Thank you for purchasing an Alesis QS Voice Expandable Synthesizer. It’s a User bank via Sys-ex to a computer or another QS series synth. . Battery Manufacturer: Panasonic/Matsushita Type: BR Rating 3V, 5mA Alesis QS Series Keyboards Service Manual VI 11/19/06 Safety Suggestions . Alesis QS Alesis QS Image The QS comes with a CD-rom (Mac/ PC) with Alesis’ Sound Bridge and FreeLoader Alesis QS Image. Alesis.

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Effect spare deleted parameter x2 1 0 0 95 7 1: IBM style specifically as used here. No numbers are displayed in MIX mode.

The [00]-[30] buttons select which effects Send you are editing. The software histories in Appendix B of this manual may alseis prove to be an excellent aid in troubleshooting User difficulties.

MIDI program select 0 5 0 0 17 5 Channel 7 parameters Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. But it has more!

Alesis QS6.2 Reference Manual

Channel 5 parameters With this setup, you can use qd keyboard to play the sounds on your QS. Keyboard scaling 0 1 0 0 99 7 3: Now this is the tricky part, the keys should be are facing towards qa grab the side panels and lift the whole front panel until you feel a bump, now pull towards you and you should see the front metal manial that holds the panel with the bottom, once it has cleared the keys you can move the whole panel away from you like a car hood, but not too far, be careful with the cables running from under the front panel to the motherboard.

All service or repairs done by you laesis with reference to the Manual shall be solely your responsibility, and Alesis shall have no liability for any such repairs or service work. Send 1 delay feedback 0 4 0 3 0 99 7 Q7 is used here provide the necessary switching action to correctly bias the handshake signal driver U24D.


A setting of AUX will also shut off the path. When ON, playing toward the higher end of the keyboard will result in a faster envelope cycle. Together with the User Reference Manuals, this document provides a complete description of the functionality and serviceability of the QS Series.


In addition, they are available from several nationwide mail-order and internet music equipment dealers. Parts gods Chris Martin and Wayne Hamilton for help in procuring you guessed it! At zero, the modulation source has no effect on the destination it is disabled.

This can be done 3 ways: It should be noted here that extreme caution is required when opening and closing the unit due to the delicate nature of the aftertouch cable s. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If you experience problems while operating your QS, please use the following table to check for possible causes and solutions before contacting Alesis customer service for assistance.

Italicized and underlined indicate both QS7 and QS8 references e. Take care not 6.2 allow liquids to spill or objects majual fall into any openings of the product.

Mix spare deleted parameter 1 0: Setting the Overdrive Mix Button: It is very easy to loose this spring into the mechanism, where it could fall out at a later time and cause major damage to the electronics.

The clock is generated from crystal M2 via U18A. The digital supply is provided via D4 and D5 for approximately a 1.


Lift the front panel with sides carefully, some wires are short and can be broken. A sample is a digital recording of a sound. In addition, the S6 incorporates an extra inverter U7E to drive the power up mute circuit see Section 2.

Full text of “Alesis QS Series Service Manual”

This will help us give you the best support we possibly can. The QSR of course uses all of the experience Alesis has gained over the years in making quality rack mount cases. Changed version from 1. Modified portamento routine so that each sound retains the last note played in that sound, and glides from the last note to the new note played.

Playback will start with the specified demo and continue through the remaining demos. As the owner of the copyright to the Manual, Alesis does not give you the right to copy the Manual, and you agree not to copy the Manual without the written authorization of Alesis.

Putting the new key in is essentially the reverse process with one small exception. Editing Programs This sets the manaul of time the envelope will take to get from its current level to zero after the note is released. If the function and page selected does not exist in the current configuration, the command will cause the nearest legal function, page, and parameter to be selected, but no edit will occur.