's also mad about Will because she thinks he is only so nice to Marcus because he wants to abuse him.

That's why they start a real big discussion. Then Fiona and Marcus have a discussion, too. Fiona doesn't like that Marcus makes decisions without asking her before. Fiona and Will Summary: Will listens to his father's song first time this year.

about a boy will and fiona relationship test

He hates this song although he earns money with it. Fiona calls him in the afternoon. She thinks that Will already take part in Marcus' life because he chooses him as his personal role model.

Question 16 This little boy has been through some stuff. He's the youngest of Frank and Monica's children, although, his lineage was questioned at one point.

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It was proven that he is their biological child. He's also the one who suffered the most from Fiona's downward spiral. Despite all of this, He's turned out to be an okay kid. Frank even got him enrolled in a private school where he's currently a student. Can you name this Gallagher? Question 17 This is Ian's love of a lifetime. Jamie Milkovich Terry Milkovich Mickey Milkovich The Shameless producers can bring in all of the new love interests for Ian that they want, yet none of his relationships will ever compare to the one he had with this guy.

He was the neighborhood bad ass. The brother of Mandy and Ian's on again, off again lover. He fought off coming out for as long as he could, even getting married on his father's orders. Still, nothing, not even himself, could stop him from loving Ian. Question 18 This guy took Fiona for a spin in his cop car. Do you know his name? The only problem was that she only had eyes for Steve, aka Jimmy. He was a police officer on the Southside who would bring Frank home for Fiona and on occasion helped when her brothers got into trouble.

Even if it only meant he could get a shot with Fiona. Fiona did date him once, or twice, then she just dropped the poor guy, but not before she gave him a ride in his cop car. Question 19 This mother would do anything for her daughter.

about a boy will and fiona relationship test

Her daughter, Veronica wanted to give her boyfriend a kid, but she thought she wasn't going to be able to conceive. That's when Kev and V asked her mom to be their surrogate.

about a boy will and fiona relationship test

She agreed, yet they couldn't afford the proper procedure and went the old-fashioned way. This woman literally slept with her daughter's boyfriend to conceive a child for them. Do you remember her name?

Question 20 The Russian prostitute with brilliant business sense. Sasha Sabina Svetlana This lady is pretty unforgettable.

She slept with Mickey in front of Ian at the request of Mickey's father. She married Mickey and forced him to stay with her and their baby despite knowing he was in love with Ian.

The woman started off the show giving hand jobs, yet ended up in a throuple with Kev and V, while secretly stealing their bar out from under them. She's cold-hearted, conniving, and witty. Who is this prostitute with brilliant business sense? Question 21 You should recognize this face anywhere!

Can you name him? He's not going to win any father of the year awards, but he's their dad and they've consistently cleaned up his messes ever since the series premiere.