Airmux, based on or derived in any way from the Airmux Upon such termination by RAD, you agree to return to RAD the Airmux and all. The RAD Airmux is a carrier-class broadband point-to-multipoint radio solution for Ethernet traffic. This high capacity Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Radio . Airmux Portfolio. Base Stations. BS Mbps. BS Mbps. BS 50 Mbps. BS 25Mbps. Subscriber. Units. SU Mbps. SU

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/BS/F3XF/M/EXT Airmux HBS Mbps Base Station Radio, 3.x GHz – Talley Inc.

It is designed to support voice, data and high resolution video applications, as well as business-grade Ethernet VPN services with differentiated QoS capabilities. The portfolio combines extensive support for legacy services with future-proof Ethernet capabilities to address the challenges faced by utilities, transportation networks, carriers, and mobile operators in migrating to next-generation networks and services with flexibility, efficiency and carrier-class reliability.

Airmux flyer Airmux pdf data sheet. Airmux HPMP high capacity point to multipoint uniquely secures available bandwidth per end user, guaranteeing SLA for business clients and demanding applications. High spectrum efficiency results in additional network revenue, reduced spectrum license fees and increased flexibility in frequency planning.

I’d like to buy Yes. This guarantees a robust air interface able to withstand strong RF interference and harsh ambient conditions. We aim to offer complimentary services to our customers to help them deliver the service level agreements they are contracted to provide. Immediate price quote – Call or e-mail cs bestdatasource.


For more information, view our Service Portfolio. Webmaster about the RAD portion this site. The collocation feature requires ordering the HSS unit, as well as its synchronization cables. Other RAD sections of interest: Multiband operation over 2.

RAD’s Airmux carrier-class point-to-multipoint Ethernet radio system is the ideal wireless solution for business access users demanding high-capacity throughput with guaranteed bandwidth and Service level Agreement SLA per subscriber. HSS does not eliminate the need for careful RF planning to ensure the design will work as required. The Airmux wirmux optimal radio performance with advanced OFDM and MIMO, enhanced interference mitigation, inter- and intra-site synchronisation, dedicated traffic bandwidth allocation, and 500 latency, making it ideal for: The Airmux point-to-multipoint Ethernet radio system offers high throughput, guaranteed bandwidth, robust performance, and cost-effective installations, which present airmyx ideal solution for cellular backhaul, WiMAX and ISP backhaul, and broadband wireless access, as well as for large private and government networks.

HSS provides a complex radio environment of mixed services and channel bandwidth frequencies. High spectrum efficiency results in additional network revenue and performance, reduction of spectrum license fee and increased flexibility airmud frequency planning and channel selection.

It provides comprehensive and clear spectral measurement information for easier installations. Delivering the highest spectrum efficiency available in the market, it facilitates transmission of greater throughput over smaller channel bandwidth.

Airmux- 5000

Ensuring the highest spectrum efficiency available in the market, Airmux delivers greater throughput over smaller channel bandwidth. Private Networks Airmux can iarmux used in high-capacity inter-branch connectivity applications for university campuses, health care organizations, government institutions, large enterprises and public establishments with high traffic requirements.


The Airmux delivers optimal 50000 performance with advanced OFDM and MIMO, enhanced interference mitigation, inter- and intra-site synchronisation, dedicated traffic bandwidth allocation, and low latency, making it ideal for:. Airmux is the ideal wireless system for business access users demanding high capacity throughput and Ethernet SLA assurance.

Featuring up to Mbps symmetrical full duplex sector capacity and shared base station architecture, a single Airmux base station aairmux up to 16 remote Subscriber Units SUs with multi-band operation over 4.

Like any other RF deployment, the wireless operation is highly dependent on factors such as available frequencies, the physical space between radios, other interfering radios. This ensures data transmission integrity under harsh conditions. Large corporate clients can build their networks to eliminate the recurring fee of incumbent leased line services, while maintaining a secured dedicated capacity per site. RAD provides a novel approach that prevents a Subscriber Unit SUsuffering from inferior transmission performance, from airmkx impacting available capacity of other SUs that share the same sector.