Download Citation on ResearchGate | ALIRAN FEMINISME DALAM MAJALAH WANITA COSMOPOLITAN Analisis Framing Majalah Cosmopolitan Edisi Maret. Tokoh aliran ini adalah Naomi Wolf, sebagai “Feminisme Kekuatan” yang merupakan solusi. Kini perempuan telah mempunyai kekuatan dari. Abstract. Feminism is the ideology developed by the Western Europe in order to fight for equality between the two types of people: men and.

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Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang. A text have never gets out of ideology and has manipulation ability of reader to towards an ideology. Now, the feminists has wide access to mass media to promote orthogonal transformation of feminism. This thing pushed by awareness that through mass media they can do attainment fwminisme opposing basal structure or power elite.

Now many woman magazines assumed carries feminist values.

Popular is magazine Cosmopolitan. This woman monthly conceived of bollard borns it new generation of woman who is inheriting clarification of feminism.


Aliran Feminisme Modern dan Aliran Feminisme Menurut Islam

Whereas other assumption accuses magazine with exemplar per month of this as magazine which only sell woman sexuality. Feminist ideology in magazine Cosmopolitan assumed to be wrong in representation of Iiberation of woman.

Thereby, analysis framing is approach at the same time correct theory in analysing research problems. This research applies approach in framing Zhongdang Pan and Gerald M.

Kosicki purpose of this research is to know how Cosmopolitan frames feminism in Cosmopolitan magazine on edition March This research scope is five fruit of article at some rubrics in magazine Cosmopolitan edition of March Selected based on research focus that is feminism discourse.

All this element divided into four big structures that is structure sintaktis, scrip, tematic, and retoris. From result of data analysis, hence can be taken conclusion that in Cosmopolitan magazine applies approach feminiisme three feminism streams that is radical feminism, liberal and postmodern.


Feminism opinion sight with theme lifting about some important advise in having career and article about how the importance feminismd woman empowerment. Idea of feminism of posmodernism seen at themes explained woman feminity related to strength and woman power.


Whereas idea of feminism of radical seen from article Cosmopolitan which with detail tells strength and woman greatness, and mengekspos lacking of man. At one of article serving tips-tips socialization with man, Cosmopolitan even positions man as woman enemy. Based on research is upper, can be recommended to media as producer, for always refers to ethical responsibility for package feminism ideology in media text proportionally as woman empowerment media, non medium to grow prejudice in issue gender.