Soroush, Abd al-Karim. (b. ). Iranian intellectual and political activist. Studied pharmacology in Iran, and chemistry, history, and the philosophy of science in. Iranian Intellectuals on “Islam and Democracy” Compatibility: Views of Abdulkarim Soroush and Hasan Yousuf Eshkevari. intellectuals of Iran: Abdulkarim Soroush (b. ), who sees no contradiction between Islam and the freedoms inherent in democracy, and Hasan Yousuf.

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Western Philosophy Islamic Philosophy. In this magazine he published his most controversial articles on religious pluralism, hermeneutics, tolerance, clericalism, etc.

Soroush’s ideas have met with strong opposition from conservative elements in the Islamic Republic. Philosophy of Religion Social and political philosophy. Views Read Edit View history. It is in this way that we have a plurality of democracies in the international community. Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the abolition of the institution of the Caliphate inIslam has become a focal point of reference for a variety of pan-Islamist movements, intellectual arguments and political activists.

Soroush introduced his own definition of the term Religious democracy which is now a topic in contemporary Iranian philosophy and means that the values of religion play a role in the public arena in a society populated by religious people. Soroush, too, was thus drawn into the field.

He was forbidden to publish new articles. Iran portal Biography portal. During these years, confrontation between the people and the Shah’s regime was gradually becoming more serious, karlm political gatherings of Iranians in America and Europe, and Britain in particular, were on the increase. This page was last edited on 9 November iarim, at In Oxford, professors such as Komeil SadeghiIranian philosopher influenced him so much that Soroush dedicated one of his best books named “Expansion of Prophetic Experience ” to his honourable master.

It was after srooush a master’s degree in analytical chemistry from University of London that he went to Chelsea Collegea constituent college of the University of London which was merged with two other constituent colleges: Works Cites Soroush View of Islam skewed by actions of extremists: Soroush’s political philosophy, as well, remains close to the heart of the liberal tradition, ever championing the basic values of reason, liberty, freedom, and democracy.


He has been accused by orthodox critics of preventing the Islamization of human sciences and by the opposition of the Islamic Republic regime of Iran to involvement in the dismissal of teachers. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Soroush, Abd al-Karim Source: Queen Elizabeth College and Kagim College in for studying history and philosophy of science. Inowing to certain differences which emerged between him and the management of the Teacher Training College, he secured a transfer to the Institute for Cultural Research and Studies where he has been serving as a sorous member of staff until today.

The philosophy of Abdolkarim Soroush can be summarized as follows: Religious democracy falls within the framework of modern rationality and has identifiable elements. He has welcomed of such study in his interview with Professor Forough Jahanbakhsh – inquiring into modern Iranian intellectual history.

Supplied photo The popular view of Islam has been skewed by the actions of minority extremists, according to world-renowned academics. Both he and his audiences were assaulted by Ansar-e Hezbollah vigilantees in the mids. The bloody wedding has ended and the fraudulent groom has left the bridal chamber. Soroush’s joining of the Cultural Revolution committee has been criticized on two sides.

About a thousand audio tapes of speeches by Soroush on various social, political, religious and literary subjects delivered all over the world are widely in circulation in Iran and elsewhere. The former, the essence woroush religion, is perceived as beyond human reach, eternal and divine.

Abdolkarim Soroush What is Islamic Philosophy? From Bazargan to Soroush, Brill,p. The monthly magazine that he cofounded, Kiyansoon became the most visible forum in post-revolution Iran for religious intellectualism. He is currently associated with the Iranian Academy of Philosophy. Today, in democratic states, the most unprotected of people find some protection in the law and the judiciary, which lends them a hand to fend off […]. Select Translation Selections include: While in Tehran, Soroush established studies in both history and the philosophy of science.


Soroush, Abd al-Karim – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

During the 90s, Soroush gradually became more critical of the political role played by the Iranian clergy. Later he criticized abduul and advocated the distinction between religion as the sacred and immutable body of beliefs and doctrines and religious knowledge as historically constructed by its practitioners; this led to serious tensions between his followers, mostly university students and young intellectuals, and their opponents. Last week I wrote about the most persecuted religion in the world — Christianity.

As such, they need a vigilant and transparent form of government. Abdolali Bazargan to discuss the issue of domestic violence in Iran and […]. Abdolkarim Soroush and Mr. Interview with Abdulkarim Soroush Soroish Philosophers by century CE.

Soroush, Abd al-Karim

The Iranian philosopher Abd al-Karim Soroush is an important thinker on the topics of religion knowledge and how this relates to reason. Soroush’s political theory is in line with the modern tradition from Locke to the framers of the American constitution.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I would like, if I may, to address a few words to you. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Abdolkarim Soroush

Soroush’s main thesis, entitled The Theoretical Contraction and Expansion of Shari’a separates religion per se from religious knowledge. His principal position has been that of a researcher in the Institute for Ssoroush Research and Studies. He was censured and barred from public teaching. Also a scholar in residence in Yale Universityhe taught Islamic Political Philosophy at Princeton University in the academic year. About What’s New Log in.