Adoniram Judson biographies, American Baptist missionary to Burma. Adoniram Judson, Jr. (August 9, – April 12, ) was an American Congregationalist and later Baptist missionary, who served in Burma for almost forty. Adoniram Judson. ( – ). Apostle of the Love of Christ in Burma by Eugene Myers Harrison. THERE IT WAS — the site of the historic Let-ma-yoon prison.

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Memoir of Sarah B. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. The vast blue ocean, to which his body was committed a few days later, seemed to Adoniram Judson a beautiful symbol of the love of Christ The old man went on his way, rejoicing aloud and declaring his resolution to make known the eternal God and the dying love of Jesus, all along the banks of the Yoon-za-len, his native stream.

In these deserts let me labor, On these mountains let me tell How He died — The blessed Savior, To redeem a world from hell.

Henceforth he was magnificently captivated by the love of Christ as he explored the mystic meaning and the abounding fullness of its fourfold dimension — its breath and length, its depth and height. The collapse of Burma’s armies brought Judson out of prison, but his release was not complete freedom.

Bound judwon Burma” by Janet and Geoff Benge authors.

Adoniram Judson, First Missionary from the United States

You see, I’m an atheist. Burmese literaturethe body of writings in the Burmese language produced in Myanmar Burma. It was printed and biograpphy in The most telling factor was religion.


Making two divergent marks on the ground, he said, “This leads to eternal life, while this leads to eternal destruction. I now believe the crucifixion of Christ because it is contained in scripture. A Memoir of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Because he could barely blography above a whisper, due to pulmonary illness, his public addresses were made by speaking to an assistant, who would then address the audience.

On April 12,he died at age 61 onboard ship in the Bay of Bengal and was buried at sea, having spent 37 years in missionary service abroad with only sdoniram trip back home to America. Adoniram Judsonborn Aug. The following entry from his diary is typical: The glossy black curls had all been shorn from the finely-shaped head.


Judson, Adoniram () | History of Missiology

After eight years of loneliness following the death of Ann, Judson had married Sarah Boardman and, during their eleven years of married life, eight children were born to them, three of whom died at an early age. Then came a crushing misfortune.

As a student at Andover Seminary, Judson heard and read of the work that William Carey and his associates were opening up in India. But as they adonira through the long vigils of the night, the voice of the Lord comforted them, saying, “Fear not, for I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I am thy God.

As a Congregational minister, Judson sailed for India. At times mistakenly referred to as the first Protestant missionary to Burma, he was in fact preceded by James Chater and Richard Mardon who both arrived in as well as by Felix Carey.


In a letter pleading for missionary reinforcements, he speaks of “the sin of turning a deaf ear to the plaintive cry of millions of immortal beings, who, by their darkness and misery, cry, day and night, adoniran to our rescue, ye bright sons and daughters of America. I send you forth, like Paul, as a witness to distant nations. InJudson “made a solemn dedication of himself to God”.

Adoniram Judson |

The shock of learning the dying neighbor’s identity — and that Eames had led Judson away from the Christian faith into skepticism, but was now dead — returned Judson back to the faith of his biobraphy, although he was already attending the Andover Theological Seminary. Already, while in college, these young men had taken refuge from a storm under a haystack and had solemnly dedicated their lives to take the gospel to the “far away places.

Soon came upon a boat full of men. As the result of a protracted study of the New Testament in the original Greek, they decided to become Baptists.

Adoniram Judson

What an irreparable loss! He was a KarenKo Tha Byu. Their attention wandered, and they soon seemed uninterested.