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You’re read light novel 15P 7H 6SM Chapter 1 online at Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest. Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator STAR’S POV Time was really flying fast, my 30th birthday had passed and in less than two years your. Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator ASSISTANT’S POV I accidentally saw the photo in your wallet, it was a commemorative picture taken.

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Time was really flying fast, my 30th birthday had passed and in less than two years your 30th birthday came.

And then there was our resident identity number, our certificate of residence, our physical examination certificates and the most special confirmation, The above statement: There is a tiny stardust that falls in love with a dazzling star. The money they earned, no one knew whether all of it directly went to the film director in order to gain attention or not? Marriage between two legitimate male citizens, is hereby certified. In these months and years, all the celebrities regardless of men or women acted in two or more episodes of a TV drama, gained a little reputation then changed their career to singing.

I was only thinking about it but unexpectedly blurted it out. The lens gave you a close-up, especially when you were tapping with one of your hand while the other repeatedly stroked the amulet hanging on the string on your chest, I sat in front of the TV and 51p help but smile, I remembered the time when I sent this amulet to you, you pretended to be serious and said that these little 6s never were your style.

Later I realized that all the tears that had been acc.

And then there was our resident identity number, our certificate of residence, our physical examination certificates and the most special confirmation. I was 6sj happy for him and decided to replace the water with beer, he drank a big gulp and was once again totally absorbed in 1p5 script, I quietly exited the room and sat outside staring blankly. Unexpectedly, that person was easy to get along with, his personality was open and clear, he wasn’t arrogant at all. Drop by anytime you want to read free — 7u — latest novel.


In order not to deal with those boring reporters, that person had to speed in a circle around City 18 until he could slip out and head back to his house that doesn’t have any fancy decoration.

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Skip to main content. As a result, the content of this part-time job would make thousands of lovestruck young girls indecently drool: You took the initiative to kiss me, in fact, I also knew that the question was nonsense, therefore I stopped talking, the mouth, sometimes one could do more creative things with it, talking was a waste. From now on we were officially two old men.

We’re going to the login page. My birthday present was you What about your birthday present? All my nerves were muddled along without any aim, this sentence made me lose all of my logical thinking ability, I looked at his handsome face in a silly manner complying to the first idea that emerged in my mind: I finished preparing the dinner, it cooled down, I then heated it up, it cooled down again……this continued to repeat making me anxious that he certainly would not eat it, the door then opened.

Are you going crazy again? Nightfall Nightfall Chapter If you find any errors can’t read,broken links, can’t load photos, etc.

15P 7H 6SM Chapter 1

Falling in love with a person still, needs a reason. And when you start a conversation or debate about a certain topic with other people, please do not offend them just because you don’t like their opinions.

Chaotic 6sn god God of Thunder True martial world Stellar transformation. Already has views.

15P 7H 6SM

What that person said was a little exaggerated, a name naturally appeared in my mind: Gakusen toshi asterisk Mahouka koukou no rettousei Against the gods Tensei shitara slime datta ken. Please click Like and leave more comments to support and keep us alive. It’s great if you read and follow any novel on our website. We used our new identity, and once again, we had each other. He, due to respect, would 7n look at me, he couldn’t refuse but had to nod. Unfortunately, I only had a stepmother, though she hadn’t treated me badly but it certainly couldn’t 15o considered as good either.


He was singing, when I went to the recording studio, I heard his voice. I gave you my hand, watching you take it and try hard to put the ring on, I didn’t know between the two of us who were more nervous, half a day had passed and you had still not succeeded, your forehead were covered with a thin layer of sweat, I was unceasingly surprised.

Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit NovelOnlineFull. That old man had also become interested and decided to temporarily change it to catch the evil bandit at night, I was really exhausted, especially my waist, it hurt to the point that if I stood any longer it would become a problem.

You still have a chance.

I was a little worried, I carried a glass of water to him and saw him looking at a script squinting his eyes so they became very small, when he concentrated on something he would always show this expression. I think that it was probably also at that time that I fell in love with him. I embraced your shoulders, I took off the wrong sized rings and softly asked you: When you get caught up in the same position as me and your heart clearly understands that it is hopeless to begin with when that time comes find me and together we will sing a sad song, my friend.

Happiness, Is a day together with you, because loving each other is happiness for me.