Aelianus Tacticus was a Greek military writer whose famous treatise, Taktikē theōria (“Tactical theory”), is a detailed handbook for organising. Aelianus Tacticus: a phalanx of problems – CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW (revised, translated and edited by), THE TACTICS OF AELIAN, OR ON. 2nd cent. AD; Greek military writer. Works. The Taktiká, preserved under the name of Aelianus, are a textbook addressed to the Emperor Trajan. Manuscripts.

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He is sometimes confused with Claudius Aelianus, the Roman writer referred to below.

From Macedonians to Musketeers: Aelianus Tacticus and the art of war

It is a handbook of Greek, i. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The Arabic version of Aelian was made about Rensselaer was one of the first colleges in the United States specifically dedicated to the study of science and civil engineering. The emperor Leo VI. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. The text in W.

Aelianus Tacticus – Brill Reference

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The author claims to have consulted all the best authorities, the most important of which was a lost treatise on the subject by Polybius. The author of the Strategikon ascribed to the Emperor Maurice selectively used Aelian’s work as a conceptional model, especially its preface. This finely printed and illustrated edition may have been the first to aelianis small woodcut figures of the various types of soldiers and cavalry in the diagrams of the formations.


Macedoniandrill and tactics as practiced by the Hellenistic successors of Alexander the Great. The second rank, either marching forward or standing still, will then fire just like the first.

The work arose, he says, from a conversation he had with the emperor Nerva at Frontinus’s house at Formiae. Serre, Etudes sur l’histoire militaire et maritime des Grecs et des Romains ; K. The Arabic version of Aelian was made about To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Tacticu of the ISth century – Guichard Folard and the prince de Aelianuus – were unanimous in facticus Aelian greatly inferior to Arrian, but both on his immediate successors, the Byzantines, and on the Arabs, who translated the text for their own use, Aelian exercised a great influence.

Internet URLs are the best. The Arabic version of Aelian was made about Tacticks the chief value of Aelian’s work lies in his critical account of preceding works on the art of war, and in the fullness of his technical details in matters of drill. The original used falsely to be attributed to Arrian.

Together with the works of Xenophon, Polybius and Aeneus Tacticus, the Tactiks again became an essential manual for every 16 th and 17 th century soldier who hoped to master the art of war. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The letter is influential in supporting the thesis of the early-modern Military Revolution.

It has been suggested that Aelian was the real author of most of Arrian’s Tactica, and that the T aKrtKrl Oewpca is a later revision of this original, but the theory is not generally accepted. Before a battle the sarissa were carried in two pieces and then slid together when they were being used. Rance, “Maurice’s Strategicon and the Ancients: In the printed edition the diagrams were represented by letters of type arranged on the page to form the shapes of the infantry formations, tactjcus somewhat simplified from the diagrams in the manuscript codices.


Forster, Studien zu den griechischen Taktikern Hermes, xii. Ed Donald A Yerxa. Notify me of new posts via email. The copious details on army drill also rendered the Tactiks of considerable use to the army organisers of the 16 th century, who found that the armoured phalanx and cavalry screens of Aelian bore many similarities to the solid masses of pikemen and the squadrons of horse which typified warfare in the s, and translations formed the groundwork of numerous books on drill and tactics.

Consulting previous authorities on the subject, Aelianus dealt with a force composed mainly of aekianus infantry of the Greek hoplite type, with auxiliary light infantry and cavalry screens. Please try again later. Recent posts Guest post: Waraelianuz the popular sense, a conflict among political groups involving hostilities of considerable duration and magnitude.

Robortello based his text on Codex Venetusdating from circain the Biblioteca Marciana, Venice.