American Son. A Novel. Brian Ascalon Roley (Author) to mind Cormac McCarthy and Denis Johnson, American Son is the story of two Filipino brothers adrift in. American Son has ratings and 45 reviews. Rachelle said: Realistic and edgy portrayal. I know exactly what the two brother, Tomas and Gabe feel, and h. Brian Ascalon Roley. American Son. Plot overview and analysis written by an experienced literary critic. Full study guide for this title currently under development.

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It has made me appreciate and respect my family a lot more. The brothers really did love their mother but showed it differently. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Aug 04, Rebecca Lien rated it liked it Shelves: But that is just Roley keeping it real.

We were the foreign ones with the weird clothes and our mother was very much like Tomas and G Realistic and edgy portrayal.

Everything else seemed to work, especially the characterizations. Friends who claim they’re Italian or hang with Mexicans. Her American husband divorces her and she works two jobs to make ends meet.

Although I am not Filipina, I felt that I was able to relate to a lot of what Tomas and Gabe were feeling, spn as it relates to feelings of shame, especially about their immigrant mother. Whether this is deliberate or not cannot be confirmed. The narrator is younger brother Gabe, who tries to avoid the tar pit of Tomas’s waywardness, yet moves ever closer to embracing it. Or does that make the book disappointing? At the same time, I think the intention of the ambiguous ending was not for something overly dramatic to happen but for the reader to root for Gabe to do something more dramatic than what amercian expected of him before, without going OOC.

Novel Conversations: American Son, by Brian Ascalon Roley

Yet Tomas runs a legitimate business, too; he raises attack dogs with German names like Greta and Heinrich. A very sad rad and a case of intelligent youth just wasting their lives through some sort of anger and resentment against society.

Cart Support Signed in as: I completely understood the Fedco scene and later on the scene at the pharmacy when the salesgirl pointedly ignored their mother and acted like she was nonperson, the Asian mother who shies away from sales people and feels ignored and shunted aside, and people who look down on them with the broken English.


Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Two brothers are sons of a Filipino mother and a white American father. It didn’t seem to go anywhere. Written init remains as fresh and relevant today by keeping the spotlight turned on the ambiguities of race faced by Filipino-Americans often mistaken for Latino by their Spanish surnames and their skin tone. Told with a hard-edged purity that brings to mind Cormac McCarthy and Denis Johnson, American Son is the story of two Filipino brothers adrift in contemporary California.

It was a nice view into the world of those who have immigrated here from the Philippines.

A Tale for the Time Being: They translate their crimes into gifts; Tomas replaces Ika’s plastic sink handles with stolen chrome fixtures. The younger son there is more hope for but he is pulled in all directions – big brother is horrible and controlling, other ineffective and struggling but he tries to help her, and other relatives who also put in their two penneth.

Refresh and try again. Ivy, who is very timid and insecure about her thick Filipino accent, relies on Gabe, the younger son, to help her communicate and get regular errands done. With clean, beautifully understated prose and a chin-thrust-forward attitude, “American Son” suggests that Gabriel’s own self-loathing and alienation prevent him from grasping the opportunities laid out for him by his mother and lead him to a life of violence he’s known too well at the hand of Tomas.

The younger son there is mor This is a book that spares no one.

And at the end, they stood up for her the only way they knew how, and even though the story had no real ending, it is realistic for literary fiction and I appreciate that the author did not foist an unrealistic sappy happy ending when life is not that way.

It reads quickly, with some points leaving you quite at the edge of your seat, making for an entertaining read especially for homework! I found it lacking in plot and character development. I thought it was a fun foray into Filipino-American literature. But Betino’s sister Ika, divorced from her American husband and living in the U. Formerly deemed a mama’s boy, Gabe runs away, stealing his brother’s prized Oldsmobile and best dog, trying to escape his brother’s growing influence.


Please try again later. Mar 23, Erwin Magbanua rated it liked it.

American Son

My family had moved to America before I was born and because of this novel I think about the struggles they have gone through for the sake achieving the American dream. A little after the family had moved from the Philippines to California, the father leaves them.

Oct 21, Don rated it liked it Shelves: A powerful novel a,erican ethnically fluid California, and the corrosive relationship between two Filipino brothers. Come home, urges Uncle Betino in a letter from Manila at the beginning of Roley’s amdrican. As some others have mentioned, it is repetitive, the characters are a bit hard to become connected to, and the plot and climax are amsrican bit on the strange, unsatisfactory side.

Looking back now, I feel ashamed for having ever felt embarrassed or not proud of my mother and who she is just because others treated her poorly because of her status in this society. In many ways, this was a predictable s I found this book to be deeply disturbing. Add both to Cart Add both to List. I had the privilege of attending a reading and book signing of Ascalon Roley and with how humble and soft spoken he is you would never guess that this book would be such a punch in the gut.

I’m grateful that I know I have come a long way from that, but I still have room to grow. Sep 28, Derek rated it really liked it. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

View Full Version of Rroley. Maybe now, younger Filipinos have more pride and nationalism, but I have friends who have Filipino mothers, but are half white and they have green eyes and light skin. My mother had a parking lot incident where a woman accused her of denting her car with a shopping cart, even though my mother was returning the cart to the holder and wasn’t near her car.

I liked the perspective from which the story was americah the younger brother’s.