Get the guaranteed best price on Powered Studio Monitors like the Alesis M1 Active USB Studio Monitor Pair at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free . Thanks for choosing the Alesis M1Active USB desktop monitors – the perfect In addition to their superior speaker design, the M1Active USB monitors. Alesis never fails to surprise us with their unusual designs. Alesis M1 Active USB is one such model, while it is also one of the best choices for a monitor.

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Flip that Bass Boost and you can dig a little bit deeper should you need to. We are here to help you and save your time and money at the same time.

Both of the cabinets are ported in the rear, so some caution is necessary when positioning them back first against a wall. Please state accurate facts and be objective. It does not require any special drives for it to function properly.

Be the first to receive updates and reviews on unique gift ideas. This m1active studio monitor is easy to use. You’ll never give a boring gift again with our never ending list of amazing products.

Alesis M1 Active USB Studio Monitor Pair | eBay

All a person has to do is plug in the USB cable to the computer that a person is using. Decent core performance suitable for beginners. Your email address will not be published.

The Alesis M1Active delivers a high level of speaker performance for your computer desktop. Alesiz product promises the highest quality of sound that you deserve.

Alesis M1 Active 320 USB Review – Functionality In The Budget Range

Considering the price range, there is only so much we can expect in terms of looks. There are 3 important parts to a home theater These can literally serve as an interim recording interface until you get something better. This gadget enables the user to play audio from the computer itself as well as record the audio that is coming in through the speaker to your computer where you can customize it to your liking.


Response is decent across the range, with obvious bias in the lows. What We don’t like Cheap looking design that avtive have been done better.

One of the complains is that the sound in the headphones m11 not up to the mark as the rest of the sound quality when using this equipment but this can be rectified by using the loudspeakers with an M-Audio sound card and any other interferences can also alesiw taken care of while using the headphones by increasing the volume to its maximum.

A music loving person will do anything to alessis the best equipment that will allow him the chance to her the sound of music properly.

The size of the equipment is also adequate for proper placement in ones room without it occupying more space than necessary. This eBook will help you will teach you the fundamentals of constructing your very own home theater. However, it is worth keeping in mind that this feature definitely takes away from whatever transparency is there to begin with.

On the other side, there is a 3. No wonder the people have given this product a rating of 4. Again, that is the case with most speakers in this price range. Click here to read more reviews. Nearly every review we were able to find online gave this studio monitor is a five star rating. In this ebook, we are going to be concerned with understanding the video and audio portions. If you look at the front of the active cab, you will see a volume knob that is also a power switch.

If you are looking for high quality equipment that enables you to listen to sound coming from your computers while you play games or while watching a movie or when listening to music then the Alesis M1Active usb studio monitor is the right choice for you.

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While they might not be the most transparent monitors out there, Alesis M1 Active USB definitely offer a great combination of features and performance. The appropriate research can do wonders if done properly.


In our website you will see our personal recommendations based on our knowledge and extensive research. In this particular case, both speakers are capable of delivering 10 Watts RMS. Awesome yet unusual features that give these speakers additional value. Front panel features light gray baffles around each transducer, as well as fixed grilles.

Regarding the price of this gadget it is a good investment to make and it delivers the best results. Alesis never fails to surprise us with their unusual designs. Things such as keyboards, microphones, DJ mixers along with standard CD or record players can all easily be attached to the alesis usb studio monitor. Cabinets are black, compact and boxy. Some of them are actually pretty useful in a home studio environment.

In case of M1 Activetransparency is on the border of usefulness. The full range, superb sound quality given by this Alesis M1active usb studio monitor ensures that not only do you listen to the sound coming out of you computer in the best possible manner but that the recordings that you make sound as you want them to sound, as well. Our Final Verdict While they might not be the most transparent monitors out there, Alesis M1 Active USB definitely offer a great combination of features and performance.

The structure of the alesis usb studio monitor is also magnetically shielded so that it can be placed near the television and the computer monitors without any interference. Home Contact Us Privacy Policy.

Alesis has definitely found a niche that appeals to the beginner producer. What we base our rating using the product details and customer feedback. A bass Boost switch attached to the equipment helps in emphasizing the bass frequencies of the sound being played.

These look like your average set of cheap desktop features.