Logistics/Embarkation Specialist MOS, Basic Landing Support. Specialist MOS Amphibious Ship Load Planner’s (MDI7). Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). , Is the Mobility Officer () or Embarkation Officer (non ) assigned Joint Pub Amphibious Embarkation and Debarkation?.

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Drain and access holes. Padlocked boxes must also be inspected, so responsible personnel with keys must be standing by to open them; otherwise, locks will be cut to access the boxes. Communications Support Communications support should be coordinated with the embarking unit s S Provide the senior inspector with the required personnel and equipment, to include additional inspectors, vehicles, radio operators, and radios, for the customs and agriculture inspections and agriculture washdown.

Nested cargo, also known as associated cargo, is contained within another equipment item and may be similarly identified. General TEO duties include the following: Recommended Embarkation Supplies and Equipment Embarkation supplies and equipment must be readily available to conduct short-notice embarkation operations and to provide embarkatiob unit with the equipment to train its personnel see app.

Garrison unit deployment list audits. Unit representatives should plan for three sea bag equivalents per passenger. The ship s platoon. Weighing, marking, and center of balance computation techniques for cargo, vehicles, and equipment. For example, when 20 tons of cargo are staged and embaarkation airlift for an established requirements channel destination, the channel mission is operated.

If lighting is not available but required, then requests for floodlight sets should be submitted. A review of the SLCP or liaison with the ship will indicate existing requirements.

Turnover Folders and Desktop Procedures Personnel rotations and reassignments can amphiibious a negative impact on unit readiness and day-to-day embark operations.

Embarkation Officer Marine Corps MOS 0430 U.S.M.C Military Decal

Coupled with intertheater airlift, use of the MPF greatly reduces the deployment timeline by having equipment prestaged aboard MPSs. Level IV detail is expressed as the number of passengers and individual dimensional data expressed in length, width, and height in inches of cargo by equipment type by ULN.


Each washrack should have a minimum of two hose lines. Garrison Unit Deployment List Cargo Detail The garrison UDL will reflect principal end items, HAZMAT, and other assets to provide visibility of unit capability and enable sustainment requirements determination, such as weapons, radios, generators, or cryptologic devices. Marines can fall under this category after completing amphigious. See appendix C for sample documentation. Time-phased force and deployment data provides the following information: Cargo and Equipment Preparations Preparing supplies and equipment for air shipment is a unit responsibility and will normally be accomplished in the unit marshalling areas.

Before an amphibious exercise aphibious operation, unit embarkation personnel should completely review the following: Commercial lantern fuel, such as Coleman.

Properly Marked Standard Publication Box. Frequency of Airlift Channel Service is flown on a scheduled basis. Portable Wheel Scales Each unit embarkatin be authorized based on the unit TE to possess scales to weigh and determine the center of balance amphibkous unit vehicles, cargo, and equipment. They prepare and execute deployment plans to deploy and sustain Marine combat forces of a MAGTF, joint ask, or as a member of a component command.

Obtaining and maintaining the embarkation data for the LF. Reducing height of vehicles and equipment and cargo mobile loading techniques. Washing and cleaning at night saves very little time since most of these vehicles must be rewashed and reinspected. This amphibiohs has many applications but is primarily used for publications, directives, and unit files. Explosive ordnance movements normally require a minimum of ten days lead time.

Headquarters, Marine Corps Code: Vehicles having an axle load in excess of 10, pounds or a wheel load exceeding 5, pounds.

Unit Embarkation Handbook – PDF

Other Table of Equipment Assets Small items, such as night vision goggles or small tool boxes, that are mobile loaded, hand carried, or over-packed in protective boxes or containers should be marked with only the UIC. Where practical, embarkation boxes and containers are used to store TE assets in the workspace to reduce overall stowage space. Selecting and Equipping a Washdown Location A washdown location requires specific physical facilities for effective cleaning and inspection of all supplies and equipment.

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Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data Development and Execution Process Time-phased force and deployment data development begins with mission analysis and determining force structure to satisfy mission requirements. Proper tools, any tire irons, wrenches, special screwdrivers, or other required tools need to be available to remove dual tires, gun mounts, plates, and floor mat bolts on different vehicles.

Water Points Water is required to hydrate Marines supporting marshalling operations and may be required to conduct agricultural washdown operations. Maintaining a record of all embarkation systems equipment, surplus radio frequency identification RFID tags and tag writing equipment, military shipping label MSL printers, and portable deployment kits throughout the unit s MSCs.

Based on the expected pace of the backload operation, a clean vehicle staging area should be established and capable of staging clean, inspected gear.

Marine Corps MOS | MOSDb

Coordinating the execution of the landing plan in concert with embarked units, the ATF CCO, appropriate staff officers, and department heads. Coordination with the TEO is required to ensure the ship has the appropriate equipment. Copies of this information should be provided with the passenger manifests to each PTC assigned. Typically required to be submitted to the MSC and accompanied by an electronic copy of the notional load plan for each plane load requested.

Inspectors must also comply with DOD DirectiveDoD Customs and Border Clearance Program, which establishes policies and procedures authorizing military customs inspectors to inspect material and personnel returning to US customs territory.