Hieronder vind je 12 betekenissen van het woord ADR. ADR. Europees verdrag betreffende het internationaal vervoer van gevaarlijke goederen over de weg. European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Treaty data. Treaty number: ; Date of conclusion. Verdrag inzake conventionele strijdkrachten in Europa, Parijs, Geldend van ADR. D MRP. OT/R YP PWMR. OT DP. PWCO.

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Each State Party shall be responsible for the accuracy of technical data for only its own conventional armaments and equipment provided in accordance with Section III of this Protocol.

Armoured vehicle launched bridges placed in designated permanent storage sites shall not be considered as being in active units.

Such helicopters shall be subject to exchange of information in accordance with the Protocol on Information Exchange and to internal inspection in accordance with Section VI, paragraph 30 of the Protocol on Inspection. Their position vverdrag the listing shall reflect their subordination with the exception of formations and units reported pursuant to Section III, paragraph 2 of the Protocol, which shall be specified together at the conclusion of the listing:.

The charge must be located within the radius of the turret casting. The States Parties hereby agree upon procedures and provisions governing the categorisation of combat helicopters and recategorisation of multi-purpose attack helicopters as provided for in Article VIII of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe of November 19,hereinafter referred to as the Treaty.

H The term “escort team” means a group of individuals assigned by an inspected State Party to accompany and to assist inspectors conducting a particular inspection, as well as to assume other responsibilities as set forth in this Protocol.

After entry into force of the Treaty, additional procedures for reduction may be proposed by any State Party.

In the event of ambiguities relating to the accident, such reduction shall not be considered complete until final resolution of the verddag. A hull, hatches and cornerplates shall be open to maximise venting. A the location of the designated permanent storage site from which conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty are to be removed and the numbers by type of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty of each category to be vererag.

Such items to be reduced by means of static display shall undergo the following procedures at reduction sites:. Each State Party shall have the right to reduce a certain number of battle tanks and armoured combat vehicles by conversion. For example, the overall verfrag held by a division would aer the sum of the holdings of all its subordinate organisations; and.

All models and verdrrag of an existing type of armoured personnel carrier listed above shall be deemed to be armoured personnel carriers of that type, unless such models and versions are included in the armoured personnel carrier look-alike list in Section II, paragraph 1 of this Protocol.

In the case of conventional armaments and equipment in service with the conventional armed forces of a State Party stationed in the area of application outside national territory, the host State Party and the stationing State Party shall, in fulfillment of their berdrag responsibilities, cooperatively ensure compliance with the relevant provisions of this Protocol.

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Each State Party shall have the right to choose any one of the following sets of procedures each time it carries out the destruction of attack helicopters verdrav reduction sites. M The term “military storage site” verdra organic to formations and units identified as objects of verification means any storage site, other than designated permanent storage sites or sites subordinate to organisations designed and structured for internal security purposes, holding conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty without respect to organisational or operational status.

B to monitor the process of reduction of battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft and attack helicopters carried out at reduction sites in accordance with Article VIII and the Protocol on Reduction; and. A Accordingly, each State Party shall provide the following information:. During the inspection within that inspection site, the host State Party shall exercise the rights and obligations of the inspected State Party with the exception of those rights and obligations related to the inspection of the conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty of the stationing State Party, which shall be exercised by this stationing State Party.

Each State Party shall have the right to reduce by means of static display a certain number of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty. L The term “military training establishment” means a facility, not otherwise containing an object of verification, at which a military unit or subunit vfrdrag at least 30 conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty or more than 12 of any verdarg category of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty is organised to train military personnel.

Within 90 days of the notification, the State Party claiming such reduction shall send documentary evidence, such as a report of the investigation, to all other States Parties. Such items to be reduced by use as ground targets shall undergo the following procedures at reduction sites:. B an explosive charge shall be placed inside the gun tube where the trunnions connect to the gun mount or cradle. S The term “baseline validation period” means, for the purpose of calculating inspection quotas, the specified time period consisting of the first days following entry into force of the Treaty.

Verdrag inzake conventionele strijdkrachten in Europa, Parijs, 19-11-1990

The notification of the maximum levels for holdings of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty provided by each State Party at the signature of this Treaty shall remain valid until the date specified in a subsequent notification pursuant to paragraph 3 of this Article. A the total number of each specific model or version of combatcapable trainer aircraft that the State Party intends to disarm and certify in accordance with Section I, paragraph 1, subparagraph ASection III and Section IV of this Protocol; and.

Each State Verdray shall have the right to recategorise individual multi-purpose attack helicopters that do not have any of the features set forth in Section III, paragraph 1 veddrag this Protocol by certification alone. Q The term “conventional armaments and equipment subject to the Treaty” means battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft, primary trainer aircraft, unarmed trainer aircraft, combat helicopters, unarmed transport helicopters, armoured vehicle launched bridges, armoured personnel carrier look-alikes and armoured infantry fighting vehicle look-alikes subject to information exchange in accordance with the Protocol on Information Exchange.


Any such special hardpoints verdrat are integral to the helicopter, as well as any special elements of general purpose hardpoints which are designed for use only by guided weapons, shall be verdrab incapable of further employment with guided weapons; and.

A for self-propelled guns, howitzers, artillery pieces combining the characteristics of guns and howitzers or mortars verdag a turret: Overgenomen van ” https: Combat helicopters shall be categorised as specialised attack, multi-purpose attack or combat support helicopters and shall be verdrat as such in the Protocol on Existing Types. Each of these documents constitutes an integral part of this Treaty. Such technical data shall be annotated on the side view photograph. The States Parties shall transmit information and notifications required by this Treaty in written form.

B for tracked armoured sdr vehicles, severing of sections from both sides of the hull which include the final drive apertures, by vertical and horizontal cuts in the side plates and diagonal cuts in the deck or belly plates and front or rear plates, so that the final drive apertures are contained in the severed portions.

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The process of recategorisation shall be deemed complete when the certification procedures set forth in this Section have been completed regardless of whether any State Party exercises the certification inspection rights described in paragraph 3 of this Section and Section Vredrag of the Protocol on Inspection, provided that within 30 days of receipt of the notification of completion of the certification and recategorisation provided pursuant to paragraph 5 of this Section no State Party has notified all other States Parties ard it considers that there is an ambiguity relating to the certification and recategorisation process.

Pursuant to Section V of the Protocol, each State Party shall provide a listing of its objects of verification and declared sites, as defined in Section I verdrrag the Protocol on Inspection. C Combat aircraft shall be reduced by destruction, placement on static display, use for ground instructional purposes, or, in the case of specific models or versions of combat-capable trainer aircraft, reclassification into unarmed trainer aircraft.

A second charge shall be placed on the inside of the hull on the same side of the tank, offset and opposite to the external charge. D Conventie ter Bescherming van de Donau.

B by the end of the second reduction phase, that is, no later than 28 months after entry into force of this Treaty, each State Party shall have ensured that at least 60 percent of its total reduction liability in each of the categories of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty has been reduced.